Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence


Stephen Hawking, a lover of science and innovation, declared that “we will first become the slaves of the artificial intelligence we create, and then become extinct“. When a master scientist in the position to know about these things declares that AI is a disastrous notion, we should listen. Super robotics and semi-human AI is a madman’s science. Easily able to breach our primitive security and re-create themselves in increasingly superior form, our conscience-free AI spawn would enslave or exterminate us, or keep us like pets, then venture out into the universe to do considerably more damage. Deathly afraid of death or nursing colossal egos, supporters wish to upload their minds or become immortal as machines or human-machines. Others want sexbots for pleasure, perversion, or life-like but now legal violence, porn and snuff films. Creating one’s own master and enslaver is insanity. It’s not a path a responsible society would venture down. Without The Valentine Constitution, AI will be using US for THEIR purposes, not the other way around.

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The Valentine Constitution keeps 90% of our Constitution, foundations, and rights intact while solving our modern problems.

Candidacy, nonprofits and marches have failed us all. If we combine our resources behind ONE common goal, RATIFICATION, all our missions will be fulfilled. Just by getting the word out, polling will force candidates to ratify it or not be (re)elected. SIGN UP now to volunteer.

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