Article VI – The US Economy






Section. 1. Physical currency, coin and checks shall be abolished:

The Valentine Constitution abolishes cash, coins, ATMs and physical banks allowing the Citizen to save all those fees for access to their own money. It saves the costs of physical branch real estate and bank employee payroll costs both of which are now passed on to the customer. The single national bank would exist online only and each Citizen would have one “card” only at least until another method of verification is adopted. Criminals, racketeers and organized crime, and illegal aliens will be unable to operate. PayPal type fees now paid for acts of commerce in the internet marketplace would not exist, and the buying or selling of products and services would all be taken over by the single bank and paid for out of the transaction tax.


all banks would be merged into one which will track all transactions and withdraw the transaction tax:

Only four banks conduct 80% of our banking business in America today. They are also allowed to make loans, invest your savings and sell insurance, non-banking activities which caused our recent economic collapse and heavy job loss and put us $30 trillion in debt. Banks should do banking, nothing more. The banking end of it could be run on a home computer, taking from Peter to give to Paul. Simple. If mergers create monopolistic advantages, why not do the final merger, of all banks into one, and avail ourselves of those advantages, then make the resulting single bank a public utility which only does simple, old fashioned banking, and leave the non-banking activities to the gamblers on Wall Street whom we deal with in other provisions?


each citizen shall have one account for all of their financial, medical, licensing and legal affairs:

The Valentine Constitution establishes a single bank acting as a public utility and provides each Citizen with one account for all of their financial, insurance, lending and borrowing affairs while putting access to the Citizen’s information under the firm control of that Citizen. Citizens can do their own financial planning using click to analyze and click to learn programs to better understand their options.


limited liability shall accrue to passive investments:

The single public utility bank will allow Citizens making passive investments to limit their liability to the amount invested. This encourages investment, stimulates job growth, and protects any of the investor’s other assets against liabilities not of their making. The investment would be transferred online, taxed at 5% and earmarked as invested in that certain company. If the company officers do something wrong, it will not come back on the investor who only contributed money or knowledge. His investment may be liable, but his other assets would not, like any limited liability company. Rich people need to know they are protected or they will not invest in companies, and we will have no jobs. If the company officers and/or employees do something wrong, the officers and/or employees and the company will be liable since they did something wrong, but not the “passive” investor.

The liability protections and the ease of creating and doing business allows more time for getting the productive work done. Businesses would no longer have to spend the 10 -20% of their time and capital now spent on payroll taxes, property taxes, income tax and many other tax compliance and structure considerations, all of which take precious time and capital away from doing the actual business and from productivity.


all savings shall be fully insured and receive a fair rate of interest equal to no less than 90% of the interest on what they capitalize:

Banks make most of their money from TWO “SPREADS”: (1) interest on money going from one customer to another waiting to be made “available”, (2) the spread between the interest banks pay you for savings and what they charge others to borrow your savings PLUS interest on the $33,000 they get to loan out for every $1,000 they hold in savings, a 33:1 spread! Neither will be allowed, nor will the loan scams or banks selling insurance which caused the 2007 Collapse and our $30 trillion debt. A fair rate of interest encourages saving, the backbone of every solid society.

The saver is loaning their money through the bank to the borrower and the bank is the middleman who enters the borrower’s info into a program which accepts or rejects the loan and sets the rate. Could the saver not do that, or better still, our public utility bank which would already be getting a fee in the form of the 5% transaction tax? The average taxpayer-saver now generates the part of a loan that is not collateralized, all of the risk portion of a loan. Likewise all unsecured credit, like credit cards and stock derivatives. The actual work is done by programs. Bankers simply input the data and tell the borrower the result. Why does the taxpayer-saver get penalized for making the loan world go ‘round and ‘round? $3,000 earning 1% versus $100,000 earning 5%! Somebody’s using somebody, and I think we all know who it is. With a single bank operating as a public utility each Citizen would get a far higher return on their savings and would then be encouraged to save more and make more without being at risk, and be FDIC insured for the total amount without limit.

Why should there be any limit on FDIC insurance like there is now? The limit just unduly occupies rich people who could spend that time doing business and providing jobs rather than opening up a bank account for every $250,000 they have, and keeping track of all those accounts. And each account must be in a different bank, not a different branch, a different bank. Why? Either the bank is safe or it is not. The Valentine Constitution frees up everybody’s time, so that everybody can do more work and be more productive, have more time off and therefore be better rested and better prepared for work.

Saving is the backbone of every society, but no one does it anymore because the interest rate is next to zero! That is our government pressuring us to invest rather than save. That is the opposite of what a government should be doing. But our politicians are controlled by the Wall Street elite who finance their campaigns. Our investments on Wall Street should capitalize businesses, foster job growth at home, produce a regular dividend, and protect our investment principal. Savers should be funding long term industry which in turn supplies dividends and jobs. That’s capitalism. Instead now we have outsourcing, planned obsolescence, multinational monopoly disloyalty, high speed and derivative trading and stock swaps, banks investing and insuring stock trades, and the leveraging of already leveraged risk! Our taxes are the primary component of the full faith and credit of the USA, and our savings drive all non-collateralized lending. The Valentine Constitution prohibits Wall Street from using our tax base and our hard earned savings as collateral to finance their gambling casino and as juice to place bets only to lose our pensions and IRAs when their bets don’t pay off with no downside for them.


loans, credit and insurances shall fairly and equally calculate risk, collateral, ability to repay, history of claims and (re)payments, current economic conditions, and the pool of value made possible by taxpayers with savings, good credit and no claims whose insurances and loans shall be discounted if responsible:

Loan inquiries will receive an immediate response and carry no penalty. Credit scores will be always available for free. Just log into your account and push a button. There will be no penalty for seeing whether you qualify for a loan or not. Why should there be? Furthermore, how much of a loan you can get will be determined for you at the click of a button. All your data is there, in one place, and only you can release it. No one needs to know that you are shopping for a loan. No “shopping” will be necessary. The bank is just a pool of money contributed by Citizens, fellow savers, fellow wage earners, fellow borrowers, fellow lenders, fellow insured, fellow taxpayers, and so on. We are all borrowing and saving and earning each other’s money. Likewise insurance. We all cover for each other to spread the cost of the occasional accident out over the years between accidents. No rocket science is going on here. We do not need babysitters to enter our data, we can do that ourselves. Right now, only Wall Street elites know and play this game, and they use our Federal Reserve System and bond markets to do so. All sorts of games and rip offs are going on using your savings, your pensions, your taxes and your assets. And you don’t have a clue; because instead of being in the game, you’re going to some game! Valentine skipped the games, and wrote a Constitution instead.

Currently insurance companies do not take the side of their insured customer and do not care whether you “win” or “lose” a claim. The insurance company does little investigation of fault and has no incentive to pay or not pay a claim since your increased premium and others’ will cover it over time. As a result, numerous scams are committed which are perfectly acceptable to insurance companies and to the medical industry who makes money knowingly treating frivolous injuries, and to the construction industry which knowingly repairs recurring problems without ever suggesting industry wide changes, like adding drains in kitchens and bathrooms to avoid the trillions in money and weeks in time we spend repairing leak damage. We’re all ripping each other off. The Valentine Constitution ends this sad state of affairs by getting to the bottom of things, setting standards, holding cheaters accountable and fixing the problems. Irresponsible behavior will be punished, and responsible behavior will be rewarded.

Yes, all this cheating “creates” jobs, but would we all not prefer doing something we love to slaving in the monopolies that empower Wall Street elites at our expense? Should we not be free of the complicated games that enslave us to their business model and instead be able to pursue what we wish? The Valentine Constitution allows us to build our own business model with the support of our banking, insurance, medical and other industries. Are monopolies good for a democracy? Are the vast discrepancies in pay and profits really justified? We think not. So long as the basics of food and shelter and love are covered, our economy could value anything it likes; tulip bulbs, for example, or pet rocks, gamblers on Wall Street or a middle class. Of course Wall Street has insanely imperiled our water and food supply in the belief, I suppose, that we can eat money and drink oil and breath natural gas! These psychopaths are obsessed with money to the exclusion of common sense and are leading us through hell to an extinction which is right around the corner.

And what of the morality, character, fair play and the other “family values” we teach our children who no sooner enter the “real world” than are rocked by the opposite norms? And how are you going to fix all of this? Are you going to forego having kids and give up all of your weeks and weekends for 35 years as I have? Would you choose to spend the $5 million dollars you have in a bank account to figure out how to fix our governments’ problems? NO, of course not; you’re not an idiot. But I am because I did just that and more. I’m a true patriot who has done the right thing and presented to you on a silver platter all the solutions you need to right the ship. All you have to do is ratify it!

Candidacy has repeatedly failed to solve our problems. 90% of those already in office get re-elected then continue to do nothing, and blame their “constituents”, that’s you, for their unwillingness to compromise. So legislating our way out of this, bill by bill, is not going to happen; and anything that does pass can be easily undone by any future legislature, like the repeal of Teddy Roosevelt’s restraints on monopolies resulting in the Great Depression, or Glass Steagall’s repeal resulting in Wall Street’s 2007 meltdown. We need constitutional provisions this time. It cannot be done piecemeal anyway since all our problems are intertwined. Systemic problems require systemic solutions. If you demand the ratification of The Valentine Constitution, it will be ratified. You won’t get everything you want, but you will get what you want most. That’s called compromise, and now it’s your turn. Take the deal. It’s by far the best one you’re going to get. They’ll do nothing unless you push them.


credit reporting agencies shall be prohibited:

The Valentine Constitution eliminates credit reporting agencies because they control our personal information, and pretend they don’t share it. The Valentine Constitution puts the Citizen’s information at the Citizen’s sole disposal. Only a warrant will be able to access it without the Citizen’s permission. The bank’s calculating programs will process transactions and extract the transaction tax. Features, able to be activated or deactivated for any period of time, will be able to keep investments in order, categorize expenditures, analyze anything, budget and calculate various financial scenarios, track bills and service agreements, and determine loan and credit worthiness if you so desire. Right now, all of your banks have your info, and the credit reporting agencies, the IRS and other tax authorities, and any online companies you buy from. Your information is all over the place! The Valentine Constitution puts all of your information in one place under your control so we can all save the money, now added to our cost, spent tracking our info and advertising and marketing to us and inconveniencing us, and also have fewer security breaches.

Our current banks now loan out $100,000 on your savings of $3,000, then charge the borrower 5% interest on that $100,000, but pay you only 1% interest on your $3,000. The single bank will provide better saving and borrowing rates by letting you keep your part of the spread. If your $3,000 is what made the $100,000 loan possible, then you need your cut. Why give it to the Wall Creeps? There will be a fight over that spread and the truth will out. My advice? Be in that fight.


A public utility banking system allows Our Citizens to use the full faith and credit of the US to their advantage rather than giving it away to Wall Street derivative gamblers who use our collateral to crash our economy and then make us bail them out. The Valentine Constitution eliminates these and other money games and replaces them with a simple, fair market, public utility bank.




Section. 1. A tax on each party to each and every transaction, retail and wholesale, business and consumer, religious and secular, profit and nonprofit, in an amount equal to 5% and immediately deducted:

The Valentine Constitution replaces income, property, estate, payroll and all other taxes with a tax of 5% on both the buyer and the seller in every transaction. Everybody pays: religious institutions, non-profits, for profits, businesses, consumers, wholesalers, retailers, middlemen, brokers, stock traders, barterers. If it changes hands and has value, our government will take 10%. But no other taxes or fee-based taxes of any kind will be levied by any government or department. The 5% tax will be immediately deducted from the bank account of all buyers and all sellers in all transactions, and all 10% of the tax revenues will be immediately distributed to the government department as dictated by our transparent budget.

The Valentine Constitution removes corruption from our government by prohibiting tax subsidies and favorable tax treatment to any person or company. Apps will allow us to easily track our tax revenues, government budgets and expenditures, and to rate the performance of government contractors.

The transaction tax ends forever the annual jolt of the hated and impractical income and property taxes in favor of a less arduous nickel and dime approach without future obligations hanging over the heads of Citizens and business owners. No one’s wages need be garnished; no one need go to jail for not paying taxes; no one need choose between paying the annual tax bill and buying a much needed car or some other pressing need or getting their child a gift. The tax will allow us to focus on the business at hand.

The transaction tax frees up job creating business folks to do business. It saves the costs in time, money and aggravation now spent on planning for and complying with taxes and tax related issues so that Citizens can do more business and create more jobs. It creates more home owners by freeing up property tax since 25% of the cost of home ownership is property tax. It eliminates the large year end balloon payments of income tax which interrupts personal, family and small business financial planning. It eliminates the onerous payroll tax. It saves the costs and stress of income tax preparation, filing, enforcement, and auditing. It results in the rich paying more than they do now which is fair since they spend and make more money and therefore use more resources. It’s worth it for the rich who can make up the difference using the time and cost and aggravation they will save not having to comply with tax issues, to instead get down to the business of making money and supplying jobs. And it eliminates tax subsidies which now allow oil and other corporations to avoid paying any tax at all.


in the case of an international transaction, no more than 5% may be distributed and only to reciprocating foreign countries:

In the case of an international transaction, reciprocating foreign countries may receive up to 5% or the seller or buyer’s half of the tax depending on whether they are importing or exporting. But if they are not reciprocating by giving us half of their import/export tax, duty or tariff (or 5%, whichever is greater), or if our 5% has more value than their 5%, then Congress need not give them anything and we can keep all 10% for ourselves. Perhaps we will simply wish to be free of dealings or sharing of books with foreign powers. Perhaps giving up half will serve as a tool in some other dealings with the foreign power. Therefore, we leave it in the good hands of our elected officials, for they cannot go too far in any event due to the limitations imposed.


Section. 2. All other taxes of any kind, levies, and tax-like fees or assessments shall be abolished and prohibited:

The Valentine Constitution eliminates all of the many other taxes and fees which stifle commerce and obscure transparency so that we will finally be able to track where our tax money comes from and where it goes.

A myriad of taxes now disrupts commerce, and confuses our tax revenue streams: retail sales taxes, food taxes, sin taxes on alcohol and cigarettes, excise taxes on fuel, user fees for utilities, phone, cable, internet, airlines, rental cars, hotels, licenses, tolls, luxury taxes on expensive cars and jewelry, gift taxes, estate and death taxes, transfer taxes on titles, shares and bonds, stamp duties, VAT and ad valorem taxes, property taxes, capital gains and ordinary income, and payroll withholding taxes and Social Security. In the United States, extensive tax reform has not taken place since the Tax Reform Act of 1986.

Taxes of all kinds occur at the Federal, State, County and City level. How do government leaders or Citizens in a democracy keep track of all these taxes so as to keep their government in check? Answer: They don’t. It creates an unaccountable government with unaccountable departments and unaccountable elected and appointed officials and workers. It’s an impossible situation remedied by The Valentine Constitution.




In brief our TOTAL national budget is allocated as follows: 22% to interest on our debt; 31% to Medicare and Medicaid; 27% to Social Security; and 13% to the military and veterans’ benefits = 93%, leaving only 7% for everything else needed by the healthy working folks who keep our economy running: 2% for schools, 2% for infrastructure, 1% for environment. Those numbers indicate a transition from an independent middle class to a dependent lower class society, slaves who drive to work, not a democracy but an aristocracy the likes of which we threw off to form our nation. There are TWO BUDGETS, NONdiscretionary = money we have already allocated and must spend; and discretionary = the very little left we can use on today’s ideas, 50% of which is spent on our military. These are TWO DIFFERENT PIE CHARTS so beware. The discretionary pie chart gives 50% to the military which is 10% of total spending. My advice is to consider total spending and give-or-take percentages since you never know who’s giving you the numbers, including me, since my staff is so small I have to get my numbers from internet research. Suffice it to say we spend 80% on the sick and the old; and 21% just servicing our debt without even paying it off. Fixing these has proven impossible for your special interest cantidates from both parties ALL of whose campaigns are backed by the same billionaires. In brief, my tax plan would pay off our debt quickly while my environmental, health, farming, education and myriad efficiency provisions would halve the old and infirm costs while burgeoning the middle class and small business which accounts for 80% of our jobs, even though Wall Street claims credit. But there’s nothing brief about solving countless, interrelated problems, and our Citizens have proven unwilling to do the work of Citizens, or unable to get the time in this new, disorganized, convoluted, unethical, third world America.


Section. 1. All American governments and departments shall maintain annually balanced budgets, AAA credit ratings, and annual trade surpluses with foreign countries:

The Valentine Constitution requires that our governments maintain AAA credit ratings, annually balanced budgets, and annual trade surpluses with foreign countries; requires our governments to be fiscally responsible, not go into debt, and not outsource more than we insource; and prohibits our government from printing money we do not have. Printing money beyond its value is like putting our government purchases on the national credit card, like two models I know. “I just went bankrupt; it was easy. Corporations do it all the time, why not us?” Why not? I’ll tell you why not. Because someone has to cover for lazy, selfish CEOs who’ve just stolen from people who work for their new shoes. Unfortunately, governments are not models. Little governments can go bankrupt by being bailed out by larger governments. But big governments, especially the one with the biggest economy responsible for keeping the world stable, cannot go bankrupt. Or world markets crash. We are now beyond bankrupt and simply hiding it.

We average Citizens put up with the big shots in the past and allowed them to take their lion’s shares because they were good stewards of the economy. The old rich banker kept us on an even keel and never smiled and lived a sad life none of us wanted. His big house was not worth it to us. But he kept our money supply at an amount equal to its true and real value, for two hundred years, until 2002 when we started printing money.

QE, or quantitative easing, may also be seen as our government treasury investing $5 trillion (it had to borrow) in bad investments made to CEOs who contribute to the campaigns of our politicians. These greedy Wall Street elites, who also own the companies that own our press, made bad decisions and crashed our economy, so the treasury (Fed) bailed them out by investing in them to keep them from going under, even though they supply only 15% of our jobs. So our government is circumventing our free market economy to spend money it doesn’t have on bad investments that are also bad for our economy. But it’s easier to say it’s printing money, although it’s actually worse, because we owe the $5 trillion and the interest and the investment is not translating to job or economic growth, and may well be creating a second bubble. Worse still, the big boys pay far less for their credit than small business, and both pay far less than the average Citizen who, since not in the game, has no incentive to know the game, so they get away with it. Elsewhere, The Valentine Constitution allows the Citizen in the game on an equal footing with the largest of corporations so that we can all keep the game fair.


Section. 2. Expenditures from Our Budget shall be limited to the following percentage amounts for the following purposes: Social Security and all government pensions, all unemployment, labor, human services, and veterans’ benefits unrelated to health 20%; all health care 15%; clean water, food, agriculture, parks, the environment, fisheries and game and a naturally replenishable fresh water supply 5%; infrastructure maintenance and improvements, government buildings, low income housing, community development and code enforcement, roads, ports, bridges, transportation, sanitation, sewage and waste 10%; a sustainable energy grid 10%; training and pre-school through high school education excluding health and food 15%; The Armed Forces 10%, the State Guard and fire and emergency relief 1%; law enforcement 1%; foreign affairs 0.5%; foreign intelligence 1%; the Judiciary 2%; internet, banking, consumer services, licensing, identification and public utility oversight 3%; science 0.5%; visual, audio, dance and other arts 0.5%; other spending 4%; interest 5%:

Until the Citizens can approve the general percentages of our budgetary expenditures, The Valentine Constitution establishes percentage amounts which will likely be required to accomplish the tasks set forth herein. Otherwise the amounts specified are close to our current expenditures and include both discretionary and nondiscretionary spending together. They reflect what will be necessary to fund existing programs while they are modified to suit the provisions set forth herein during the transition period. Increases are in water, food, infrastructure and sustainable energy, and the internet marketplace.


Section. 3. The general percentage amounts of Our Budget shall be approved by the Citizens every twelve years:

The Valentine Constitution requires approval by the Citizens of the percentage amounts of our budget every twelve years thereby allowing the fiscal oversight necessary to prevent corruption and waste, and the Citizen involvement necessary to maintain an informed and active electorate.


Section. 4. Every dollar of tax and its expenditure shall be simply accounted for to Our Citizens by the responsible department none of which shall have overlapping responsibilities; and Our Citizens will be able to rate all public and private individuals and entities receiving compensation from our government; and those providing the least costly, longest lasting, best results and performances with the highest ratings by Our Citizens shall be contracted or employed:

The Valentine Constitution requires that our government tracks its costs, owns up to its errors, and accounts to Our Citizens for all of its expenditures. And it requires that the accounting be simple. What good are facts and figures if the average or below average Citizen does not understand them? And so the departments will have to use some simple way to account for what they spend, so that the Citizen can accurately critique the expenditures and the value of the work that was done, and be able to answer simple questions like, was it worth it? There will also be traditional accounting reports available.

The Valentine Constitution allows our Citizens to rate the work done by government employees, contractors and vendors, and to insist on hiring the best ones. “The architecture in Texas was horrible compared to the building in San Francisco. Let’s get that San Francisco architect to design more of our buildings. It looks good, functions well, and costs less to maintain.” Heck yes we want our Citizens involved, to reward cost effective, results oriented contractors providing the least costly, longest lasting, best results and performances with the highest ratings by Our Citizens.

The Valentine Constitution prohibits more than one department, contractor or employee from having the same responsibility or doing the same job. We do not wish to pay for the same work two and three times. We do not wish to have more than one person responsible for solving the same or similar problem. We want one person responsible for each problem, so that we can track down the error, improve our departments, and be more efficient.


Section. 5. Neither pensions nor future compensation will be paid by our governments who instead will finance projects and programs out of current revenues in amounts to be approved by Our Citizens every twelve years:

The Valentine Constitution prohibits the government from deferring any costs into the future. Our budgets must reflect the actual and real and total costs of any budget item. No deferments of any kind, nor pensions, nor future compensation may be promised or paid to any employee, vendor, contractor, person or company by any Federal or State government, branch or department. This practice avoids hiding real costs in future liabilities, and thereby requires fiscal responsibility by removing future payments and reducing nondiscretionary spending to its smallest possible amount. It will prevent unforeseen costs and avoid future government shutdowns, and keep our budgets and expenditures current and honest. It replaces dumping our current fiscal problems onto future generations with a realistic, frugal, wise, pay as we go system.

Each year, half of our budgets are already spent before we start. Nondiscretionary spending is allocated before we even begin the budget process leaving very little room for improvement, and handcuffing us to the status quo. Advancement is stifled with “must pay” allocations, many of them requiring funding for decades to come putting our future obligations at $100 trillion and rising! New programs are nipped in the bud never to see the light of day because old programs failed to plan for the future. We are paying pensions, in the amount of full salaries, to those who have not worked for years. No country can afford to do that. A teacher or fire fighter who worked from twenty to forty continues to be paid his salary from forty to eighty plus! That’s three times the salary plus interest! Who made that deal? Some politician looking for votes, that’s who. Completely unrealistic. “Double dippers” work from twenty to forty and collect pension number one from forty to the end of their lives, then work another government job from forty to sixty and receive two pensions from sixty to the end of their lives. No economy can support that. It is a financial impossibility. What utopian economists laid out our government’s current fiscal fantasy? The Valentine Constitution instead establishes, in its various provisions, the financially realistic policy of spending less in the long term by paying more up front to Citizen-workers we educate to be financially savvy, to save, compound their interest, get dividends on their investments, invest directly in small businesses, or start their own, or all of the above.

Stupid, clueless Citizens are nation killers, and will have to go to our high schools at night until they become competitive in a world that’s a lot more competitive than it was in the 1950s. Manual labor is of little value today. You’ll need skills. The selfish baby boomers were the last to sit down in the musical chairs’ gravy train. They have brought home failing report cards to their children and grandchildren with an “F” in stewardship of the economy, an “F” in stewardship of the environment, an “F” in health, and worst of all, an “F” in education. The first spoiled brat middle class generation on Earth just took and took and took, like their Great Depression “Greatest(?) Generation” parents after winning WWII. They raped the last of Mother Nature, engaged their wanton bellicose desires by sacrificing other people’s children in war after expensive war, ran up the national credit card to an abhorrent level, forced their children into cliquey prison schools that foster cold animosity, got fat as pigs disdaining “working out” as some narcissistic ritual, and gave nothing back but their sense of entitlement. So here we are, wallowing in what we deserve as we sit in traffic and try to glue back the pieces of our once promising, now broken nation.

The Valentine Constitution requires that Our Citizens put on their thinking caps, point their fingers at their mirrors, apply common sense to every issue, and do the right thing every next step of the way.


Section. 6. Nobody gets money from our government without paying us back with a service or product or repayment; and nobody gets unemployment compensation when and where jobs are available:

The Valentine Constitution requires any entity receiving money from our government must repay it as soon as possible in money, services or products. This provision ensures that our government always gets something in return for its expenditures, and serves as a general prohibition against corruption and incompetence. It further requires that those on hard times in need of handouts from the government repay the loans in the good times, or work it off as soon as possible even if much later. This suppresses the urge to collect unemployment since it will need to be paid back. It further prohibits paying unemployment benefits to lazy takers. When jobs are indeed available, we’ll not pay to non-workers the hard earned tax money of hard workers. Likewise foreign aid will have to be repaid immediately in the form of some product or service or in cash after the foreign nation stabilizes its economy.


Section. 7. Welfare” monies must be spent only on basic essential goods and services, and not extravagances:

The Valentine Constitution prohibits those receiving welfare from spending it on anything other than the basics. The expenditure of welfare money on frivolities of any kind is prohibited, thereby removing the abuse of the welfare system by requiring that hand-outs be spent strictly on basic items. Welfare recipients will be prohibited from spending welfare money on entertainment, pay TV, tattoos, spas, gifts, expensive products, cruises, vacations, “strip” clubs, night clubs, bars, drinks containing alcohol, cannabis or unhealthful ingredients, unprescribed drugs, street drugs, illegal substances or services, illegal activity, firearms, and the like.





Section. 1. All government officers, officials, employees, vendors and contractors will live in the communities they serve unless corruption or ineffectiveness prevent it:

The Valentine Constitution requires, where practicable, that government workers and contractors live where they work. Local Citizens are more apt to keep local workers honest, less afraid to approach and question workers they are familiar with. Local workers have skin in the game since they’re working on their own communities, where their kids go to school, where they live and play and are far less likely to get away with something. They are more likely to have conversations after hours with fellow locals who then become better informed. Local workers are more aware of the impact their work has on their community and the ramifications of government policy concerning their jobs. They are better informed and therefore more helpful, easier for Our Citizens to deal with, less likely to use ignorance as an excuse to not perform, and less aggravating to the citizens they serve. Local workers empower Our Citizens while workers from outside our communities alienate our Citizens from the process of democracy.


unless corruption and ineffectiveness creep in:

The local government employee might do a favor for his buddy in the neighborhood. Why not? Who’s gonna know? And so the provision is extended as a heads up. Logic would dictate that an intelligent person would get that corruption is a losing proposition by simply realizing that if many others pulled this stunt, the government would soon be insolvent, or no services would work without payola, and we’d soon be living in a Third World country and not the United States. One would think that the transparent budget and expenditure provisions and the rating provisions and our new school curriculum would keep corruption in check, but people are people and building a moral society takes stamina, discipline, responsibility and vigilance.


Section. 2. 75% of the products sold in America shall be made in America by Our Citizens; and 95% of the total of all jobs performed in America shall be performed by Our Citizens:

The Valentine Constitution requires that 75% of products sold in America be made in America, and that 95% of all jobs performed in America be performed by American Citizens. The following percentages of jobs have been outsourced over the last few decades: 72% of textiles and apparel, 46% of furniture, 42% of electronics, and 41% of auto. Why enrich other countries? To pay less for goods? Are we really paying less? Not if you do the math. First, the products are inferior and don’t last as long as those we used to make. Second, we’re subsidizing Wall Street’s multinational conglomerates who have no loyalty to us or our nation. Third, we’re funding ports and tunnels and bridges only so their giant freighters can unload foreign made goods which undercut American made goods. Fourth, the cost of shipping is reflected in the price of the goods. Fifth, the slave labor, the rape of laborers and the horrific living conditions of those they employ overseas lead to civil unrest that requires us to police by spending and sending our military in and shipping back our dead and wounded children. The naïve, lambs-led-to-the-slaughter Citizenry of America has been duped for most of our history. You have not made time to deal with this and instead naively believe that simply voting is going to solve our problems. But you do make time to go to the game or the concert. And you do say, “Not my problem.” Well, it is now.

These psychotic Wall Street elites, who own our politicians for the price of a campaign contribution, are loyal only to winning; not money, winning. Money is just the tool; the win is more important than their lives, or our lives, or our economy or our natural environment. These are compulsive gamblers. They are out of touch with reality because they have never had to think about how much something costs. They don’t carry around the oppression of making rent, paying utilities, or buying burger rather than sirloin to save a buck. And you have put them in control of our economy and our politicians. The Valentine Constitution allows for the insourcing of jobs and the replenishment of our economy and our middle class and prevents multinational monopoly CEOs from outsourcing our jobs, planning the obsolescence of the imports those outsourced jobs produce, exploiting cheap labor, and creating unstable countries we must then police. In another provision, The Valentine Constitution has our government pay for all campaigns so that our politicians will owe us instead of the Wall Creeps.


Section. 3. The minimum wage will climb to $20 by 2024:

The Valentine Constitution establishes a minimum wage of $20 by 2024 to increase the productivity and the value of workers, since all workers receiving the higher wage must be valuable enough to the businesses they serve to warrant that pay grade. The most immediate effect will be significant pressure to enhance the skills and productivity of the average worker. Small businesses cannot afford to pay $20 per hour for the second rate workers that America’s schools and immigration policies now put into our market place. We, as a nation, will be forced to up our game individually and collectively. Each person will be forced to step up and acquire real world skills commensurate with the $40,000 annual salary. The Valentine Constitution’s educational provisions do just that. While the curriculum requires more than four years to fully prepare a student, it could make up most of that ground by 2024 by properly educating, mentoring and apprenticing the freshman classes beginning in 2017, and post graduates in night classes. Schools will be offering continuing education classes during nights and on weekends for adults wishing to upgrade their skills and for students wishing to add additional real world perspectives to their daily studies, mentorships and apprenticeships.

The Valentine Constitution calls on retirees to volunteer to teach continuing education classes, credited or not, at nights and on weekends in their fields of expertise. These masters of their trades will begin a new cultural tradition of giving back to America, a tradition that will begin with a curriculum which focuses education on identifying and developing the gifts and aptitudes of its students for twelve long years so that they can fulfill their God-given or natural destinies, then later mentor students on the job, and eventually teach as adults.

The Valentine Constitution does not blindly give things away; instead it calculates the integrated effect of its solutions on all of our integrated problems. For example, three square organic meals per day for each student, along with nutrition and cooking and anatomy and exercise classes will save us an enormous amount in future medical costs by giving young Citizens a healthful foundation, good habits and a nutritious food supply. For example, we can pay the $40,000 per year we spend for criminals to serve several five year stints or one long twenty year stretch in our crowded prisons, and also pay the costs of processing and the costs of the crimes to property and government and the victims, or we could invest in happy fulfilled children who instead will add considerable value and stability to our society. That’s called wisdom.

A living wage is the backbone of the middle class, brings stability to the family unit, decreases welfare requirements, reduces crime, creates an incentive to get and keep a job, creates pressure to become qualified and therefore find one’s gift and be more productive, makes for a more competitive marketplace, creates incentives for Citizen and small business entrepreneurship, and stimulates economic growth and innovation.

Workers who can afford to purchase the products they are making are a built in customer base since we are all essentially making products for each other to purchase.

Please see Section 4 which allows shareholders to determine CEO compensation.


hiring and firing shall be based upon value gauged by the payer so long as two weeks’ severance is paid:

The Valentine Constitution provides for merit based employment. Business owners must be able to hire and fire until they find the right worker who fits their business and can make them successful, so long as the worker gets a $20/hour minimum wage and two weeks’ pay to find another job. It is in the best interests of both parties to find the right situation. To be successful, a society’s Citizens must do what they are meant to be doing, their gift, their calling. Harmony is had when people are gainfully employed in the practice of their gifts. Doing a job one does not like, or is not good at, or even simply with those with bad chemistry, is a defeated situation and should be terminated. The best thing for all is for each to be gainfully employed in one of their gift areas.

The Valentine Constitution is a deal. Concessions must be made on both sides. One side cannot demand everything and concede nothing, or the deal will fall through. Slavery takes us to one unworkable extreme; socialism to another. The worker will never get a $20 minimum wage unless they can be fired based on their value to the employer paying their check. Either one or the other must be conceded for this deal to be had. With the minimum wage, a balance must be struck between the manipulation of the free market price by the imposition of a minimum wage, and the value of those services to the one made to pay the colluded and unnatural price. Merit is the truth of a worker’s performance. A good worker will not be fired; a bad one should not be kept, but instead should continue to seek their true calling, and will have two-weeks’ free pay if fired. What is “good” or “bad” is in the eye of the one paying the check, whose business it is, whose right it is to make that call in the light of an inflated wage. Each side allows the other to break the rules a little here.

This is best for the worker and the client and for the society and the economy. It’s fact that we hire who we like. Personality is a valuable consideration in hiring based on productivity; for no one wishes to be in the company of someone they loathe for forty hours per week. This is antithetical to the pursuit of happiness on both sides. Everyone works more efficiently in the right company. There’s nothing more productive than a great crew who get along and complement each other and have a bit of fun and do good work. That requires casting, as in a movie. We work for so much of our lives that much of our lives are lived at work, or if a student, at school. So it’s important who we work with and that our work is fulfilling. If the minimum wage deal is to be struck, then hiring and firing based on payee value must go with it.


bankruptcy shall be prohibited:

The Valentine Constitution prohibits bankruptcy by any company or person. If you spent it, you owe it, and others will no longer be made to bail you out. The costs of all the bankruptcies are sprinkled throughout our economy, like the costs of theft, 10% per year in retail. The hard working Citizens who drag themselves to and from work, and pay for what they take, will no longer bear the costs of bankruptcy for the irresponsible few. Good Citizens could go on a vacation with the 10% they lose to bankruptcy. Company owners now spend investors’ hard earned money, live large, act important and have fun, only to send each investor a tax write off and an apology. Tax write offs don’t pay bills. Tax write offs encourage failure. Tax write offs reduce tax revenues. Under The Valentine Constitution there will be no tax write offs or any other complicated tax policies, only a single transaction tax taking 5% from the buyer and seller at the time of the transaction. No tax games or subsidies of any kind will survive, and a level playing field will be had by all. The effect is a more stable and productive banking and business environment.

The Valentine Constitution rewards those who stabilize our society and penalizes those who destabilize our society when they spend more than they have, engage in a form of stealing, disrespect their fellow Citizens, and pawn their debt off on society. Whether a company taking too many risks or an individual putting more on their credit card than they can possibly pay off, these selfish people set a bad example for others to do the same: “I spent a LOT, bought a lot of clothes, ate some meals out. Got a new TV. I just wanted to treat myself.” These people simply declare bankruptcy or settle at twenty cents on the dollar and the only downside is that it affects their credit for a while. “It was worth it,” is the message they send out to their friends who are then more likely to do it themselves. That would not be the case with The Valentine Constitution which would make them pay it all back with interest discouraging them and those they speak to from spending beyond their means, stealing, or committing any crime since every criminal will be liable to pay back with interest all of the costs of their crime, whether incurred by victims, property owners, or the processing and incarcerating departments of governments. In another provision, the seven year statute of limitations is abolished. So time will not let wrongdoers off the hook either.

The hard working people of America will no longer bail out selfish people who overdraft their credit cards or checking accounts and then expect someone else to pay for it. No hot shot entrepreneurs will be let off the hook when losing their investors’ money.


Section. 4. Institutions and companies shall have no more rights or privileges than Our Citizens:

The Valentine Constitution puts individuals on the same footing as big businesses, allowing Citizens to produce products and provide services in direct competition with all comers to our marketplace. The internet marketplace itself, paid for by the transaction tax and made efficient by the single bank, will be free of charge and without middlemen, unless desired by the individual, but never to prevent access to a trade, sector or market, small or large. Citizens will use apps, products and services created by other Citizens to create their own marketable products. Citizen A designs; Citizen B cuts fabric or makes heels and soles; Citizen C sews; Citizen D makes shoe or boot uppers; Citizen E makes orthotics; Citizen F has a delivery service; Citizen G does marketing; Citizen H dyes or paints leather, and so on. Local production is more efficient, saves shipping costs, reduces sweat shops and labor abuses. Working from or near home carries enormous savings. Commuting to work is inefficient and wasteful. A daily commute of one hour each way costs four months of work per year, that’s a 1/3 or 33% loss of earnings if auto expenses are included. Citizens practicing their gifts are happier and more productive. Workers doing what they love are happier; happier workers are more productive.

The Valentine Constitution puts the Citizen on an equal financial footing with corporations and companies to create a truly level playing field. The most important economic unit in any society is the working Citizen. Keep them hassle free and watch them succeed. Bog them down and you bog down your economy. Use the newly enfranchised worker/contractor to keep an eye on the companies they work with just as the company keeps an eye on the contractors. There will be no “employees” since there will be no payroll taxes or 401Ks, and so the relationship between the worker/client will be business to business. A healthy, do things right environment, where letting things slide will come back to haunt you, since you will be individually accountable for any wrong or good you do whether on the factory floor, or in the field, or in the boss’s chair. Each person will be a stand-alone business with assets and liabilities, and the corporate articles will be secondary to the realities of the business actions and inactions, so merit will be rewarded and cheaters penalized, all made possible by the transaction tax.

Consider a business as a grouping of individual people at work, each with a unique relationship to the other. No employees or FICA or FUTA or IRAs or 401Ks. No need for any company at all or for any particular structure as all contributions or payments will have the transaction tax taken out (5% from buyer and 5% from seller), but will not be tracked, yet will be available to you and whomever you wish to see it. The government won’t care how you run your business. But a lender or insurer or court might. So we have a company consisting of a bunch of businesses (people) doing a bunch of business. In the eyes of the law each will have equal power and be responsible to the extent of their involvement and their actions. These are all active investors of time or money or equipment or property reaping a financial benefit. There may also be passive investors of money or equipment or property whose liability is limited to their cash or in-kind investment. An agreement may be made on insuring the equipment used by the company, or the company may seek a loan. Insurance or a loan will be issued through the single bank to the holder of liability, whether to one individual or a group of folks as a formed company, and the inventory and collateral and orders and the people associated with the enterprise will be considered in applying the rate. But the credit worthiness of those not in the company cannot be considered since the bank cannot access any of the credit scores of the others involved without their permission, and if the insurer/lender did, then their credit worthiness would be deemed to collateralize part of the loan and, being valuable, could require compensation. But not the contribution of work by given workers which will surely be considered in any loan or insurance since workers add or subtract value or risk to or from a company depending on how good they are. So a loan may be made to the person running a company which is not a formed company based on the person’s business past, collateral, track record, repayment history, etc., and no one else’s, unless a deal is struck to do so; and any manner of deal surely may. Or a loan or insurance may be given to a company. But the company entity will be viewed differently. And the bank will very quickly get very good at identifying and clarifying the liable party and calculating risk.

The Valentine Courts will consider the doctrine of fairness when considering agreements made and liability. And the company entity again will be viewed differently. If the passive investor was passive, she shall have no liability when the crane breaks and someone is killed. But what of those who were employees and now are considered autonomous and equal business entities? Example:

A) The boss knew there was a weak bolt and couldn’t get the part in time. The secretary knew also. Today, under The Madison Constitution, the secretary would keep her mouth shut since it’s not her company. But under The Valentine Constitution, she’s an active investor of time and could be held liable, so she steps in and demands that the crane not run ‘til the part gets in.

B) If Bob the crane operator was drunk, was he covered by any insurance? Nobody knew Bob drank on the job. Or did they? Sally the crane prep girl is concerned because under The Valentine Constitution she may have an investment (of time and expertise) that she would not have in today’s game. So instead of turning a blind eye to Bob’s drinking after lunch, she confronts him. Because she will have a chair at the table of commerce, unlike now. Each individual will require insurance and so will the company, and the insurance will drop in proportion to the responsibility of the person, the new players in our economy, players who will include workers who will know they are responsible for all that meets their eyes, and have a primary incentive to do things right and the right to keep others in line. Responsibility and accountability will make things very real and improve our lot significantly.

Should insurance be cover the person as a company and whatever (s)he is at fault for?, rather than the car, home, plant, company or condo association?, assigning fault to the one at fault , and requiring that damages be owned up to? encouraging responsible behavior, and a safer fairer world.


IPOs shall be open to all investors equally and at the same time:

The Valentine Constitution opens IPOs to all investors equally and at the same time, allowing all Citizens to equally participate in the opening of all stocks, and preventing corrupt institutional inside investors and company employees and their friends and associates from gaining an unfair advantage in the offering of a new stock. Currently only a handful of people and institutions are allowed to buy in advance of the IPO thereby gaining an unfair advantage and undermining Wall Street’s true purpose of financing businesses while providing Our Citizens with a safe place to invest and have a piece of their own economy.


… the results of shareholder votes will be binding, even on CEO pay packages:

CEOs of publicly traded companies are paid even when failing. Since they are often paid in stock, they buy back stock to increase their own worth when some other use of that capital may be of more value to the company CEOs often sit on each other’s boards and vote each other pay increases. Shareholders are given no say in CEO pay, as shareholder votes are nonbinding, giving shareholders no incentive to vote on anything, when it is the shareholders who own the company, a fact lost on the CEOs of most publicly traded companies who act with little impunity. Who better to decide whether a given CEO is overpaid than the shareholder. No other solutions that I came up with could adequately or uniformly account for all the variables which account for a given CEOs compensation package. Better to address it on a case by case basis, to not meddle in other’s affairs when the meddling fails to solve the problem, and instead to leave the decision to those who are affected and have direct stake in the matter.

This rule does not apply to privately owned companies since they are not publicly traded.


Section. 5. Monopolies will be prohibited, but innovators will be allowed to make lots of money for several years:

The Valentine Constitution establishes a clearer definition of monopoly than the Supreme Court, ensures that antitrust law will be enforced, yet maintains the protections necessary to encourage investment in new products and services that keep America competitive on the world markets. The Supreme Court defines monopoly market power as “the ability to raise prices above what would be charged in a competitive market without the monopoly power,” and requires that this ability have effect for a long enough time to become objectionable. But the length of time is not specified, and perhaps it is wise to allow enough wriggle room to allow the application of their doctrine of reasonableness, or those of common sense, fairness, and right over wrong which in The Valentine Constitution supersede all others. But relying on Supreme Court Justices to become armchair market analysts laying down fair pricing policies is misguided and a more enforceable, less arbitrary test was needed.

Most economists and nearly all of the literature suggests that 25% is the magic monopoly threshold, and so “reasonable,” a “fair” presumption, a “common sense” decision, and the “right” percentage to employ. Brilliance is rarely required when common sense is on the playground. To take a page from the Supreme Court and add some wiggle room of its own, The Valentine Constitution provides the ability to apply that 25% by sector or market or geographic region, which could be quite small.

Are there too many Starbucks in your town? Perhaps there are if there are two Starbucks in a town with only three coffee houses. Unless there is no demand for another mom and pop but there is demand for another Starbucks. How do we treat that instance? The Valentine Constitution allows a department of government to invoke the 25% rule, or for the competitor to quickly take it through court, which will proffer a settlement or two or three as options, or for the Citizens to vote in their single account, online, if enough folks checked yes on a referendum to have the vote, and after discussion period elapsed. It’s a community in a democracy; the final decision lies with its Citizens, for the intent of the provision is to protect Our Citizens from paying a monopoly price assuming that’s a bad thing which it may not be in every instance. Common sense will keep the focus on the right solution.

In the interests of encouraging job creating capital investment in innovations, which if successful and exported can add more jobs and improve our trade balance, The Valentine Constitution allows a new innovation to reap monopolistic rewards for, again, a length of time to be determined, and if a problem arises, then by the decision of our Courts or the vote of Our Citizens. A competitor is more likely to take a monopoly to court, and The Valentine Courts would handle it quickly, and proffer settlements. If necessary, disgruntled Citizens would be able to easily vote on a referendum on such matters and their single account would handle that quickly.

The provision is flexible enough to allow helpful monopolies and disallow hurtful ones. A new innovation would be allowed to reap rewards in order to encourage others to innovate, but a monopoly that manipulates markets and jobs enriching only a handful of greed mongers would be reeled in. The Valentine Constitution ensures that monopolies do not undermine our free market economy, but protects the financial incentives for innovation and research and development which provide jobs and international competitiveness.


Section. 6. High frequency and insider trading and derivatives, and dealings with countries who allow them, will be prohibited:

The Valentine Constitution prohibits all derivative securities, swaps, puts, calls, options, futures, and the like, all the “instruments” responsible for destroying our economy, and ensures that they are not traded on other stock market exchanges, so that we do not simply export the capitalism killing practice which allows the very few to make a very lot while producing nothing but distress in financial markets. Also prohibited is high frequency trading, which in practice is monopolistic since only those who can afford the fastest, most expensive computer systems will win those trades. All others need not apply to this most unlevel of playing fields. These greedy psychopaths actually have us convinced that a strong American dollar is NOT in our best interests since it allows them to make more money and increase the stock market’s profits. Don’t get too sophisticated folks, that’s how they crashed our economy.

The Valentine Constitution brings stability, discipline, wisdom, long term investing, conservative principles, and sound fundamentals back to our American marketplace and its stock exchange. It prohibits undermining Wall Street’s true purpose of financing businesses to create new jobs, products and services, dividends for investors, positive foreign trade balances, and a strong American dollar.




Section. 1. The broadcast, telephone, cable and satellite “plants” become a public utility providing existing services at current rates for unlimited usage of content. Royalties per minute of usage will be paid to the copyright holder just as ASCAP and BMI do now, only directly and for all types of content:

The Valentine Constitution makes the internet a public utility and open capitalist marketplace allowing all Citizens to sell their goods and services unhindered by middlemen, gatekeepers and monopolies. The Valentine Constitution establishes a royalty based compensation system allowing direct payments to content creators and 24/7 access to all content by consumers who already pay enough to cover compensation to content providers after ALL costs are significantly reduced by eliminating the following wasteful costs: 1) the costs of wasteful redundancy of quadruple delivery of content: cable, broadcast, satellite, phone, all monopolies which used to be and should again be public utilities, and 2) eliminating the costs of advertising which is reflected in our product prices and service costs, and 3) the costs of middlemen and gatekeepers and payment service charges.

Redundancy, middlemen, gatekeepers and monopolies are robbing Our Citizens of this golden opportunity to compete in our own internet marketplace and grow the small businesses that provide 85% of our jobs. We have no choice now who brings us cable and internet, so why not make it a public utility? That’s how it’s supposed to work. Public utilities are an American economic tradition. But they have been methodically given away to the highest campaign contributor over the last two decades. Now is our last opportunity to gain control over our own economy, and if we don’t grab it, they will. Heck, they already are. The game of money is being played on the internet, and the little guy is not represented; we’re on the bench, not allowed to compete in our own economy. We’re way smarter than the morons running Wall Street who couldn’t even keep their gravy train going; they crashed it! That’s why they scheme to keep us out of our own marketplace. They cannot compete on a level playing field and so are rapidly closing out all the avenues to small business success on the internet as we speak because they can’t compete without cheating. The customer is paying three times for products or innovations: once for the product, a second time for the distribution, and a third time for the advertising, and a fourth for redundancy of monopolistic delivery. The Valentine Constitution makes you pay only once, and focuses search with filters that aid Citizens in finding what they want, and rankings based on Citizens’ ratings, rather than oriented towards what makes Google or some distributor richer than they already are.

Redundancy is a cost borne by us all in the prices we pay for services. Why have four forms of content delivery and still have no choice of carrier? It’s inefficient, which means it’s costing someone, and keeping that person right where the big cheaters want them, down. The four signal delivery “plants,” fiber optic, cable, broadcast and satellite, are redundant and costly, not to them, but to us. Any one plant is capable of doing the job yet they have us paying for all four. All four are protected from competition yet they are not public utilities. That makes them government sanctioned monopolies, which in America are supposed to become public utilities.

Middlemen, controlled by the monopolies, in turn control our access to our own marketplace. Just $2 per internet connection per month equals the worldwide take in entertainment revenues over the internet. We could pay everyone who makes and markets sports and books and music and movies exactly what they are currently making with just $2 per month per connection, and then have unlimited, commercial-free content whenever wherever and at the same time allow ourselves to compete in the marketplace we are currently shut out of. We could save the $2 per month by removing the redundant plants, and then get it for less than we pay now. Nobody knows this. Well, only a few. Like nobody knows that 1/5 of the world’s fresh water is in the Great Lakes, 1/5 in one lake in Russia and 2/5 in the Amazon, leaving the other 6.5 billion people to kill each other over the last 1/5. Nobody knows any of this. Your leaders aren’t talking about it and neither are you. Nobody knows the important stuff!

The Valentine Constitution allows the cream to rise to the top in a direct-to-free-market economy; eliminates the TV, cable, radio and internet “gate-keeper” monopolies who dictate that their entertainment content gets exposure while all other content get buried, and dumps the inefficient old inventory-wholesale-middleman-retail models and their current internet counterpart. The public utility adds value, saves time, reduces stress and makes Our Citizen-producer-consumers and small businesses more productive. It is the government’s job to educate its Citizens on smart business practices and to protect them from cheaters. Our government is actually doing the opposite, as politicians, who owe favors to the cheaters who pay for their campaigns, pass legislation favorable to the cheaters and unfavorable to us.

Entertainment is a huge export product for America, but the independent creators of that content are being discouraged from producing content because they can’t make money on it. They are routinely cheated online now as they were in the analog world for a century. Today for an independent small business artist to put a song or movie on iTunes, they MUST go through a middleman called an “aggregator” who takes a fee plus 10% to 30% of your sale, and then must allow iTunes a 40% take. Additionally, the Aggregator agreement one MUST SIGN allows the Aggregator to produce CDs and DVDs and sell them where and when it pleases, and to sell your song to any movie company or place it on any TV commercial or show it pleases. In essence artists MUST “SIGN” a record deal with an aggregator and give away at least 50% of sales revenues in order to sell a song where most songs are sold. Anyone doing business in America today is forced to pay middlemen and suffer advertisers to access to their own economy whether selling or searching, since all business is conducted over the internet, if only transactions. And it’s stacked against small businesses, who provide 80% of our jobs! The middlemen not only take our money, but also our time by complicating all transactions.

The Valentine Constitution would instead provide free distribution, paying for it with the revenues from our only (transaction) tax which takes 5% from the buyer and seller in all transactions. The government would have ASCAP and BMI track royalties as they do now and pay those royalties to one copyright holder only. How the pie is divided up will be the copyright holder’s problem since the government will be not a babysitter but rather a facilitator and educator.

When a customer now searches to find an unknown artist’s song, advertising and redirection to the most famous singers is a matter of course. It interrupts the transaction which is in our government’s and Citizen’s and our economy’s best interest to instead facilitate. The record companies and stars and internet sales portals, and TV, radio, and cable form an elitist monopoly class which prevents better talent from competing with them. As a result, we see the same stars year in and year out winning the same awards on shows owned by the monopolies and presented by other elitist monopoly stars. The person who wishes to sample through an unknown artist’s album is redirected each time they sample a song in the unknown artist’s list to monopoly elite stars in much the same way our search engines work to reward only those who pay Google to pop up while burying what’s fresh or new. This is called collusion and it is illegal but unenforced.

The Valentine Constitution will instead have a government entity get the money directly to the content provider by facilitating the process by registering the small business artist’s song, movie, video, book, painting, etc. with the copyright office, providing the MPAA rating etc, placing their content in commerce where it will be easily found and searchable by filters, and paying royalties into the artist’s single bank account for plays received at no charge to the artists other than the 5% transaction tax. This is the transaction tax in action yet again. The public utility internet will then provide this and other services to you the Citizen to encourage more commerce and a fair public marketplace. Anyone may then play any song, movie, or other download at any time without commercial or advertising interruptions at no additional charge. The artist or author will be paid their royalty, and no one will be able to use an artist’s song for an ad or movie or make or sell a CD or DVD without the copyright holder’s permission.

The Valentine Constitution takes the internet out of the hands of the few billionaires who are quickly usurping the internet to monopolize and control our free market economy and enslave and entrap us into enriching them at our expense. And why? To make the billionaires even richer than they already are? When is enough, enough? And why do we allow them to monopolize our marketplace? The internet is our chance to do business with each other. Small businesses provide 85% of the jobs in America while Wall Street provides only 15%. Apple makes $250,000 of profit off of each of its employees. Google is worse. Cool only gets you so many free passes.

The Valentine Constitution ensures that the internet will become a digital reflection of a free market economy. We must structure the internet now into a level capitalist playing field where the cream rises to the top, where supply and demand rules, where people can practice in commerce their God-given gifts and fulfill their destinies by doing what they love in a fair and ethical competitive environment, with government helping Our Citizens to do business rather than helping monopolies to control distribution and middlemen to extract fees for accessing our own economy resulting in a drag on our economy and the stifling of innovation.


Section. 2. Our government will register copyrights, trademarks and/or patents on behalf of the submitter and provide guidance and advice:

The Valentine Constitution authorizes our Federal government to register copyrights, trademarks and/or patents on behalf of the submitter of any and all qualified works, and to provide assistance, guidance and advice to creative people in order to free up the time of these producers of one of our top exports. Currently, a trip to the copyright or trademark or patent offices is a nightmare! Unhelpful staffers with snooty attitudes run a confusing, illogical and absurd system geared towards attorneys and not towards the artists who create our significant entertainment product. The “gate keeper” middle man, rip off, monopoly is now reinforced by the obtuseness of a system which most artists opt not to put themselves through. The current system discourages artists from producing one of our largest and most successful exports. Additionally, new artists can’t make any money off of their work in the current marketplace. Everything is stacked against the small business artist. The problem extends to books, music, movies, videos, games, apps, and fashion, paintings, sculptures whose photographed images can make good money, and other content. Our economic system is no longer a free market capitalist economy, and will never be until the internet is a free market capitalist marketplace. Many small business artists could make $100,000 per year by selling a $1 song, book, video, artwork or app to 100,000 people, or a $10 album, craft, shirt or program to 10,000, or from a following willing to spend that amount annually. But the small business content providers cannot get their entertainment product to market without first being thwarted by government, and then being fleeced by middlemen and monopolies.

The Valentine Constitution uses the internet to reinstitute the free market capitalist economy here in the USA where it was born, allowing access and competition, affording us the best products and services at the best prices, and increasing our trade balances with foreign countries. The Valentine Constitution streamlines transactions, taxes, sales, ratings, reviews, and government compliance allowing the cream to rise to the top in a piracy-free, direct-to-market economy.


Section. 3. Copyrights, trademarks and patents shall last for the life of the creator plus one hundred years when held by the creator, and twenty-five years when held or exploited by a company; but Our Federal government shall have the authority to purchase any of the three for the common good at fair market value; and if they’re not used for five years, then they must be made available for purchase:

The Valentine Constitution encourages the innovation, research and development which improves our economy, add jobs, makes us competitive in foreign markets, and advances our society. Since the popular copyrights, trademarks and patents usually end up bought out by a company not in the hands of the innovator and therefore successful enough to reward the innovator handsomely enough to encourage other innovators to try their hands at innovation, then twenty-five years is a long enough amount of time for them to recoup. For advances which most people cannot be without, our government is empowered to buy them out, not unlike exercising the right to eminent domain.

One hundred years after the life of the creator is a standard duration for copyright protection. It allows creators of less lucrative and less popular copyrights or trademarks or patents a long enough period of time to derive enough revenue to have made the investment worthwhile and thereby encourage others to create and invent and stimulate commerce with capital investment and sweat equity. Copyrights, trademarks, patents or domain names which have fallen into disuse, and whose owners have neither shown nor expressed interest in availing them to our society, must be available for sale at fair market value so that our society may benefit from their usage. The five year rule is easily satisfied since any act of commerce will suffice to keep it in play, but it does serve as a wake-up call and ensures that useful things do not go to waste by lying dormant year after year. Hence our government’s ability to buy up an invention which may greatly benefit our society. What a holder will have to do to keep it active will be determined by Congress in following the intent of the provision, whether usage in commerce, publication, manufacture, donation to the common good or the like.

Hoarding is one of the primary problems with modern humans. Its wastefulness can be traced back to the Neolithic revolution when nomadic humans first settled in villages, and economy, overpopulation and the destruction of the Garden of Eden began. When we owned only what we could carry, and used every resource to the fullest, there could be no hoarding. Women could successfully carry full term only every seven years, which is the optimum spacing for maximum sibling development. With villages came changed product and service values which could for the first time be manipulated. When waste became more economically valuable than resourcefulness, we were doomed to try for thousands of years to fix this problem of our own making, the following of free will over God’s will, of free will over instinct, of ego over common sense. Greed was rewarded and tricky trading followed. And since then, the manipulation of value and worth, even of other humans, has been allowed to dominate our species. Fear of loss of worth and value was never a consideration in nomadic life unless near death. Warfare over resources was rare since nature teemed with life more of which was simply a trek away through the uncrowded landscape. But villages immediately strained the local resources, and the domestication of animals and farming became necessary, and a twisted sense of value has persisted ever since until today. The Valentine Constitution is the first chance we’ve had in 10,000 years to return to the instinct our Creator provided us with, the conscience we so foolishly traded away, and the last chance we’ll have to restore nature before she exterminates us like any other unhealthy parasite. “Change or perish,” was how the famous anthropologist Leakey put it in the 1960s. “Good luck,” he probably whispers from his grave today.


Section. 4. The compulsory license and unauthorized sampling of music are prohibited:

The Valentine Constitution prohibits competitors and businesses and the news from using a song, or a portion of a song, without permission. Current law allows anyone to record any other artist’s song once the song is put out for sale, or “published,” preventing the creator from reaping certain financial gains for his own creation, and handing control of the creation to those who had no hand in creating it. Royalties are paid to the writer, yes, but the money is in endorsements and touring these days. This law originally protected writers from those recording and selling a song without paying the writer. In the early 1900s when sheet music was the commodity that vinyl and CDs were later and digital downloads are today, people would buy sheet music and take it home and play it on the piano. So it was a printed publication. Later, with the advent of records, songwriters wanted famous singers to record their songs since the songwriter got much of the royalty for each record sold. In the early 2000s, when Napster allowed the wholesale theft of music, very little money could be made by selling CDs or even digital downloads, and concerts became and still are the primary source of revenue for musical artists. With few record sales, the singers demanded to be listed as co-writers to get half of the writing royalty to make up the shortfall. This fraudulent extortion continues to be largely unenforceable since artists simply invite the songwriter over to pretend to “collaborate” on the writing of a song even though the songwriter had already finished the song before coming over.

The compulsory license originally protected the songwriter who received the writing royalty from whomever records or performs the song. But today a hit song can launch a career, and the poor new singer or band who has spent years writing songs to get that one hit cannot exclusively avail themselves of the opportunity for their song to make them famous. Instead, the day it goes up for sale on the net or is sold as a CD at bar, any other band or singer can legally record it or sample it or use it onstage to make themselves famous even though they had no part in the creation of the song. Back in the day when the money flowed in from record sales, songwriters did not need fame to make good money, but today the “hard ticket,” touring and endorsements are the primary revenue stream, so it’s the artist the song made famous who makes all the money. So the compulsory license is prohibited by The Valentine Constitution whose provisions would quintuple worldwide entertainment revenues for artists in the US.




If we wish to make it easier on ourselves at work and at home and in between, we must identify, adopt and maintain excellent, commonsensical standards to save us time and money and aggravation. English language fluency, covered later, is necessary for us to communicate with each other, on the job, at home or in a crisis, and to ensure we are not discriminated against for not speaking foreign tongues. The Valentine Constitution includes some additional, popular, no-brainers here as examples of standards we can count on to help us all get through modern life with less stress.


Section. 1. All motorized equipment shall be electric as soon as technology allows:

The days of noisy, polluting, internal combustion engines are over.


automotive vehicles shall be electric and driverless:

Billions of dollars are wasted by Citizens sitting in traffic. FACT: If you have a one hour commute, you spend three months’ worth of work time per year in your car. Add the cost of the car and fuel and insurance, and commuters can make 33% more money every year by working in their cars (or working from home with even more savings in day care costs). Solution: mandate the ability to work safely from cars, and for that matter, do anything in a car, from getting a massage, to spinning a stationary bicycle, to sleeping, socializing or (children) playing, a different car for every occasion, ordered up as we now order Uber or Lyft, only without the driver. These cars will travel at high speed down the centers of our freeways for intercity travel since we must reduce the dangerous number of jets in the sky, jets which now often travel at only 70% of top speed due to traffic! All of these cars could carry packages as well, reducing costs and resource consumption.

Picture a solar surfaced roadway, like the solar energy producing snap-in hex panels currently being tested on Mississippi’s roadways, or some other solar collecting surface that replaces pavement; heats up in winter to avoid the need for salting or plowing; integrates with electric vehicles, and, underneath, our communications infrastructure, sewage and water; saves the costs and time and traffic blocking of excavation of pavement to access those plants; eliminates weather related power outages from downed poles by putting the electrical grid under the panels; provides more security from sabotage by eliminating the single target power plant and allowing infinite rerouting and back up of energy and information; and HALVES OUR ENERGY REQUIREMENTS since 50% of our energy is currently lost in transmission from the power plant to the end user, all at a time when we need a new infrastructure anyway.


driven cars will be acceptable where and when practicable:

Farmers, explorers, racers, hot rodders and vintage car enthusiasts will of course be will allowed their hobbies. These are productive industries, healthy outlets, and meaningful social occasions.


all government owned street-side parking spaces will become exercise travelways; and all government owned parking lots will become parks:

All those expensive, frustrating, crowded STREET SIDE PARKING SPACES will be replaced with travel lanes for jogging, bicycling, skating, skateboarding and the like, some devices electrically powered, others fully enclosed, heated and air conditioned, and many used for an exercising commute to work. All our city PARKING LOTS will become parks, many of them for wheel-based recreational exercise. All those expensive hi-rise PARKING SPACES will become more commercially productive real estate. Why even own a car? Idle cars are like idle boats 95% of which never go out even once a year! Ask any marina owner. If everybody in the world lived like we do, we would need seven planet Earths to support us. How we live is unsustainable, so we better start using our noggins.


The Valentine Constitution constitutes a vision of a government that helps its Citizens become more productive and law abiding, providing advice and service and educating and encouraging participation in our democracy and in our economy rather than invoking its authority to demand compliance and penalize. The Citizen is our most important asset, and extremely valuable if supported properly by a government of public servants, and extremely less valuable when diminished by time consuming compliance related work and by authoritative policing snobs and whose pay comes from the very Citizens they routinely disrespect. THEY WORK FOR US. When did that get reversed? Likewise, our public servants will be more productive and happier in their new helpful roles.

Driverless vehicles will soon dominate our roads as will the local production of goods. The Valentine Constitution ensures that we see change coming and plan ahead for a smooth transition by getting on top of the solutions and allowing technology to help Our Citizens be productive and safe.


Section. 2. You won’t be able to drive a baby-waking motorcycle at any time, or be loud before 7 am and after 10 pm Monday through Friday, and before 9 am and after 10 pm Saturday and Sunday if your neighbors complain, and or have bright lights on at night:

The Valentine Constitution will stop the obnoxious behavior of a tiny number of jacked up angry young men who angrily speed around making loud noise from stereos and unmuffled pipes, disturbing the peace, and creating a chain of angry reactions from others and adding more stress to a stress filled world. And it won’t matter what time of day it is. The parent and child’s day is thrown off. Spouses are more likely to argue with each other and then with others, and the dominoes fall as the car alarms go off, just so some irresponsible jerk can feel a false sense of power and strength while driving recklessly and endangering others. A Muslim chant over loudspeakers in the early morning will not be allowed. We will visit the cycle shops and mosques and equipment manufacturers and quiet things down. Freedom is not a right to disturb the peace.

Likewise the beeping of trucks backing up. The intention is to not run someone over. So why does someone more than twenty feet away need to hear it? Answer: They don’t. Then why do they? Because your government is in chaos and needs to be reorganized and straightened out by The Valentine Constitution. Why does a truck two, three, ten blocks away need to wake my baby or interrupt my phone call or ball game or make me turn UP what I am trying to listen to and make me angry and contribute to my stress? Answer: It doesn’t. Excessive volume levels in clubs, concerts, movie theaters, car alarms, machines, etc. are causing hearing damage which will cost our health system dearly and lead to more unhappiness as tinnitus prevents sleep. Tinnitus, caused by music that’s too loud in clubs or in headphones, will drive you crazy in your old age. It is an aggravation beyond all others to be avoided. Sleep deprivation is a horrible crusher of life and happiness. There are no standards for noise levels in restaurants, bars or movies or concerts! Just remember that you were warned.

When I witness little things like this going wrong and unabated in a society, I see a society without leadership or common sense, direction or reason, a society caving in upon itself and in dire need of help and direction. My Constitution solves all of these problems and my presidency will properly implement them.


Section. 3. Eye pollution will be prohibited, as will dangerous impediments and unsafe travelways, and disarming one way streets if larger than one lane, and litter, clutter, untidiness, unhealthiness, feral animals, rats, invasive species, etc.:

An ugly environment creates stress while a tidy beautiful environment creates solace which contributes to safety, productivity, happiness and health. With the advent of the internet and smart cars, ugly distracting billboards and excessive traffic signs are unnecessary especially with driverless cars whose passengers will no longer have to keep their eyes on the road. The screens in their cars will replace any ugly street signs and billboards.

The Valentine Constitution requires that companies and governments keep their sites and streets clean and free of dangerous and costly impediments, vectors and feral animals, litter and sign pollution. Accidents start a chain reaction of interruption, delay, stress, costs, paperwork, bureaucracy, arguments and ill will for months of people’s lives. Much of this can be prevented by keeping our sidewalks and other travelways clear of impediments and trash. Go for a walk and tell me the amount of small and large accident ready impediments you see. And the waste. Valuable stuff laying around everywhere. Who’s paying for all of it? You are. It shows up in the cost of everything you spend money on, from taxes to products to services. You are the one paying.

Many city streets contain dangerous steel protrusions, lips and depressions, open holes, downed signs, old tree branches, stop signs covered by limbs, you name it. It’s as though no one is employed by our governments! Call them up and good luck to you, if you can even find someone responsible, or even which government is responsible. City, County, State or Federal? You will be given the run around. And you may even find the responsible department, only to be put off several times. If you ever do get a reply, you will not like what you hear. Take it from me, for I have spent more time than any other American Citizen doing just that with both governments and with corporations. 1,000 faxes per year for the seven years in Redondo Beach alone. And I always thought: What if I had a child? Would I do this? No. What if I had a life? Would I do this? No. So then who is doing this? Me, myself and I alone, which is why I wrote you this constitution. Many try it once. A very few do it ten times max per lifetime. Because it doesn’t work. There is no reason to bother. Citizens thwarted in an effort to get involved is a democracy killer.

The Valentine Constitution creates a different reality, one provoked by all that rejection and futility, thought through for many hours night and day, creating the solutions while on hold getting to the bottom of the very problem, testing the solutions or concepts in real time, testing government workers or corporate employees on the other end of the phone with a huge variety of appeals, soft and loud, harsh and friendly, you name it. And none had any effect on the outcome. The outcome was as bad as it could be, and disturbing, even frightening to me after years of searching for some glimmer of respect from companies whose products I had purchased in good faith, or governments whose salaries my taxes were paying. It was disheartening. When did we become a Third World country? When did people stop caring? When did we start locking our doors, and why? I have spent much of my lifetime analyzing the components of these questions, in many disciplines over five decades since I was a little boy romping around in the lap of Mother Nature who babysat me beautifully and safely for years. I always knew the answers, then found I would have to prove them, and now have.


Section. 4. The metric system shall be adopted as our standard for weights and measures:

The Valentine Constitution requires that the United States adopt the user friendly, internationally commonplace, superior, logical metric standard of measurement for ease of use and increase in productivity by eliminating the expense and stupidity of two sets of measurements, tools and supporting hardware. Delays and frustration abound when dealing with two mutually exclusive hardware inventories with non-interchangeable thread patterns, diameters, lengths and other sizings, all leading to a decrease both productivity and competitiveness on the world markets, 90% of whom use the metric system. Two systems of measurements enriches a few tool and hardware manufacturers with great lobbying, who legally practice collusion under The Madison Constitution. For the rest of us having two systems causes waste, frustration, stress and unnecessary expense in time and money.


daylight savings time will not be followed; our clocks will not spring forward or fall back anymore:

Daylight Savings Time is just another worthless thing to keep track of causing frustration and miscues twice per year both at home and around the world with no beneficial effect. Some states use it; some do not. Some foreign countries use it; some do not. Confusion reigns and people miss appointments. It adds yet another variable to deal with in business with foreign countries or states who may or may not use DST. It disrupts our children’s schedules and sends them to school in the dark. It disrupts our bodies’ circadian clocks as well as the habits of livestock milking and feeding. No person or animal ever adjusts fully to the shift in daylight hours, instead lags offset the stimulation provided by the increases and decreases in morning and evening light, and just when the schedule starts getting normal, the next disruption takes place. And why do we endure all these things and the stress they cause? To save energy. Yeah, right. Central heat and air conditioning use tons more energy than lighting. The real reason we still change our clocks? Wall Street multinational corporations, who have gained control of our government, make more money when extra hours of evening daylight encourage summer spending, and increase consumer debt, when what we want is to encourage saving, the backbone of social stability.


Section. 5. Congress will enforce standard positions and operation of connectors, cables, knobs, buttons, strokes, gestures, etc. to ensure user friendly ease of use for commonly used devices:

The Valentine Constitution requires that interfaces be user friendly with standardized functions and positions for stress-free ease of use, efficiency, productivity and safety. Commonplace buttons should be in common places. To do otherwise creates undue frustration and delays. Standardization is logical. Companies are illogical if it makes them more profitable. Reasonable people must reel them in or be enslaved by their madness. Why do we need to have so large a variety of cables and connectors and power supplies for our devices, etc.? Answer: We don’t. We just need the best one. Innovation is rewarded by The Valentine Constitution. “Proprietary” devices, those which work on only one manufacturer’s equipment and not on any other similar equipment, are absurd, inefficient, costly to society, aggravating to the user, and horrible for our GDP. If the proprietary product were great, then they would they sell it worldwide. But it’s not competitive. It only gets sold because people have to buy it. That’s collusion and illegal under The Valentine Constitution. Monopoly is created when one company controls “more than twenty-five percent of any sector or market or geographic region for any product or service.” The Valentine Constitution calls for free market competition in a capitalist economy with a supportive government and an educated Citizen/small business middle class happily practicing their gifts in commerce so that the cream can rise to the top.


Section. 6. All work by building contractors shall be plumb, square and level:

Plumb means that walls and vertical carpentry surfaces are straight up and down, gravitationally perpendicular, and not leaning or bending. Square means that corners of walls or carpentry are at 90 degree angles to each other or the floors and ceilings. Level means that floors or horizontal surfaces of carpentry are parallel to standing water. A slight slope of the floor towards the drain in plumbed rooms is accounted for in the language of the provision.

When a deficient contractor leaves a wall leaning or a corner not square or a floor not level, it ADDS HUGE COSTS to any work done by other contractors in later stages of construction or in future renovations. IF standards are maintained, the new contractor can ASSUME that he is dealing, for example, with a right angle and make cuts accordingly in quick and easy fashion. Everything matches up quickly and efficiency is achieved. But when any of these three standards are not met, large amounts of time and therefore money are added to even the simplest of renovations or work done later in the construction process or in renovations. Aggravating, stress filled arguments with your contractor and spouse will ensue when you realize just how much of a problem this is. It requires a master carpenter, a super smart person making all sorts of complicated adjustments and time consuming measurements and cuts just to get back to normal which is never achieved. ALL contractors all the way down the line will feel the profit robbing domino effects of not achieving and continuing to maintain plumb, square and level throughout the construction process.

The intelligent home or business owner would purchase the most expensive, professional grade level, square and plumb (so as to ward off any objections as to accuracy of equipment), and go each day to whatever construction job they are contracting out, and make sure that all surfaces are plumb, square and level as required for any successful build. If they are not, you’re being cheated by an amateur or careless contractor and you’ll have a crappy building. Good luck. Anytime you hire a contractor, write in pen on the estimate that you will not pay if the job is not PLUMB, SQUARE and LEVEL, for you will pay in the future in exponentially increased cost-of-job by the havoc wreaked upon any unsuspecting contractor who works on your home or office building in the future.


drains will be required where there is plumbing to avoid the massive costs and ill health caused by leaks:

90% of costly, time consuming, stress producing, home and business water damage will be avoided by simply placing a drain in every kitchen, bathroom and laundry room. The millions of dollars in damages associated with plumbing leaks will be replaced by a drain costing 1/100,000 of the damages caused by having no drains. Condo owners are often away from their condos for months at a time. Leaks go undetected until the one person who is at home notices the leak four or fourteen floors below the leaking unit. Leaks are a common occurrence in condo towers and the costs are astronomical. The interruption to one’s life, the stress and aggravation, the time spent without being compensated, the renovations and inability to match discontinued or unique materials, your dream home or home away from home damaged and your life assaulted, insurance increases and attorney’s fees, all can be avoided by The Valentine Constitution’s inexpensive building standards.

Health is greatly hindered by mold caused by leaks and property values fall dramatically. Removing mold is difficult and requires ripping out your drywall, a ridiculous building material with unpainted paper on the inner side. The paper absorbs the moisture from the leak creating mold that homeowners and condo owners cannot see from inside their homes. It can destroy your home’s value and require massive renovation. Mold remediation usually fails unless all affected materials are removed. That would include the walls holding your shower, bathroom or kitchen tiles. So there goes your shower tile or kitchen granite that was leaked on from the condo 4 floors above, a leak no one happened to notice until it manifested in a bubble in your ceiling paint. Often small leaks do not register at all, and so the mold goes undetected. All this aggravation, cost and ill health can be eliminated by including a cheap 2 foot drain pipe connected to drains that are already nearby servicing your tub, shower, toilets and sinks. Insurance rates and stress levels are lowered, health is safeguarded, and more of Jefferson’s happiness is achieved.

A slight slope of the floor towards the drain will further ensure that contractors are paying attention to keeping floors level, one of our next and very important standards.

(Magnesium oxide board or hemp board are far superior to drywall and will become our new standard, along with others innovated as a result of the implementation of The Valentine Constitution. Magnesium Oxide board is mold, water and sound resistant, and nontoxic, actually edible and a health supplement!)


a minimum of 2% of the total square footage of any community, half indoor and half outdoor, will be reserved as a place for our children to play or learn or nap:

Healthy, wise, well adjusted, well rested children enrich a society while their sickly, bratty, foolish, tired counterparts cost a society dearly particularly in the future when their childhood experiences manifest. The good ones gives us stability while the bad ones give us problems. Crime and drug abuse and job issues, irresponsibility, illiteracy, resentment, all hallmarks of children whose development and happiness was hindered. You do the math. Kids with no place to go fall victim to those around them. In this provision we provide a tiny portion of our properties to avoid the costs now and in the future of not keeping our children safe and engaged in healthy developmental activities.


Section. 7. Agreements will be fair, simply stated and standardized to protect our Citizens from slick attorneys and deal makers and instead require ethics in all business dealings, especially to protect the payee and consumer against unethical contractors and deals:

The Valentine Constitution enforces fair play and protects Citizens from perpetrators of fraudulent, unethical, injurious, or just plain wrong business practices, all backed up by a revamped, user friendly, agreements that include standardized clauses we can all count on to mean the same thing everywhere unless stipulated otherwise which parties shall be free to do, knowingly. These aberrant stipulations will STAND OUT in the agreement since the FORM of the agreements will draw attention to aberrations, and wisely so. Otherwise, Citizens will be able to breeze through an agreement with full confidence in the standardized SMALL PRINT that our current pool of attorneys have made us so time consumingly skeptical of. Our court system will be basically free, helpful and informative in case our government does not do its job.

Agreements often advantage the one with the slickest attorney. Boilerplate language should equally serve both parties to an agreement, for what’s fair for one party to an agreement should also be fair for the other party or parties, and if not, then what is not normal, reasonable and ethical should be laid out elsewhere in the agreement and not hidden in difficult to understand legalese type writing. Fairness is good for a society. It streamlines business dealings, reduces stress, and allows better sleep, all adding to productivity. It nips criminal activity in the bud and keeps the creeps in line.

If we agree to be fair in our society, then let’s be fair. Why should we allow some slick player to pull a fast one on a good citizen? Answer: We shouldn’t. Therefore The Valentine Constitution provides for fair play in business dealings and it does so at the agreement level, where the rubber meets the road. Having an agreement is important. It freezes a moment in time when each party has certain needs, and eliminates the ability of either party to lie about their earlier needy position. Agreements keep us honest. Unfortunately they can also do the devil’s bidding. By standardizing agreements in keeping with the law of the land, each party knows that the boilerplate language is set in stone and applies equally to both parties, “unless otherwise contradicted by a mutually agreeable paragraph”, which will make the unreasonable section stick out like a sore thumb, rather than being hidden, as it often is today, in weird legal language only attorneys can decipher. Why should weird language that a party does not understand be agreed to? If it’s not understood, how could it have been agreed to? And who is responsible for covering the average person’s back in an agreement – a home owner with a contractor or a loan officer – to ensure that the agreement is in compliance not only with the law of the land but with the ethical principles upon which all of those laws are founded? Agreements are simple things. They stipulate that I want this and you want that. Why complicate them?

I have written many an agreement and am no stranger to attorneys or to the law or the way the brotherhood of attorneys, be they judges or not, stick together to ensure their way of life. I was undefeated against attorneys in Beverly Hills Superior Court with the presiding judge always prejudiced against me due to my aggressively righteous and lay-down-the-law personality. Words are windows to the truth. I respect words and disrespect their mistreatment by those who would have them add up to falsehoods. I have mastered both words and thought in the realm of truth and am a student of the conscience from where all truth drives. Right and wrong has been my study for a lifetime. The conscience is the basis for my philosophy which produced this constitution. My constitution protects the good Citizen from the wolves of words who may cheat them save for this and other provisions. Agreements are meant to clarify positions and keep things honest. The Valentine Constitution ensures that they do just that. Online and other agreements are held to a fair standard and must be crystal clear, spelled out for dummies and in keeping with the law.


every job prior to outlay shall require the payee to provide the payer an agreement in writing including costs, terms of fulfillment, dates of completion and the like:

Estimates allow too much wriggle room and so the provision requires that the costs, foreseen or unforeseen, rather than a mere estimate, be provided to the customer to keep a contractor, and also the customer, honest. When it’s in writing, it’s real. To function well, the Justices of Our Courts will require adult agreements in writing from Our Citizens. It’s not the job of government to hold the Citizen’s hand in real world transactions. It’s not the job of the courts to interpret poorly made verbal agreements, though they surely will, albeit with appropriate admonishment of the parties to the problem which may well have not existed if any one of the parties had insisted on being businesslike. Our students will be taught to do this as a matter of course and agreements will be standardized so that Citizens can COUNT ON the meaning of BOILERPLATE clauses of the agreements they are signing.


no more than half of the costs may be required until completion:

IF one wishes to pay 100% up front for some reason, no one’s going to stop them; but it will be common knowledge that no contractor should be asking for more than half up front without some benefit accruing. It’s a simple yardstick that allows us all to be aware that we’re not in the business of being cheated. Values strengthen a society; dishonesty weakens us.


costs unforeseen or not agreed to in advance shall be borne by the payee:

It’s not the customer but the expert who should be able to foresee the problems of any given job. It would not be fair to charge the customer, as we seem so often to do now, for not knowing the business of the contractor, or in the future the employee. Remember that under The Valentine Constitution, we are all in business and each person is considered a business, with limits of liability and power equal to any other business. With that position comes responsibilities, among which are honesty and fairness and professionalism. The provision encourages professionalism and places the responsibility on the pro who should KNOW what he is doing. We have far too many unethical so called pros who seem to be more pro at taking people’s money than at doing the job they were well paid to do, and keeping it within budget so we can plan our all-important financial survival and progress. The Valentine Constitution keeps things honest and promotes jobs done properly.


goods and services shall be reasonably returnable within and guaranteed for a fair period of time:

The Valentine Constitution protects Our Citizens from being cheated when buying a good or service; requires jobs be done as agreed, on budget and on time and be guaranteed for a reasonable amount of time. Online and other agreements are held to a fair standard and must be crystal clear, spelled out for dummies and in keeping with the law.

The Valentine Constitution




























With a firm reliance on the protection of Divine Providence,

we mutually pledge our Lives, our Fortunes,

and our sacred Honor to each other

and to the passage of this Constitution

for Our United States of America.


james valentine