Our old Constitution permits cash which facilitates and hides criminal activities.

#TheValentineConstitution abolishes cash making it impossible for criminals to transact business.

Our old Constitution allows politicians to make the Citizens bail out billionaires who cause financial crises.

#TheValentineConstitution allows Citizens to vote on bail outs, and prohibits activities which cause financial collapses.

Our old Constitution allowed the Big has Failed Collapse of 2007 and the Great Depression of 1929.

#TheValentineConstitution returns Wall Street to fundamentals, dividends, and long-term investing in stability and innovation.

Our old Constitution permits Wall Street to be a gambling casino with banking and investment company monopolies as the house.

#TheValentineConstitution prohibits all derivatives, high speed trading and monopolies worldwide.

Our old Constitution permits Wall Street and banks to use “the full faith and credit of the USA”, valuable credit created by OUR taxes and savings.

#TheValentineConstitution establishes equal access to public credit and capital resource pools.

Our old Constitution allows banks to charge Citizens fees on multiple accounts.

#TheValentineConstitution provides one account for each Citizen’s savings, checking, credit card, loans, mortgages and insurance.

Our old Constitution permits banks to loan out $33,000 (at 5%) for every $1,000 deposited by savers who get only 2% – 3%, a 60:1 spread!

#TheValentineConstitution prohibits “spread leveraging“, and gives savers and borrowers a fair interest rate.

Our old Constitution allows 4 banks to run 90% of our banking.

#TheValentineConstitution establishes a single public utility bank saving us time and money.