Public utilities and capitalism are American economic traditions. The Valentine Constitution combines the two in a public utility capitalist marketplace with a level economic playing field, where supply and demand rule, and people can fulfill their destinies practicing the gifts and aptitudes they love. A fair and ethical competitive environment will reward excellence, aptitude and innovation now stifled by monopoly companies, and our government will help our Citizens to succeed in business. All Citizens will be able to both buy and sell goods and services online without interference from middlemen, gatekeepers and monopolies, and free of fees and charges other than our only tax of 5% on all transactions. Search and ad-free filters will give buyers and sellers direct access to each other. A royalty based system will compensate content creators and allow 24/7 free access to all content paid for out of current usage fees.

Small business provides 85% of our jobs. The health of “the economy” is the health of our small businesses, not multinational monopolies. When small business are flourishing, the middle class and democracy are flourishing. The Valentine Constitution creates a direct-to-free-market internet economy to allow Citizens to take advantage of this historical golden opportunity to create the innovative products and new small businesses we will need to survive in concert with nature, and to compete worldwide in tomorrow’s international marketplace.

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Valentine put all our issues into one piece of national legislation.

90% of Americans can get what we want most by compromising on issues we care less about.

We can now combine our power behind a single common goal and finally get what we’ve wanted for decades.

The amendments clause of our current constitution allows us to dictate solutions to our politicians and force them to vote on it.

Valentine spent 50,000 hours over 45 years adding solutions to all the modern problems our old Constitution fails to cover while keeping 90%, our foundations and rights intact.

All the information is bite-size, spoon-fed and shareable in 3 clicks on The Valentine Constitution app and site, the world’s largest political website.

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