Section.  1.   … a replenishable water supply …

1% of earth’s water is liquid fresh water. 1/5 is in our Great Lakes; 1/5 is in Lake Baikal; 2/5 is in the Amazon River, leaving 1/5 for 7 billion people. We cannot save them, but we can save ourselves, IF we ratify The Valentine Constitution. Piecemeal legislation takes too long, lacks real solutions, and won’t save us in time.

Section.  2.   … prohibits exporting water, and foods and products which use copious amounts of water …

Water and irrigated crops are exported while America’s water supply dwindles and our survival is threatened.

Section.  3.   … prohibits imports of nonorganic foods, nonindigenous animals or body parts, hunting or sale of endangered species or body parts, keeping wild animals …

Chemicals and exotic pets and plants are destroying food chains we need to survive. Gorgeous, sacred species are being exterminated. Only rescues may be kept.

Section.  4.  organic toxin free sustainable farming

Hormones, antibiotics, pesticides and toxic fertilizers poison us and kill the bees that crops need to pollenate them so they can grow. Unsustainable monoculture farms kill our bees and deplete our aquifers to make Wall Street CEOs super rich exporting our water in the form of food.

Section.  5.   territorial waters to 1,000 miles; sustainable fishing by American companies only for domestic consumption only

Keep our water and fish for ourselves or we’ll perish.

Section.  6.   … reusable, biodegradable, sustainable, nontoxic containers, packaging and building materials

Toxic materials and packaging used once then trashed create unnecessary waste, expense and illness. If the world lived like Americans, we’d need 8 planets to sustain us!

building limited to areas with sustainable water …

We can’t live without water, so we won’t build where there is none; or where it floods.

Section.  7.   population reduction; no immigration …

We don’t have enough water to save all Americans, let alone more immigrants. Unless we reduce our numbers we will not be able to save ourselves. We must lead the world in water efficiency, sustainability and condom use.

Section.  8.   … 100%  sustainable energy grid

Dismantles the entire fossil fuel and nuclear apparatus; creates toxin free, sustainable energy and healthy jobs.

… dismantles nuclear weapons and power plants worldwide

No country wants to pay to make or keep unstable,  unused, unusable weaponry that risks destroying the world.

Section.  9.   … decommissions large dams

Damming rivers destroys entire food chains, decreases watershed quantity, and degrades water quality. Read More