Relationship Class

Relationship Class


The Valentine Constitution counters cliques, rumors and bullying with truth, sharing and maturity in daily relationship class. To be prepared for life, our children must understand different points of view and get along with different types of people. They need not like each other, but they must give up this negative, nasty, combative, wise cracking, rumor mongering, alienating banter and attitude that will derail opportunities and limit their success as adults.

Communication and understanding provides students with the maturity and positivity required to becomes successful members of our society. Allowing our children to see each other daily for years without having meaningful conversations or knowing anything about each other, except inaccurate rumors, is not right, and has calamitous consequences for them and our society. And parents are to be blamed for allowing it to go on.

The Valentine Constitution instead creates a healthier, happier, more supportive campus culture based on exposing and dealing with the truths and realities of students’ lives. Students looking across the campus will appreciate the lives their fellow students lead at home, the dreams they aspire to, the limitations they are striving to overcome, and the many things they all have in common.

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