LGBT Rights




Section.  9.   equal rights regardless of gender, sexual orientation, appearance

Whether lesbian, gay, bisexual, transsexual or transgender, every Citizen is entitled to equality in the workplace and in public. These rights are excluded from our current constitution yet guaranteed by our Declaration of Independence, the superior, formative document. The Valentine Constitution codifies equal rights for LGBTs, women and all Citizens into a constitutional provision and the law of the land once and for all.

people who have a vagina and either look or identify female, and people who have both or neither genitalia and both look and identify female, will use the ladies’ bathroom; people with only a vagina who identify male, and all those with a penis or both or no genitalia who either look or identify male, must use the men’s …

equal pay for equal work

The Valentine Constitution establishes equal pay for equal work for all Citizens. LGBTs, women and other Citizens are being cheated as individuals and groups because our laws fail to force businesses to do the right thing. This provision, supported by 90% of Americans, codifies yet another right not protected by our current constitution.

Section.  10.   harassment, stalking, catcalling, bullying and bashing will be prohibited …

Not sufficiently protected by our current constitution, our Citizens are being preyed upon by oppressive bullies and thugs who dare to impose their “might makes right” values on our culture. Allowing them to get away with these harmful behaviors emboldens their anger and feeds their hatred, encouraging more injurious crimes like rape and spree killings. The Valentine Constitution intervenes early and often enough to avoid escalation. Additional solutions include unarmed soft crimes units with programs to help victims heal and help perpetrators stop; more enforcement effort spent pursuing hardened perpetrators and less on blaming and interrogating fragile victims; and prison boot camp to teach respect, discipline and acceptance.


Section.  2.   relationship class

The Valentine Constitution prevents bullying and hate crimes in a daily relationship class which will allow our K-12 students to share their life stories and find sympathy, advice and programs to solve their personal problems. A modicum of empathy by others would have prevented most spree killings by alleviating the bitterness before it built up into animosity and was released in violence. Also for adults at night and on weekends, relationship class will defuse animosities and engender happier communities. Read More