Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence


  • Stephen Hawking said AI robots would “enslave us then exterminate us“.
  • Creating one’s own master and enslaver is insanity. The best we’ll be is their pets.
  • Supporters want SexBots, immortality, mind uploading or to be human-machines.
  • Creating new life forms and immortality is unethical, immoral and sacrilegious.
  • Immortal adaptable AI robots without a conscience unleashed into the universe!
  • This horror is real and it’s here, and the time to stop it is now or never.
  • The Valentine Constitution allows only the forms of AI that make our lives easier.
  • Allowing soulless colossal egos to lead us in science and business is stupid.
  • AI will be using US for THEIR purposes, not the other way around.

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