Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence





Section. 10. Prohibits human or animal cloning, mind uploading, and the development of artificial intelligence that creates entities superior to or longer lived than natural humans:

Creating one’s own master and enslaver is insanity! The Valentine Constitution prohibits cloning and creating artificial entities superior to humans. Easily able to breach our primitive security and re-create themselves in increasingly superior form, our heartless AI spawn would enslave or exterminate us, or keep us like pets. Deathly afraid of death or nursing colossal egos, supporters wish to upload their minds or become immortal as machines or human-machines. But even if our AI masters allow us to have humans parts, upload our minds, travel the universe and “live” on other planets, we’d just be trapped inside a machine or probe, like interactive Virtual Reality, only unable to take off the headset. Better to use probes and Augmented Reality. The rest of us don’t wish to be enslaved or exterminated just so a few psychotics can feed their greed. Wall Street already does that. We prefer to stay human and create only the forms of AI that make our lives easier. Some see only the wow factor or cannot fathom AI robots unleashed into the universe without a conscience and able to live forever and adapt to anything, but this horror is real and it’s here, and the time to stop it is now or never.

Wall Street CEOs who routinely put profits above the survival of the human race will not take responsibility for the amorality of AI. The desperate men and women-haters who create and use sex robots for pleasure, perversion and violence will not take responsibility for its immorality. Allowing greedy, soulless people to lead us in science and business is irresponsible of us. To use the powers granted to us by Our Creator to create new life forms or become immortal is unethical, immoral, sacrilegious, and goes against the conscience our creator gave us to choose between right and wrong in precisely these situations. Our conscience is what’s supposed to make us superior to animals, though with this decision still ahead of us that remains to be seen. The choice requires only common sense. Creating one’s own master and enslaver is insanity. Would animals have created humans? Not unless they were a bunch of morons.

Super robotics and semi-human AI is a madman’s science. It’s not a path a responsible society would venture down. Even Stephen Hawking, a lover of science and innovation, declared that “we will first become the slaves of the artificial intelligence we create, and then become extinct.” When a master scientist in the position to know about these things declares that it’s a disastrous notion, we should listen.

Without The Valentine Constitution, AI will be using US for THEIR purposes, not the other way around.


Keeping 90% of our current Constitution, foundations and rights intact, The Valentine Constitution modernizes our unaccountable government to assist rather than restrict citizens.

Women, LGBTs, blacks, anti-tax and anti-deficit groups, environmentalists, 80% of America will get what they want most.

Candidates, nonprofits, foundations, protests and fundraisers have failed for decades to fulfill their missions. If they were going to solve our problems, they would have by now. How much longer will you hope that government or Wall Street or scientists solve your problems when they haven’t yet?

Even if your wish list of candidates were elected, what legislation would they pass? They’re too polarized and stalemated, between and within parties, to pass all the legislation needed to solve our many problems, and how long would it take them? It took Valentine 12,000 hours over 45 years! Unless we dictate play, our problems will never be solved.

Left, right and center voters, nonprofits, causes and celebrities can combine their considerable power to get the word out to dictate to candidates to vote FOR RATIFICATION or not be (re)elected.

The hard work’s been done. All you have to do is say you want it to trigger positive polling and they’ll ratify it to get your vote, then we can finally fix everything.

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