The Valentine Constitution


         You were never allowed to even consider Valentine as a candidate, or the solutions in his Constitution, because he wasn’t rich enough to spend $20 million to get on the ballot. Your trust and belief has been worn down by modern problems allowed by our 240 year old constitution, all solved by his constitution which keeps our foundations, rights, freedoms and form of government in our original constitution. We’re facing an upcoming water shortage and a honey bee extinction which means no food, and the melting of the ice caps, none of which are being covered by our Wall Street owned politicians and press. If we fail to ratify The Valentine Constitution within the next year, we will watch our loved ones die in our lifetimes. Certain things just have to be done to avoid it.

         Ideas change the world, especially simple, creative ideas, with a pure purpose and common sense approach. Keeping 90% of our current constitution and rights intact, The Valentine Constitution merely expands it to deal with modern realities and change the things we’ve been asking our stalemated politicians to change for decades, including the causes of the stalemates. It’s The Grand Bargain between the left and right and center that our politicians have said for years that we need but never provided. You won’t get everything you want, but like any good deal, you’ll get what you want most. So now it’s the Citizens’ turn to compromise.

         It was the internet which enabled Valentine to consolidate his solutions. Here was a potential level playing field for commerce, one that could allow the independent, resourceful American to practice his or her gift and free market capitalism on a one to one basis with other citizen consumer/producers without the expensive inefficiency of wholesale-retail distribution and shipping-outsourcing models where monopolies control market access and outsource jobs to make cheap imported goods which must be replaced every few years while denying shelf space to long lasting made in USA products in stores which fail to pay their employees a living wage. But it was 2005, and BIG was in control, and everybody was getting fat on credit and economic voo doo backed by the full faith and credit ratings of once venerable institutions like Moody’s and S & P and public utility financial entities like MAE and MAC, all dependent on the backing of our tax dollars. Who could even contemplate the vastness of the institutional gambling and financial musical chairs that was being played with our national treasury? Even after crashing our economy, the government rejected the overwhelming 100:1 stance of citizens against the bailouts and instead put us $25 trillion in debt to be paid for by a shrinking workforce with none of the living wage factory jobs or exports we relied upon in the past to balance our books. Big failed, but we allowed them to get big, as we did in ’29. The real revelation was the rejection by our elected officials of what 99% of voters wanted their government to do: suck it up and don’t put it on the national credit card, which is what quantitative easing has done for years, with $100 trillion in future obligations.

         The good news is that citizens have all now finally realized that their year-in year-out payment of tax dollars is indeed the full faith and credit of the USA. Wall Street, bonds, banking, lending, lines of credit, making payroll, nothing works without the ”worker bees” and that includes the real estate and small business millionaires who bailed out the billionaires on Wall Street in perhaps the biggest con in human history. Occupy got it wrong, it’s really the 99.9% against the 0.1%. As soon as the few atop Wall Street, the “Wall Creeps”, realized the cat was out of the bag, they instructed their bought and paid for politicians to essentially print money, and the centuries old sacred trust which kept our money supply at the value of our economy and our credit rating at AAA, the only reason these guys were ever tolerated, was abrogated, and future generations were sold out for the price of a super yacht and election adds, and the shell game began, with QE leading the way by investing in crappy stocks via the overnight rate, nd about to invert the yield curve.

         Valentine studied the aftermath of the collapse while he dusted off the amendments he had created earlier, and the light bulbs started going off as chunks of the puzzle he’d been working on since childhood began to fuse together into one systemic political, governmental and economic solution. And it could only now be envisioned because of the internet and, oddly enough, all the games the Wall Creeps had been playing to create the crash: mergers, acquisitions, privatization of our public utilities, franchising, monopoly, all by the greedy folks who brought us big and failed. Valentine replaces inefficient banking and loan sharking, and confusing and time consuming taxation, and unaccounted for government spending, with a true capitalist democracy with simple banking, mortgaging and lending, and transparent, accountable taxing and spending where savers and workers are rewarded, and contractors are rated by the Citizens. The results are here in the form of a brand new US constitution which keeps 90% of our original constitution and all of our rights intact while solving all the problems unforeseen by our original constitution. The Valentine Constitution is simple and it works. And it’s fascinating to watch the dots connect. And you and your issues are in all of its provisions.

         The Valentine Constitution gives us a fighting chance to survive things like the water shortage that is quickly headed our way. The Great Lakes contain 1/5 of the world’s fresh water; Russia’s lake Baikal has 1/5; the Amazon has 2/5. The other 6.5 billion will have to fight over the remaining 1/5! America’s water supply can no longer sustain her population. Our food supply is no longer being adequately pollinated; without bees and insects, most dead from fertilizer and pesticide chemicals and fossil fuel pollutants, we will have no food. The Valentine Constitution protects our food and water supply, prohibits toxins of any kind and requires organic farming; extends international waters to 1,000 miles for only us to exploit; ends the fossil and nuclear fuel era by 2020; decommissions all nukes; eliminates the electoral college in favor of a true representation of the popular vote without the possibility of corruption; elections are handled during a 5 month election cycle by a neutral body in the judiciary, and not by the parties, allowing all candidates and ideas to be heard; 12 year term limits and simpler legislative procedures are established to end the stalemates; US and State representatives term go from 2 to 4 years to allow them to get some work done before returning to re-election mode; appointees are promptly voted on and Citizens vote to break blocks and they and not the Senate vote on the President’s Supreme Court nominees within 30 days of a vacancy; gerrymandering, lobbying, the revolving door and nearly all campaign financing are prohibited to eliminate corruption and make our politicians beholden to us for their campaign financing rather than to the few corrupt billionaires their allegiances are now pledged; derivatives and monopolies are prohibited and Wall Street goes back to the fundamentals and long term financing of solid businesses, and dividends for saving citizens; a new educational curriculum focuses on students’ gifts and attributes and develops them with hands on jobs, mentorships and apprenticeships, daily exercise, nutrition and relationship classes; the transaction tax can be easily tracked to our budget and its expenditure for real accountability and transparency; county and city governments are eliminated and all functions are divided between the States and the Federal government with no overlap of responsibilities for a streamlined government where it is easy to locate the responsible government department and employee; our court system is revamped to easily serve the people and their conflicts; and logic, common sense and fair play reward the good and penalize the bad; welfare monies, which cannot be spent on frivolities but only basics, and unemployment and the like must be paid back into the pool in the good times so that others can get a helping hand in their time of need; equal rights and pay are finally extended to women and LBGTs, and abortion rests under the sole control of the pregnant woman; religion is allowed in schools so long as not forced upon anyone; and Christianity is allowed it’s predominant place in our culture and holidays; the Armed forces are streamlined with only air, land and sea branches and no overlap of responsibilities and will handle immigration, cost guard and borders, everything; the State Guard and emergency relief is given to the states and includes traffic, fire and paramedics; the federal government has an armed policing unit for all hard or felony crimes in all jurisdictions with a single chain of command; a federal Social Peacemaker Service sends an unarmed social worker and a local ombudsman to the scene of all misdemeanors to more calmly solve the problem and the cause; the government handles all licensing on behalf of citizens who will have a single account for all their records, health financial, governmental, voting; a single tax of 5% from buyer and seller in ANY transaction wholesale, retail, church, non profit, stock trades, everybody pays; no income, property, or estate or any other taxes; an internet marketplace will allow direct and free access to the all markets by individual producer consumers; no wholesale to the trade lock outs of any kind; no fees for access or sales portals; cash will cease to exist and all transactions business and personal, loans, credit, insurances, limited liabilities etc will be reflected in each Citizens single account; rape, human trafficking, porn, strip clubs, gambling and drugs are all cleverly reeled in to rob organized crime of their financial backing and restore baseline values; privacy is protected from the paparazzi and any other intrusions and each citizen shall own the rights to their own image and voice.