Policing Courts




Section.  5.   … law enforcement will have an armed hard crimes and an unarmed soft crimes division …

Two separate national divisions will each have one chain of command to eliminate inefficiency and corruption, and be subject to local Citizen and Judiciary oversight to eliminate the abuse of power. Tough cops will specialize in armed robbery, aggravated assault, human trafficking, prostitution, rape, burglary, fraud, racketeering or organized crime. They will no longer unknowingly overlap investigations or compete for “collars” with other agencies.

A paid Social Worker and an unpaid volunteer Peacemaker, specialists in their problem area, will deal with a troubled couple, petty thief, misbehaving alcoholic or addict, or child witnessing bad behavior. Both locals from the community, these unarmed, cool headed, here-to-help public servants will be able to cut deals and offer programs instead of the fines, fees and jail time that disrupt work and paychecks and make offenders even more desperate and more likely to be a drag on our society.

Specialists from both divisions will share support, information and innovations nationwide.

Our  JUDICIAL  Branch


Section.  3.   … officers making more than 3 arrests not leading to convictions will receive disciplinary action …

False or unwarranted arrests will be prohibited. Arrest and fine quotas embolden officers, while politicians use large numbers of arrests to convince voters that their streets are safe, when instead they are repressive. Judges on screens in jails release thousands of misdemeanor arrestees daily with the plea “time served,” meaning the night in jail and the fine(s) paid shall suffice as punishment for the alleged misdemeanor. Most would contest the arrest and charge(s) given a reasonable alternative, like Review Court, to keep our cops honest and nip corruption in the bud.


Section.  1.   Review Court shall within 1 month issue a free, nonbinding opinion on the merits of any case …

The Valentine Constitution makes our courts educating, user friendly, fast and free for any Citizen with a dispute. Too busy to go to a courthouse, lawyer up, or learn complicated laws, Citizens will instead get a quick ruling from 3 specialized judges so that they can settle matters with the other party in any civil or criminal dispute. This Citizen friendly court service protects Citizens from unfair business practices, fraud, crime and bad policing, and prevents cheaters from preying on others in the future. Read More