Children’s Rights

Children’s Rights


3 to 5 year-olds will have a right to attend pre-school and receive 2 organic meals each school day. 6 to 18 year-olds will have a right to attend K-12 school and receive 3 organic meals. Students will have a right to free health and dental services at campus clinics.

Abandonment, surrogacy, sperm and egg donation, and human trafficking will all be prohibited, and children will have the right to know of and be with their biological parents who will be required whenever fit to be in their children’s lives, and keep their children out of poverty until age 18.

The child decides which fit parent(s) to live with including willing adoptive or surrogate parents. Each child will own an equal share of any family owned property, and  adulterous spouses and their lovers will be liable to children for damages.

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