Section.  8.   every Citizen will have sole power over their own body including abortion and suicide

Every Citizen has the right of dominion over their own body. No church and no state has the authority to control the body of a law abiding Citizen. From suicide to abortion, the decision lies with the Citizen, not with a hospital trying to make money, or a religion trying to impose beliefs. Our schools will expose teens to contraception, child birth, aborted fetuses, and pregnant teen moms and dads to teach them the sanctity of human life.

Section.  9.   equal rights regardless of gender

Although it is guaranteed by our Declaration of Independence, our current constitution fails to include this provision because women were considered inferior to men at the time. With the ratification of The Valentine Constitution, this foundational right will finally carry the weight of law.

equal pay for equal work

The Valentine Constitution establishes equal pay for equal work for all Citizens. Women are being ripped off. Why? Because they can be. This provision, supported by 95% of Americans, explicitly codifies yet another right not protected by our current constitution.

Section.  10.   harassment, stalking, catcalling, bashing and unsolicited contact will be prohibited …

Not specifically prohibited by our current constitution, these behaviors rob victims of life and liberty, preventing them from becoming happy, productive members of our society. These behaviors embolden anger and feed hatred likely to escalate into more injurious crimes like rape and spree killings. The Valentine Constitution reconciles the underlying causes in daily grade school relationship classes; programs to help victims heal and help perpetrators stop; enforcement efforts focused more on catching the hardened perpetrators and less on blaming and interrogating the fragile victims; and prison boot camp to teach respect, discipline and acceptance.

Section.  11.   … prohibits human trafficking and its “breeder” industries

The Valentine Constitution prohibits abuse, rape, pimping, prostitution and trafficking, as wells as pornography and bloody violence now allowed as “art” under our current constitution. Brutish men will no longer be allowed to oppress, coerce and manipulate some parent’s daughter into getting naked and performing sexual acts for the perverted amusement of paying clients. Free speech was never intended to protect industries that use filmed and staged sex, violence and obscenity to breed hookers, Johns and rapists. Both the providers and the customers will be pursued here and abroad.