TVC [The Valentine Constitution] unites America by solving both left and right issues.


TVC is a DEAL between the left and right that keeps our foundations and rights intact but adds solutions to our modern issues which are NOT mutually exclusive. Our leaders simply benefit from dividing us and never solving them.


We’re focusing first on left issues and then on right issues. First on nonprofits, then on billionaires and celebrities.


Women’s equal rights and pay harassment






Clean environment




Later will be balanced budgets, anti-welfare, anti-tax folks and a centrist deal for guns and immigration.


After you finish with one issue, you may add a second issue while maintaining your first issue follow ups.


We have many contacts for nonprofits covering a variety of issues, and you will add contacts as you find them.


We’d want you to contact the nonprofits that cover ONE ISSUE, mostly by email at first.


We will send you the email we want you send to them at first. It would be the same email for all at first.


All of the contact info is in our Google Contacts. You will be adding and updating contact info, so we will need you to ADD TO and UPDATE your portion-issue group of our Google Contacts.





Here are the STEPS for setting yourself up to do outreach:


  • * Create a new Gmail account that you can use to import info into Google Contacts.
  • * We have most already, and you will add some as you come across them.
  • * Provide the new Gmail address to Andrew so we can add you to our team at https://clockify.me/so you can keep track of your hours OR if you would like me to add you using your regular email address, let me know.
  • * You will receive an INVITATION to join Clockify.
  • * Accept the invitation by clicking on the link in the email.
  • * We’ll email you a CSV file containing our current list of the NONPROFITS or CAUSE that you wish to do.
  • * You can import that list into the Google Contacts associated with your new Gmail account. Do not use a pre-existing Gmail account as this will mix your personal contacts in with the contacts we provide to you.
  • * Once you have the list imported, you can send out the form email, log responses, add new contacts, etc. and periodically export it back to us with your updates.


Keep track of your hours and we will keep track of your progress.


Valentine prefers to pay using a check through the mail every week or two.