• A national, armed, hard crimes policing unit for all felony like crimes.
  • A single national chain of command and Citizen oversight to reduce corruption.
  • No duplicate investigations. No competition for collars. Info and innovations shared.
  • An unarmed paid social worker and a local volunteer handle misdemeanors.
  • These Social Peacemakers calmly discuss the cause, offer deals, programs, solutions.
  • Any officer making more than 3 false arrests will be disciplined by the courts.
  • Arrestees can contest an arrest free of charge in Review Court.
  • Criminals must pay their arrest and incarceration costs and their victims’ losses.
  • The first 90 days of any prison sentence is boot camp.
  • Prison boot camp reduces repeat offenders from the 80% norm to only 20%.
  • Prisons must be self-sufficient.
  • State Guards handle fire, paramedics, traffic, crowds, a check on police corruption.
  • State Guards embed/protect protesters and property from agitators.

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