Food and Farming

Food and Farming


The Valentine Constitution prohibits monoculture farming, growth hormones, unnecessary animal pharma, and synthetic fertilizers, pesticides and herbicides that are poisoning our water and food supply and killing the bees and insects who pollinate our crops, without whom food cannot grow. All those chemicals additionally run off with the rainwater and irrigation water. Nitrogen used to enhance crop yields creates algae blooms in our rivers, lakes and oceans which rob the water of oxygen killing all the fish. Additional chemicals from cleaners, paints, adhesives, solvents and ground down plastics are absorbed into the foods we consume causing cancer and illness and costing us billions in health care, lost job hours and the death of loved ones.

It’s not even necessary; organic farming is cheaper, more nutritious, and tastier without all the synthetic taste enhancers. All farming will instead be organic. Toxins will be eliminated from our food, air and water. Honey bees and other pollinators will stop dying. We’ll have Godly ecosystems and thriving food chains and we’ll be healthy and robust.

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The Valentine Constitution keeps 90% of our Constitution, foundations, and rights intact while solving our modern problems.

Candidacy, nonprofits and marches have failed us all. If we combine our resources behind ONE common goal, RATIFICATION, all our missions will be fulfilled. Just by getting the word out, polling will force candidates to ratify it or not be (re)elected. SIGN UP now to volunteer.

The Valentine Constitution App and website makes it easy get the word out. Just 3 clicks lets you choose from a list of tweets and posts and share them with your friends, followers, and members.