Problem Solving Class

Problem Solving Class


The Valentine Constitution’s K-12 problem solving classes will require that our children learn how to solve problems, all kinds of problems, and become confident in approaching and working through the solution process. It’s so much easier to learn skills when young, and makes life so much easier to go through as an adult, both individually and collectively as a society of problem solvers. The shared language of problem solving, the shortcuts in communication, the heads up from fellow Citizens, the quick contributions of little time saving gems, all will be of great service to our children in their adult lives.

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The Valentine Constitution keeps 90% of our Constitution, foundations, and rights intact while solving our modern problems.

Candidacy, nonprofits and marches have failed us all. If we combine our resources behind ONE common goal, RATIFICATION, all our missions will be fulfilled. Just by getting the word out, polling will force candidates to ratify it or not be (re)elected.

The Valentine Constitution App and website makes it easy get the word out. Just 3 clicks lets you choose from a list of tweets and posts and share them with your friends, followers, and members.