The Valentine Constitution


Like our forebearers, Valentine is a philanthropist who spent most of his life and fortune solving our country’s problems. Keeping 90% of our current Constitution, foundations, rights and freedoms intact, his new constitution adds solutions to modern problems not solved by our 240 year old Constitution, like control over our politicians, government and treasury for the price of a large campaign contribution and/or job after office.

Even your wish list candidates support special interests over yours. Legislatures are too polarized and stalemated, even within parties, to pass any inclusive legislation, and too busy campaigning to have time to solve our many problems. It took Valentine 55,000 hours over 50 years.

Nonprofits and marches have also failed for decades. If candidates, galas and marches were going to solve our problems, they would have by now. It’s time to try something new.

The Valentine Constitution unites the left, right and center by giving voters what they want most while compromising on issues less important to them. At the table for the first time with their own legislative deal, voters can dictate solutions to politicians who must ratify it or not be (re)elected.

Underpowered nonprofits, celebrities and billionaires can now combine their considerable resources behind a single common message, ratification, to pass what amounts to national legislation and fulfill all their local and national missions at once. Nonprofits need only tell their members; and celebrities, their followers.

Ratification will follow our existing amendments process.

The largest political site and app on earth presents all the information issue by issue in brief and in detail without advertising, while the inexpensive book presents the vision methodically. It’s being translated, and websites, created for all countries actively seeking to end the might-makes-right, greed-over-survival insanity of the last 10,000 years.