Our old Constitution makes government workers struggle under irrationality, inefficiency and fraud.

#TheValentineConstitution establishes organization, efficiency and common sense in a government that helps its Citizens and small businesses.

Our old Constitution permits fraud and the abuse of well intentioned government programs.

#TheValentineConstitution eliminates fraud and abuse with ratings apps, whistle blower protection, and smart guidelines.

Our old Constitution fails to require recipients to repay welfare and unemployment in good times.

#TheValentineConstitution requires that unemployment and welfare payments be repaid to help others in their time of need.

Our old Constitution permits welfare and unemployment to be spent on alcohol, cigarettes, junk food etc.

#TheValentineConstitution requires that welfare monies and unemployment be spent only on the basics and not on frivolities.

Our old Constitution permits unemployment to be doled out when businesses are hiring.

#TheValentineConstitution prohibits unemployment to be doled out when and where jobs are available.