Single Tax

Single Tax

Bullet Points

  • 5% from buyer(s) and seller(s) in any/every transaction.
  • No other taxes, no tax returns.
  • Balanced budgets and AAA ratings required.
  • Welfare cannot be spent on frivolities
  • and must be paid back when possible.





Section. 1. One tax only: 5% on buyer and seller:

The Valentine Constitution replaces income, payroll, property, estate and all other taxes with a single tax of 5% on both the buyer(s) and the seller(s) in every transaction. Everybody pays: religions, non-profits, for profits, businesses, consumers, wholesalers, retailers, middlemen, brokers, stock traders, barterers. No other taxes of any kind will be levied by any government or department. The 5% tax will be immediately deducted from the bank accounts of all buyers and sellers and the tax revenues will be immediately distributed to the government department according to our transparent budget. Apps will track our tax revenues and expenditures, and allow Citizens to rate government and contractor performance.

The NICKEL and DIME TAX eliminates corrupting tax subsidies to special interests; saves businesses 10% of revenues now spent on tax compliance; allows more Citizens to buy homes since 25% of the cost of home ownership is property tax which won’t exist; removes the inconvenience, confusion, stress and expense of annual tax compliance and large annual tax bills; allows the time and money saved to be invested in more productive, happier pursuits. This nickel and dime approach to taxation makes our lives easier, saves us time and money, increases productivity and holds government more accountable.


Our TOTAL national budget is allocated as follows: 22% to interest on our debt; 31% to Medicare and Medicaid (10-15% in the last months of life); 27% to Social Security and 13% to military and veterans costs = 93%, leaving only 2% for schools, 2% for infrastructure, 1% for the environment and 1% for running our government! Just allowing aged sufferers to die would save us 10-15%.

Section. 1. All American governments and departments must maintain annually balanced budgets, AAA credit ratings, and annual trade surpluses:

Saves us 22% of our budget to spend elsewhere.

Section. 3. The general percentage amounts of Our Budget shall be approved by the Citizens every 12 years;

Section. 4. Every dollar of tax and its expenditure must be simply accounted for to Our Citizens; departments cannot have overlapping responsibilities:

Section. 6. Anyone receiving monetary assistance from our government must pay it back later when possible:

Unemployment, welfare, food stamps etc must be paid back or worked off later if the borrower is able to, so others can tap that pool of money in their time of need.

Section. 7. Welfare” monies must be spent only on basic essential goods and services, not on extravagances:

Welfare was not intended to be spent on unhealthy food, candy, alcohol or ballgames! Those struggling to survive will be forced to spend wisely.


Nonprofits, protests, parties, candidates, Presidents with 2 house majorities, none have solved our persistent problems. Instead, polarized sides concern themselves and us in the petty details of their competing investigations. Valentine puts the solutions we need into written legislation we can demand by reserving our votes for candidates who support ratification.

Women and LGBTs want equal rights and pay. Parents want schools that develop children’s gifts into profitable skills. Un(der)employed adults want similar free after school classes. Workers prefer a $20 minimum wage to welfare. Blacks want a fair policing and court system. Fiscal conservatives want accountable, deficit free government and a single 5% tax. Environmentalists, fishermen, etc want sustainable energy, farming, fishing and forestry practices. Celebrities want an end to the paparazzi; and gun owners would agree to background checks. Our current Constitution fails on these issues. This constitution includes them all, and our foundations and rights.

With inclusive legislation to team up behind, this coalition of left and right voters is powerful enough to dictate the outcome of any election. Add sports, music and movie celebrities, and nonprofits dedicated to these provisions, and this constitution will be easily ratified. Polling will force candidates to vote FOR RATIFICATION or not be (re)elected. Recommend ratification, in person, on social media, post a selfie or selfeo saying “Ratify The Valentine Constitution”, join one of our Facebook groups …

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