Currently agribusiness grows only one crop on miles of land. It blooms only once for a week every year. It’s called monoculture farming and it’s disastrous for the long term production of food, but great for short term profits as long as they get our water for free. Bees, who cannot live there off of one measly bloom per year, must be trucked in from far away, fed on corn syrup, powdered with pharmaceuticals, dumped onto foreign land laden with synthetic fertilizers and sent to pollinate crops laden with toxic pesticides and herbicides. Many die from the toxins, or get disoriented by the toxins and the foreign geography and cannot find their hives. Still more die from stress and exhaustion since they would normally hibernate all winter living off the honey they collected in spring and summer.

All this leaves their immune systems vulnerable to diseases which agribusiness treats by pouring drugs on them, but the drugs don’t work. And now they are almost all gone and having trouble reproducing so the agribusiness scientists inject them with hormones and drugs and in an effort to stimulate reproduction. Artificial insemination of queens foregoes nature’s contest of flight won by the strongest males for the opportunity to mate with the queen, and pods are further weakened.

One day soon all the bees are all going to pick the same time to not show up, leaving us with say 20% – 30% of our normal harvest, a run on food and water, the collapse of markets and the value of money, 90% job walk offs, no public services, worldwide panic and chaos, and the end of our easy little lives. See my screenplay COLLAPSE to see how quickly it plays out.

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