Section.  1.    … requires background checks for mental stability, drug addiction, violent offenders, no-fly list …

The Valentine Constitution provides common sense restrictions; our current constitution does not. People with a record of violence, drug addiction, mental illness and those considered too dangerous to fly commercial, will not be allowed to own guns.

… prohibits “bump” stocks

“Bump Stocks”, which enable semi-automatic guns to have “machine gun” properties, will be prohibited.

test for marksmanship and safety within 30 days …

Not required under our current constitution, safety and marksmanship tests will ensure all gun purchasers can safely handle their guns and hit what they aim at. The 45 minute “carry permit” class in Florida had no gun handling, no live shooting, and no marksmanship requirements!

… protects the right to bears arms

The right to bear arms will continue to be protected including the assault rifles, high capacity magazines, and green tip bullets necessary for the adequate defense of democracy, property, and water and food during upcoming shortages. The check and balance on criminals, cops and soldiers with 200 yard hi-cap rifles  is worthless if Citizens only have hand guns limited to 50 feet.


Section.  2.   relationship class

Another of the many ways The Valentine Constitution addresses bullying and hate crimes is a daily relationship class which will allow grade school students to share their life stories and find sympathy, advice and programs to solve their personal problems. A modicum of empathy by others would have prevented most spree killings by alleviating the bitterness before it became animosity released in violence. Relationship class, also for adults at night and on weekends, will defuse animosities and engender happier communities.

… 1 month of military boot camp during high school …

Most high school students will attend military boot camp for one month to learn discipline, responsibility, team work, maturity, firearm safety and marksmanship, and emergency protocols to execute their role in any given emergency and crisis situation as outlined in other provisions.


Candidates, nonprofits and protests have all proven ineffective in restricting guns in any meaningful way since gun rights are foundational and guaranteed in our democracy. Anti gun folks want the above restrictions and programs and classes, and the safety/marksmanship oriented pro gun base would agree to all of them in return for national standardized purchase, carry and safety laws which are now lax and vary confusingly from state to state. Read More