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Keeping 90% of our Constitution, rights and foundations intact, The Valentine Constitution solves all the modern problems our current Constitution fails to cover.


The Valentine Constitution gets you what you want most politically while you compromise on issues that are secondary to you.


Even if your wish list of candidates were elected, what legislation would they pass? They’re too polarized, and stalemated, even within parties, to solve any problems.


If candidates, nonprofits or marches could solve our problems, they would have by now. We need to try something new.


A variety of now underpowered nonprofits, celebrities and causes can team up and focus their combined power on a single common goal, RATIFICATION, to fulfill all their missions together.


The Valentine Constitution amounts to national legislation that covers every issue.


Nonprofits and celebrities need only tell their members and followers to get the word out, then polling will force candidates to vote for ratification or not be (re)elected.


The Valentine Constitution is the largest political site and app on Earth.


An independently wealthy 4.0 GPA who skipped 11th grade spent 35 years of 40 hour weeks to create TVC, more hours than collectively went into our current Constitution.


The Valentine Constitution book is being translated into Spanish, Arabic and Mandarin for countries actively seeking new constitutions.




ASK: What are the top 3 political things you want?


The Valentine Constitution includes what you want, and gets 90% of Americans what they want. So the left, right and center can all focus on the same thing: ratification, and get our legislatures working again, on the changes we want.





The Valentine Constitution combines and focuses the overwhelming firepower of a multitude of voters, nonprofits, celebrities and causes on a single common goal: RATIFICATION, to get them all what they want together in one shot.


The Valentine Constitution allows the underpowered to combine their power and dictate play.


The Valentine Constitution unites us by solving the problems that divide us.





Candidates, nonprofits, marches and celebrities have all failed for decades! If they were going to solve our problems, they would have by now.


Only The Valentine Constitution solves our political problems; and it solves them all.


The Valentine Constitution puts everybody at the negotiating table and gives us all a deal we can live with, along with the power to ratify it by combining our power.


The Valentine Constitution is our last opportunity to save our children, our jobs, our culture and our species.





The Valentine Constitution is inclusive national legislation. In order to get the law you want, it must first be written, then brought to a vote, then have enough votes to pass. The Valentine Constitution accomplishes all three.





The Valentine Constitution keeps 90% of our current constitution, foundations and rights intact while adding solutions to fix all our modern problems.


The Valentine Constitution uses the amendments clause of our old Constitution to ratify the new one. Ratification requires a 63% majority of Congress, and a 51% majority of the legislatures of 38 of the 50 states.





Pick any issue, our current Constitution fails to solve the problem or even address the issue!



VALENTINE Figured it Out


The first person in over 200 years to fully modernize our Constitution.


With a 4.0 GPA, he skipped 11th grade, then did college in 3 years.


At age 20 he ran precinct operations for both a US Congress and a US Senate campaign, simultaneously.

He spent 4 years abroad studying governments around the world.


He spent 35 years of 40 hour work weeks to author The Valentine Constitution, more than all the hours put into our current Constitution.


He spent $5 million on this lifelong effort and is spending his last $1 million now.


How much have you given to our democracy?





The Valentine Constitution allows individually underpowered celebrities, nonprofits, causes and voters to combine their power to dictate play to divided, stalemated, deadlocked, do-nothing legislatures and candidates.





Candidates have failed for decades to solve our persistent problems. Even if your wish list of candidates we’re elected, what legislation with a pass?  Divided legislatures are too stalemated and deadlocked, even within parties, to pass any legislation! If they were going to solve our problems, they would have by now.





Alone, nonprofits lack the power to fulfill their missions.


Most of them don’t even have any written legislation, or the ability to get legislation voted on, or the votes needed to pass it. If nonprofits were going to solve our problems, they would have by now.


But focus the firepower of a multitude of nonprofits on a single common goal: ratification, and they’ll have enough power to dictate the ratification of a new constitution which fulfills all their missions together.


Once this constitution is ratified, they can finally get down to the more important work of implementation.





Celebrities have power, just not enough. Alone, underpowered celebrities can’t demand the changes they want, so they settle for creating foundations that fail decade after decade. Only by combining their power with other celebrities and nonprofits will they be able to get what they want.


To get the ball rolling, a celebrity need only ask about The Valentine Constitution in an interview or a tweet, without even endorsing it. Risk nothing, just put it in play.





Marches and protests have failed for decades! The 2 million women’s march in DC was the largest political gathering in the history of the world, yet nothing’s changed! If marches and protests were going to solve our problems, they would have by now.


The Valentine Constitution allows all these causes to team up to get what they want.





The solutions to our problems are NOT mutually exclusive.


Our leaders prosper and get rich off our problems, but never solve anything!


They’re just not smart enough or creative enough or dedicated enough to solve them, and have no incentive.


The Valentine Constitution is comprised of complimentary solutions to all our problems.





The Valentine Constitution is a deal which ends the divide between the left, right and center to give 90% of Americans what they want most while compromising on secondary issues.





The Valentine Constitution unites America behind common sense solutions to our problems.





Our old Constitution fails to address all our modern problems. We failed to amend our Constitution as we should have because Citizens were at the game and Congress was out to lunch with Wall Street CEOs.


The Valentine Constitution organizes the disorganized mess that is our current Constitution and amendments, then adds as provisions all the things we’ve clamored for over the years as well as solutions to persistent problems Congress has failed to deliver.





The simple endorsement of a few nonprofits and/or celebrities will provide more than enough exposure for The Valentine Constitution to reach the 90% of Americans who’ll get what they’ve wanted for decades. All voters have to do is SAY they want it and polling and press will dictate to candidates to vote for ratification or not be (re)elected.


Our only way out of this mess is to dictate play to those who run our country, our economy and our media, all of whom have done very well off our problems and have had no incentive to solve anything.



The Valentine Constitution WEBSITE and APP


The Valentine Constitution App and site is the world’s largest political website and App.


All the information is bite-sized and shareable in 3 clicks on the App and site.


The provisions are listed by issue in summary or bullet points or op-eds, etc.


Use the App or the site to share and get others to spread the word.





The Valentine Constitution ends the age old domination of normal people by powerful people, companies and government institutions.





We live in a fairytale where we squander dwindling resources, take no responsibility, and are headed for disaster. Instead of focusing on our mutual problems, we’re going to the game or shopping as though everything’s fine. That’s idealistic.


The Valentine Constitution’s provisions are common sense, real world solutions to problems we’ve neglected for nearly a century!