Article VII – Our Rights and Freedoms




It is important to understand and be prepared for limitations imposed by competing rights and matters of practicality. When in conflict, which of the two rights do we choose? The common sense application of reality must outweigh an insignificant right. For example, if the vast majority of Our Citizens share one religion or holiday or culture, then it is only practical to accommodate Citizens practicing their culture, even if unequally versus other religions. The right to preserve culture is more significant than the right to equality in this particular instance, just as a baby’s sleep is far more important than a 4 am chant a few believe to be spiritual prayer. Homogenization is not a right. Freedom of religion is. Equality is also, and they compete. Is the revving of a motorcycle engine allowed because a motorcycle based religion believes it is prayerful? No. Equality competes with the freedom of religion and both compete with common sense. When, for example, resisting arrest is provoked by authorities themselves breaking the law, or a lie is prompted to protect oneself from authorities pursuing a case without merit against a Citizen, The Valentine Constitution allows the lie or resistance to go unpunished, since the lie and resistance was provoked or coerced and a justified reaction to the usurpation of authority, and instead disciplines the usurping authority under the superior doctrine of fairness. Here again the application of the superior doctrines of common sense and fairness and right and wrong are intended to cover such conflicts all of which cannot possibly be covered by constitutional provision, or even legislation.

Under The Valentine Constitution, common sense, fairness and right over wrong are the superior principles and outweigh the other rights, so that babies and workers can get the sleep they need, out Citizens are not subject to 4 am chants or 4 am loud motorcycle or supercar jerks. We, the host country which generously allowed desperate refugees to stay with us, will not give up our culture to them. We’re not suckers. We have a national culture with national religious holidays and we’re going to preserve them, and the minority religions will simply have to deal with it. Thankfully, most of these issues have been set in stone by precedent and common practice. Precedent not in conflict with the rights and principles of The Valentine Constitution will be useful.

NOTE: Due process rights are not covered in this section but under the Judicial branch.





Section. 1. Declares that Citizens who are the age of eighteen and over shall be deemed adults:

The Valentine Constitution reaffirms the right of adult Citizens to vote, and sets the age of adulthood at the age of military expendability. If you are old enough to kill and die for your country, then you are old enough to buy a drink. The school curriculum outlined herein will produce mature, capable, responsible, disciplined eighteen year olds. Any Citizen over the age of 18 shall be permitted the same freedoms and responsibilities as any other Citizen over the age of 18, and be permitted to join the armed forces, vote, drive, consume alcohol and marijuana and the like all within the limitations imposed herein on all Citizens:


declares that the following rights extend to Citizens of all States:

The Valentine Constitution reaffirms the language of The Madison Constitution extending coverage of these “privileges and immunities to the Citizens in the several States.”


to peaceable assembly:

The First Amendment to The Madison Constitution guarantees the right of the Citizens to assemble peacefully, and in other provisions calls upon the State Guard to protect peaceful demonstrators and property owners against bad apples, and to allow protesters visibility; for what good is a right whose purpose is maligned by police and bad apples, or the destruction of property? But no demonstrator has the right to exceed any standards set for community living and health and decency, like noise levels. The Valentine Constitution does not allow free speech to excuse what otherwise would be a violation of the law. You’re going to need a permit because someone else may have booked the street or park for that time. Our government will be able to get you one quickly and be very helpful, but you’ll need to be responsible. You’ll need insurance since our government will not pay for your damages, and may not have enough State Guard available on short notice. Welcome to responsibility, practicality and competing rights.


to freedom of association:

Our right to freedom of association guarantees the right to form political parties but those powers are limited in other provisions because the parties have abused their power of late. You can stand on a corner with friends and sing so long as not exceeding noise levels. It is important to understand that all of these rights are subservient to more basic rights, like the general safety and welfare of the fellow Citizens whom you will have to be considerate of. Sure assemble, but don’t promote the killing of all Christians (75% of our Citizens) or you’ll be arrested, found guilty of treason, and executed. Americans are not suckers, and no right allows you to plot their extermination.


to free speech:

The Valentine Constitution reaffirms most of the rights to free speech set by amendments to The Madison Constitution and by precedent regarding speech presenting a clear and present danger, or an incitement to imminent lawless action, negligently false statements, or knowingly false statements, unless about the government.

The Valentine Constitution limits the right to free speech in other provisions. Human trafficking breeder industries like prostitution and stripping and the production of pornography are prohibited along with the depiction of bloody dismemberment. We are no longer a naïve society, and though some may be immoral, the vast majority of us are moral and will not allow the depraved few to denigrate our daughters in strip clubs and pornography, or allow the depiction of bloody dismemberment in movies. It’s common sense that we not offer up our daughters in some sacrifice of the flesh. It’s not going to happen under The Valentine Constitution which makes no apologies therefor to perverts, who need to deal with the fact that they’ve grown perverse, no matter what their peers lead them to believe. Likewise, campaign financing will not be considered free speech and is limited by other provisions. Speech espousing the extermination of Americans in a public or in militant or fanatical private settings is not protected free speech and will be punishable as the treason that it is. The vast majority will support these provisions and the immoral creep minority will have to deal with it or go to prison.


to freedom of the press:

The Valentine Constitution reaffirms most of the freedoms enjoyed by the press including the modern media, as set by amendments to The Madison Constitution and by precedent. Reaffirmed are the protections against prior restraint; the licensing of the press by the government; the government requiring the press to publish information against their will; the imposition of penalties for publishing truthful information; the imposition of taxes exclusive to the press; compelling journalists to reveal sources; and prohibiting the attendance of the press from governmental proceedings.

The Valentine Constitution reimposes the Fairness Doctrine requiring the media to cover contrasting points of view, controversial subjects, and a wide variety of information from diverse sources and provide equal time for different points of view, for honest, balanced news reporting. It provides explicit protection against the publishing of false information and from the paparazzi who are virtually outlawed in the privacy provision. Our airwaves were traded to broadcasters in return for such assurances, assurances all agreed would probably pose money made up for by their other uses of our airwaves. We have seen broadcasters renege that agreement of late, spinning and sensationalizing their way to higher ratings and the concurrent profits, when this was not the deal. The provisions of the deal are reimposed under The Valentine Constitution.


to petition the government for a redress of grievances:

The Valentine Constitution reaffirms the right of any Citizen to make a formal and serious complaint to our government, or to seek assistance from our government, without fear of punishment or reprisals. The “Petition Clause” protects the right to petition all branches and agencies of government for action, and under The Valentine Constitution would include “grassroots lobbying.”


to own, keep, carry and use arms in the protection of life, liberty, property and country; but will have to pass a background check for mental stability or felony convictions:

The Valentine Constitution affirms the right of Citizens to “bear” arms but requires background checks and will refuse guns to felons, drug addicts and the mentally unstable. The Wall Street elites’ ownership of our press corps and control of both parties’ elites and politicians, illustrates why the right to bear arms was included in The Madison Constitution and is reaffirmed in The Valentine Constitution. Profiteers and politicians are bold folks with healthy egos and, like most thieves, lack a conscience and show no guilt in the commission of their criminal acts, nor remorse once concluded. If they thought they needed to, and could, get away with it, they’d enslave us all under martial law. But they know that their citizenry is armed to the teeth, and they know that there are certain lines they cannot cross without being on the receiving end of one of those many easily concealed weapons, so they don’t. As far as preventing all the other more congenial ways they have managed to cheat us, those are all covered by other provisions of The Valentine Constitution.

The need to secure water during the fast approaching water shortages is yet another reason for ARs, high capacity magazines and plenty of green tip ammunition. 1/5 of the world’s fresh water is in the Great Lakes; 1/5 is in Russia’s Lake Baikal; 2/5 is in the Amazon. Those supplies cover fewer than 1 billion of humanity, leaving the remaining 6.5 billion to fight and die over the remaining 1/5. American gun owners will not allow anyone to take their assault rifles and high capacity magazines. The best the anti gun lobby can hope for is background checks and a ban on no-fly listers. These provisions are acceptable to a vast number of the electorate. Not compromising is why our politicians have gotten nothing done for decades. The Valentine Constitution puts you at the negotiating table, but as with any negotiation, if you hold out for everything you want, you’ll probably end up with the status quo.

A few fearful Citizens are against our right to protect our country against despots and our homes and loved ones against criminals and water thieves, because of a few mentally disturbed gunmen who cause the fewest of all deaths. These unobjective Citizens are not clamoring to stop the 1,000 deaths in warehouses each year; 1,000 on construction sites; 1,000 garbage collectors; 1,000 pro drivers; 1,000 farmers; 5,000 fisherman; 40,000 poisonings or untold numbers of wrongful medical deaths. No. They are focused only on the measly 40 cops per year killed by criminals who will get guns by other means, and the unpreventable 150 deaths by mentally unstable people who would simply use other means to accomplish their twisted tasks, costing us our foundational right to protect ourselves, our loved ones, our property and our democracy.

ANNUALLY: 10,000 are shot to death by others; 20,000 die shooting themselves; 7,000 die poisoning themselves; 10,000 die by accidentally falling; 150 die from spree killings.

USA ANNUAL CAUSES of DEATH: 150 in spree killings; 40 policemen shot; 600,000 heart; 600,000 cancer; 400,000 tobacco;130,000 stroke; 80,000 Alzheimer’s; 80,000 diabetes; 50,000 pneumonia; 40,000 suicides; 40,000 poisoning; 33,500 car deaths; 10,000 murders by guns; 10,000 by falling; 3,000 struck by or against objects or persons; 5,000 fisherman; 3,000 loggers;1,500 extraction workers; 1,000 garbage collectors; 1,000 soldiers during Iraq war; 950 roofers; 900 construction; 900 farmers; 850 drivers; 700 warehouses; 400 manufacturing; 500 accidental firearms; 40 policemen by guns; 50 cops by traffic accidents; 6 soldiers in 2015; 100 firefighters per year; 150 in spree killings; 18, lightning; 0.5 from shark attacks.

Do the math. It adds up to discrimination against blue collar workers, farmers and fishermen. Why aren’t these people protesting working conditions instead of miniscule spree killings? And why do they think taking away legal guns is going to stop it when cars and arson and knives and bombs and illegal guns are readily available.? These are the same folks in the same communities who ignored a troubled person who was crying out for help but did not get any help from his schoolmates or his community. But they would never consider that they are anything but innocent angels, victims of a random act. There’s nothing random about killing your classmates. It’s called murder, and it almost always carries intent.

The Valentine Constitution cures the problem of spree killings by requiring background checks, gun safety and proficiency testing, and relationship class for students in all grades.


but will have to pass a background check for mental stability, drug addiction, or violent felony convictions:

It’s so obvious that background checks are needed, especially since 90% of voters, gun owners or not, want the restriction. Some things are simply common sense. People with a record of violence or mental illness will not be allowed to carry guns under The Valentine Constitution. Under our current constitution they are. Like candidates, non profits, fundraising and awareness campaigns have proven ineffective in getting legislation passed. There is a huge difference between a desire for something to be done, and a piece of carefully worded legislation with a bill number. But even then, our politicians have and will refuse to pass the legislation for background checks because they get campaign money from special interests for not doing so, and because voters do not penalize them for not passing the restriction. Voters are not at the negotiating table on most issues. The Valentine Constitution not only puts the voter at the negotiating table but makes the politicians follow the voters’ lead this time. with the mother of all legislation, a constitution which keeps 90% of our current one intact while addressing this and many other issues our old constitution does not cover. These provisions are backed by a vast number of supporters combining their voting power to make the politicians follow the voters’ lead this time allowing the voters to sit at the head of the negotiating table and dictate play. Parties and politicians make their platform and policy decisions in response to polling which tells them how the voter will vote. Simply SAYING that you support The Valentine Constitution will force politicians to ratify it or not be re-elected.

Politics makes for strange bedfellows. You may have to allow a provision you do not want in order to get the provision you do want. That’s called compromise, something our politicians have been unable to do. It’s how problems get solved, and now it’s your turn to be reasonable. If you agree to allow citizens to have guns in their home for self defense or hunting or in case of a military coup, they will agree to background checks so the wrong people don’t get guns. So you may find yourself in bed with someone you hated a few month earlier.


able to display proficiency in gun usage and safety:

Another provision of The Valentine Constitution that anti gun and pro gun folks will agree on is the requirement of proficiency in gun usage and safety as a condition for gun ownership. I took the class for a “carry permit” in both Florida and Texas. Florida’s class was a joke, took under one hour, did not require live shooting or a minimum of hitting what one aimed at, and made me street legal to carry a concealed weapon! I told that to my Texas instructor and he was appalled and offended that any state would license anyone so irresponsibly. The Texas class took 5 hours in the classroom and four hours at the gun range. Texas required a decent standard of both gun safety, handling and of marksmen ship at three different distances. Under The Valentine Constitution Texas would be a minimum standard considerably surpassed by the training each high school student would receive during their mandatory one month of boot camp. To know guns is to know their power. Renewing ones license each year is an important step in maintaining the respect, familiarity and marksmanship necessary to ensure safety.

The anti gun activist thinks no one should have a gun. The gun range rat thinks that only she and the police should be able to carry a gun. Both think the casual gun owner is a menace to society. Both will have a problem with folks like me who grew up an hour from DC and wants my AR 15 handy for the day some out of control President decides he’s going to become a dictator. I grew up on a farm surrounded by guns and know how to shoot them, and I resent that I have to go down to the range to prove I can, but I’ll do it as a compromise, so I know that others with guns are safe and hit what they aim at. Give and take is what this constitution is about. Reasonable people using common sense to solve problems.

The Valentine Constitution addresses bullying and hate crimes in a Daily relationship class will allow grade school students to share their life stories and find sympathy, advice and programs to solve their personal problems. A modicum of empathy by others would have prevented most spree killings by alleviating the bitterness before it became animosity released in violence. Relationship class, also for adults at night and on weekends, will defuse animosities and engender happier communities.

Most high school students will attend military boot camp for one month to learn discipline, responsibility, team work, maturity, firearm safety and marksmanship, and emergency protocols to execute their role in any given emergency and crisis situation as outlined in other provisions.

Candidates, nonprofits and protests have all proven ineffective in restricting guns in any meaningful way since gun rights are foundational and guaranteed in our democracy. Anti gun folks want the above restrictions and programs and classes, and the safety/marksmanship oriented pro gun base would agree to all of them in return for national standardized purchase, carry and safety laws which are now lax and vary confusingly from state to state.


Section. 2. No Citizen shall be made to comply with laws or rules which are convoluted, contradictory, or contrary to the conscience, common sense, reason, logic or fairness:

The Valentine Constitution empowers the Citizen to reject unfair laws, and protects whistleblowers who reveal illegal acts. Oppression is what we declared independence from. That oppression came from laws imposed by the ruling class upon a taxed Citizenry. Being wrong, oppression irritates the conscience. Logic, reason and fairness are offended, and the body and mind react badly. The emotions are upset, thought is clouded, and violence, borne of frustration, is provoked. The Valentine Constitution remedies this conflict by allowing Our Citizens to right the wrong BEFORE emotions are upset.


all Citizens shall be responsible for the oversight of our government:

“Citizen oversight” is a right which includes what all rights include responsibility. “Citizen oversight” must not mean a jury or committee or small number of Citizens selected in some fashion to represent all the other Citizens; for that is what we already elect our officials to do, and would lead to corruption much like that which has invaded our city commissions. Rather, Citizen oversight means that ALL Citizens shall have the right, and concurrent responsibility, to oversee the goings on of whatever part of government, or those hired thereby, that they have been given oversight of. This is transparency in action, and would bestow upon the Citizens a great responsibility to learn the subject matter and create, after due diligence, an informed opinion on all matters covered by the term “Citizen oversight” in The Valentine Constitution. To shirk this responsibility would itself be criminal.

Not every Citizen need be informed about every item of oversight, but rather should specialize in one or two areas which particularly amuse them or call them to knowing about it. It is the goal and political philosophy of The Valentine Constitution, one stemming from the conscience, that each Citizen focus her particular gift upon that area of government which her calling would entreat her to engage. In so doing they would become steeped in their particular discipline and as a result be able recognize the patterns of truth inherent in the practicing of one particular gift(s) and develop the ability to sense in others adopting an area or oversight which among them is in their gift area and which is not, and which presentation or arguments ring true and which ring false.


all Citizens will be obligated to report crimes; whistleblowers will be protected; and the statute of limitations rescinded for wrongdoing:

By establishing a knowledge base known by Our Citizens, who have agreed to accept and reject certain behaviors, each Citizens will embolden other Citizens to do the right thing, just as in a corrupt state, corrupt citizens embolden more corruption. Requiring Citizens to reveal wrongdoing while protecting them from negative repercussions allows Citizens to take appropriate action before being stirred to emotional action. It will then become common knowledge which department or person is the specific source of the problem, and also which are sources of resolution. Furthermore, Our Citizens will not be required to comply with and can ignore laws and rules which irritate the conscience while being protected from retaliation.


Section. 3. Affirms that the “church” shall never rule the “state”; affirms that the practice of religion shall not be prohibited; allows prayers and religious and other holidays to be celebrated; allows religions to be followed in schools, at work and in other public places, except when unduly interfering with education or commerce or if a bona fide nuisance; prohibits the coercion of anyone into participation or the adoption of any tenet; allows Christian culture to have more cultural tolerance than any other religion:

The Valentine Constitution affirms The Madison Constitution’s separation of church and state, and allows the practice of religion in schools so long as religious tenets are not pushed upon the students who shall decide for themselves, or whose parents may insist, how and what they participate in, and so long as they do not interfere with education. Likewise at work or in public so long as they do not interfere with the job or are a nuisance. The vast majority of our country is Christian and entitled to share their common religious holidays and practices unmaligned by less popular religions whose members are welcome to practice their own faiths without disrupting commerce. Religion is a large part of culture and the preservation of culture is any society’s right so long as they pay “a decent respect to the opinions of mankind” as called for by our Declaration of Independence. America’s culture is predominantly Christian and so it is reasonable to allow Christian religious practices to be more widely culturally tolerated than those embraced by only a small portion of our population. Christian work and government and school holidays will be allowed while others will not. Likewise Christian iconography, nativity scenes for example, will be allowed greater latitude than smaller religions which are only a minor part of our culture and will not be not shoved in the face of those who liberally tolerate them. We’re not disallowing the practice of other religions, just keeping religious holidays to an economically realistic number. Religious holidays may be taken by those in small religions as sick days since they are no more disruptive than a sick worker.

Immigrants were well aware of our culture before they became Citizens, so any objections after the fact are as unfair as it would be insulting to our culture to accommodate their practices as widely as those of our culture’s predominant Christian religion. No employer will have to permit daily work stoppage by a worker whose religion requires they pray in the middle of a shift. In this instance, competing rights must be ranked by applying practical responsibilities. We cannot allow ALL religious holidays, or no work would get done. So we choose which holidays we shall take based on our culture and way of life, which we have every right to preserve along with preserving our economy. For example, we will not allow anyone to chant loudly or over loudspeakers at 5 am waking us up each day, or allow anyone to disturb the peace, while church bells are not considered obnoxious but rather charming in our culture and so will be allowed unless they are too loud and then they too will be silenced or diminished. This is the real world and it was never intended to be perfect or utopian, but rather tolerant. The majority here is tolerant of minorities and the minorities are tolerant of the culture of the country which gave them a safe haven, and now demands that they not be obnoxious guests. Freedom of religion and equality are not a right to dismantle America’s culture. We have the right preserve Our American culture, and to secure the peace, and be fiscally responsible enough to protect the commerce that puts food on the table for more than just the few, and no amount of guilt tripping will accomplish our abandoning our culture.


prohibits any religion from condemning the separation of church and state, freedom of speech, equality of women or other of our rights, freedoms and principles:

Treason is illegal, and for good reason. Freedom of speech and religion does not condone treasonous activities. It does not require that we make ourselves vulnerable to attack from within. It is one thing to want to change things, and quite another to want to topple our government and culture and way of life. That’s treason, not dissent. To allow treason is to deny common sense and right and wrong, two primary tenets of The Valentine Constitution, and faculties missing from those who lack the imagination to see a threat to their very lives and do nothing to protect themselves from it.

The current primary case in point is radical Islamists discussing the treasonous overthrow of the American government and way of life and our subjugation under their Sharia law and the substitution of our laws for Sharia laws, and the “church” ruling the “state”. This is far more onerous than even the British subjugation which led us to revolt, and far more threatening to our lives, which is why treason is outlawed and will continue to be outlawed by The Valentine Constitution.

Those not wishing to be part of our predominantly Christian culture or democracy, where the church is subservient to the state, where women are equal to men, Christians to Moslems, Mormons, Jews, Buddhists and atheists, those people to whom our basic foundations are unacceptable, need to be deported for our safety and their happiness, to countries which espouse their beliefs. While the leadership or radical elements of a few countries may believe that those of another religion or way of life have no right to live, no people of any country espouse such antiquated, oppressive, malevolent, enslaving beliefs. It is only an few bad apples who terrorize others, and they would do so with or without a religion to hide behind. The best they have ever been able to do is create factions within countries which have always failed to maintain their power.


Section. 4. Every Citizen and every employee of any business will have to fluently speak, read and write the English language on the job; and they cannot deny service to anyone who speaks only English; and all signs and paperwork must be in English, though additional languages may be offered:

The Valentine Constitution prohibits those who cannot or will not speak English from discriminating against those who speak only English. “English-only speakers not welcome here” is the unposted sign outside or inside of any business whose employees cannot or will not speak our mother tongue. Immigrant crews here in America routinely refuse to hire Americans who speak only English because it would be impossible for the native born American to communicate with the rest of the crew. That’s discrimination. It would be absurd to require host country Citizens to learn the languages of their immigrant guests. And which ones? All of them? Or just the ones you need for a given job? It’s insane, and it’s discriminatory, and ridiculous considering how many languages the host Citizen would then need to learn or who would dictate which ones?

This discriminatory practice further prevents a society from preserving its culture, since language is a primary component of culture. In order to become Citizens, immigrants take an oath affirming their desire to become part of our country and to adopt its culture, and supposedly take an English test which experience shows is not the case, unless 70% of those working in Miami are illegal. I had to go through twenty of every home improvement person to find one whom I could communicate with.

Aside from being bad manners and against established anti-discrimination practices, it prevents immigrants from mingling socially with their host Citizens and assimilating into the host society. Every time (which has been on numerous occasions) that I go out with a group of Latinos in Miami, Spanish is spoken 95% of the night. Only about 5% of the conversation is interpreted to make me feel welcomed, in my own country. They don’t get what the big deal is, but they don’t, can’t or won’t hang out with Americans, and rarely do. They don’t want our culture, but they LOVE our economy. America is a culture way before it is an economy. All of our immigrants were supposed to want to become Americans. But most do not. 80% of American immigrants would go home tomorrow if they could make the kind of money they make here, and be safe. Immigrant communities which are alienated by a lack of assimilation are far more likely to radicalize than assimilated ones. Requiring English fluency would go a long way towards assimilating all our immigrant populations and in return make us all a lot safer. Without speaking the mother tongue, the immigrant feels left out, and the host Citizens feels offended that the immigrant Citizen appears to want no part of America or its culture, is here only for the money and prefers their own kind and the home cultures which immigrants attempt to replicate in when isolated in unassimilated pockets or entire communities.

Furthermore, not adopting the host language prevents the immigrant from learning our way of doing things, ways which are often superior to the methods of the impoverished Third World countries many immigrants come from. And it prevents us from learning their ways of doing things when they are better than ours. Finally it prevents the blending of methodologies and sharing of techniques that lead to innovation, to say nothing of the sharing of love and friendship.

In summary, it’s insulting to the host for an immigrant not to learn the host’s language. Still further, it’s blatantly discriminatory against host Citizens. Further, it decreases productivity by limiting the selections of businesses at any given person or company’s disposal. It leads to numerous errors and a chain reaction of problems, most often borne by the English speaking client or employer who often pays anyway. Americans are tired of being suckers. The home owner who cannot tell the contractor what to do or how they want something is unnerving at best. This causes tension in the society, and engenders animosity in the host Citizenry who are being routinely discriminated against, and why? Because the immigrant is too lazy to learn the host language, does not really care about becoming an American or adopting our culture but is here solely for the shelter or money? It further estranges immigrant populations who do not comprehend the reason for the bad attitude of their hosts, when all these problems would be solved by requiring all Citizens to speak English as The Valentine Constitution does.

The inability to communicate creates numerous errors and problems which our society pays for in a domino effect. It causes stress and is inefficient and dangerous. It allows immigrants to discriminate against native born Americans by not doing business with them. It encourages immigrants to self-segregate and fail to assimilate and adopt the American culture or deal with native born Citizens. All of this is antithetical to the desire to immigrate and become an American.


Section. 5. Children born in The United States to parents who are American Citizens or born abroad in military or diplomatic service, shall be entitled to American Citizenship while children otherwise born shall not. Naturalized Citizens won’t be able to vote, or hold elected office, or become a Justice or a departmental appointee, but will have all other rights of Citizenship:

The Valentine Constitution reserves Citizenship to those born in America to American Citizen parents in order to keep our population at a sustainable level. We’re running out of water and need to keep our population low in order to survive. Voting is withheld from naturalized Citizens to further discourage immigration and since they are unfamiliar with our country and our culture and our government and our way of life, and as such are not qualified to make an adequate decision. Elected office is likewise reserved for Citizens in order to ensure they have a full understanding of our country, culture, laws, values, folkways and mores, and to protect against potential disloyalty. Home is where the heart is. It never goes away. Where you were born and raised is where your loyalties lie. There are enough qualified American-born Citizens to fill our elected offices and justiceships, so there is no need to expand the requirement.


Section. 6. Our government will treat marriage and the family like a business and ensure that the ownership of property be clearly established and each person’s affairs be in order before divorce or grave illness or death occur:

By treating a marriage as a business, the government requires a clear title to each asset owned by the marital partners and family members including percentage ownership of assets jointly held at any given time, so that in any breakup of the family unit, each person will know the financial picture and not have to add financial considerations to emotional ones, avoid lawyers and probates and taxes and other intrusions into their privacy. It’s similar to the separation of church and state, and in keeping with another of this constitution’s provision which mandates that each Citizen-taxpayer-worker-saver be considered a business on par with any other business entity. The Valentine Constitution considers the business affairs of marital partners, biological and adopted children, grandparents and others with a financial interest to be none of the government’s business, so long as parties pay the 5% tax all pay on any transactions made. Conflict usually revolve around money and assets and who gets what. Even who gets the kid’s now has financial repercussions. Eliminating all of this by requiring ownership to be agreed to and titled whenever property of any kind is purchased, including inclusion into trusts or other businesslike arrangements controlling the assets and their disposal upon meeting certain conditions, make these the family’s private affairs, unless illegal. All the tools are made available to the family to control the family wealth as they see fit and none of the current intrusive taxes and probates. A couple may decide up front and as they progress to give each other or themselves or other family members assets or control over assets in a clear and businesslike manner, so that at any point in time they may separate or divorce without involving lawyers and other outsiders. As with any agreement, memories often fail to recall the situations, feelings and statements of the past. Requiring a clear title settles who owns what when they are purchased or ownership taken, and avoids conflicts arising during divorce or death or when children leave home or when a home or other property is sold. Having a will and all supporting legal documentation avoids family bickering and legal entanglements which decrease productivity and happiness, and cause strife in our society.

The same is true in sickness as it is in death. Having one’s affairs in order allows a society to function without the problems that come from poorly organized lives. These messy issues must be dealt with in advance, and not at crisis time when most of those involved are emotional, not thinking clearly, not in a good mindset for making important financial or other decisions, and would much rather be focused on the personal aspects of the situation. When we become gravely ill, are hooked up to life support and incapacitated, and have not designated a person to decide when or whether or not to pull the plug, or say yes or no to a particular medical procedure, or have access to our money to pay for things we would want, then we put everyone involved in the horrible position of having to decide what to do, and that’s when the arguments start. Conflict and arguments and emotions run high and people who love each other are often torn apart.

Instead, The Valentine Constitution makes it very simple, in each Citizen’s account, to make these decisions in advance of any future illness and avoid all that mess. An Advance Directive is just that, a directive whereby each Citizen checks off certain boxes depending on how they wish to be treated during illness. How long to be hooked up to life support, whether or not you wish to donate your organs, whom you wish to make medical decisions for you when you cannot, whom you wish to make financial decisions for you when you cannot, how and where you want to be buried or cremated, and whom you want to leave each of your possessions to. All of these considerations, now usually reserved for the rich, are contained in the advance directive, medical and financial powers of attorney, resuscitation orders, wills, trusts and other legal documentation all of which The Valentine Constitution makes available to each Citizen so that their affairs are in order. It’s good for our society and communities and families and doctors and hospitals and all concerned to put our lives and assets in order and keep them that way.


no parent will be able to abandon children or give them up for adoption unless and only when incapable of properly providing for the child, and then only so long as incapable:

The Valentine Constitution protects children from abandonment and requires parent-child reunification as soon as practicable. Abandon not children, but vanity and selfishness. Children have a right to be loved by their true and real, natural or God-given parents, or at least to have that option or opportunity, which requires that the parents be there for them. Abandonment, and adoption unless precluded by inability, and sperm donation and surrogate parenting will be prohibited. Abandoned children are wronged terribly, and even when not told, somehow sense the void, and yearn throughout life to understand the mysterious feeling. Those who do know yearn to find their biological parents. A person has a right to meet and to know their true parents, and to have the chance to be loved by them. To know thyself requires this information which is their right to possess, and no other person may selfishly keep the information or the biological parents from a child since to do so violates the laws we owe our existence to.


and the abandoned child shall decide uncoerced with whom to live:

The point is to protect the child. If the child prefers to stay with his adopted parents then we should not force a child live with a parent the child knows is not good for the child.


each biological parent shall be responsible for half of the expenses necessary to keep each of their children out of poverty until the age of 18:

I know far too many single moms who are worked to the bone and barely keeping it together raising a child or two or even three or more all by themselves, while the man who got them pregnant is off with some other girl or living single or in a foreign country without a care in the world for his own children. Some women are doing to single dads too. Neither will escape their responsibility under The Valentine Constitution. One of the ways to prevent unwanted pregnancy is to hold the guy’s feet to the fire of responsibility for one’s actions. If society mandates no consequences for irresponsible actions then our less feeling Citizens will not act responsibly? In other provisions our schools will ensure that our children understand this message and act responsibly in their youth and throughout life. Holding each other to high standards will bring us all happiness, the foundations of which are laid down in our children. It is the children who suffer when mom, not a super human, is asked to be a super human. Mom’s not going to make it on her own. It is too large an ask, an unreasonable expectation to ask the usually poor girls who get pregnant to raises a child or two or more all by themselves. When these fragile single parent households break apart, the children bear the brunt and come out of it poor contributors and often detractors to a successful society. We simply must bring reality to bear on our government and society. Our only hope is this constitution. Candidacy has failed. Referendums have failed. Our society is in disarray.


any spouse may end a marriage for any reason, but shall be liable, as shall their single partners as in adultery for example, for any related damages incurred by the estranged spouse and children:

Since the marriage will be considered a business, then adultery gives the betrayed partner the right to collect civil damages. Both the betrayed partner and the children may have claims for damages. If a partner wants out of a marriage, their issues may be discussed in forums held at night in our high schools. If the marriage is doomed, then the financial incentives for the cheater will be removed. I have known women, on several occasions to speak of plotting to wreck a home and take another woman’s man, and in every instance the primary motivation was money. Nuff said.


no foreign children will be adopted when American children are in need of adoption except when adopting a spouse’s children:

We must take care of our own first. If America’s children are in need of adoption, then we should alleviate that strain on our society and our budget by getting them adopted first and getting them off of our nation’s welfare. Since we have more population than our water supply and other resources will support, why import more children and strain our limited resources, when we can alleviate our welfare budget instead, while looking out for our own young Citizens.


and surrogacy and sperm donation will be prohibited; and neither children nor fetal matter may be sold; and all fetal matter shall be respectfully buried:

If God or Nature leaves someone infertile, then so be it. Our Declaration of Independence is founded upon respect “assumed from the powers of the earth” and entitlements endowed by “Our Creator” and by “the Laws of Nature and of Nature’s God”; therefore, any government instituted by those entitling powers and any laws resulting from that government must respect the powers which entitled them. We are not entitled to create life but rather to respect it. Playing God disrespects the very powers which authorized the existence of our democracy. The provision prohibits a disrespect of the powers which authorized it. One of the Laws of Nature and of Nature’s God surely is a prohibition against human tampering with nature when the facts clearly prove that in altering nature we have destroyed her.


Section. 7. A mother shall not work the two weeks prior to her due date and the month after childbirth, and will spend the time with her newborn. The mother and father of a child from one month to two years old may work no more than 30 hours and must spend 10 hours with the child:

This provision, intended to protect the child’s healthy development, may be overstated and too inflexible to work. But since I am not a father and lack the time to properly research and consider this important area, I may have fallen short. The Valentine Constitution recognizes the return on the investment in our children, especially the newborn, to our society, economy and long term budgets. When properly cared for, our children are later far less costly to society than when not. Lower health care costs, lower rates of incarceration, higher rates of graduation, and many other pluses and few minuses calculate out to a 7% rate of return on our investment by authorities on the subject. Numerous benefits accrue to children being with their moms in the first years of childhood. Further work must be done to allow for more time with mom, and dad, and still more to bridge the important five year gap to kindergarten, during which time most children should learn to read and write.

But picking up the slack for employers is problematic, mainly because we have not instituted the care of newborns and pre-school children into a society which has changed drastically since the 1960s. NOTHING HAS BEEN DONE to address the needs of newborns and preschoolers. Nor is this an area of research or expertise on my part. Parents no longer stay married. Moms no longer stay at home but instead work and are more likely to be the bread winner than men. Deadbeat dads litter the landscape like big irresponsible morons who seem to think their actions have no consequences. And our society allows them to get away with the destruction of the lives they brought into this world. CHILDREN NEED THEIR PARENTS’ TIME and MONEY. Preschoolers need to learn how to read and write and do basic math prior to entering first grade. Another provision herein is made to cover that need, and basic nutrition needs under children’s rights. COVERED, as much as a government can or should cover that. How can we get preschool babies and children enough time with their parents without upsetting the workplace?


and our single Bank shall offer to each parent a loan in the amount of lost pay:

Each parent’s single account will suggest savings plans to prepare for these years of lost work, but they will be offered a loan if they are unable to save the necessary funds. Since each parent is responsible for 50% of each child’s expenses until 18 years of age, so each parent is offered separate loans to cover their loss of pay from lost work, much as unemployment compensation will work herein. The government will want its money back but the rates should be affordable and long term if necessary, and may well be repaid by a successful or appreciative child later in life. The whole point here to develop well adjusted, successful children.


Section. 8. Involuntary servitude will be prohibited, except as punishment for a crime; and every Citizen will have sole power over their own body including abortion and the right to die, which shall be permitted regardless of age:

The Valentine Constitution affirms that each person in this nation owns their own body, much like each owns the copyright to their likeness. To not have dominion over one’s own body would be to abrogate the rights entitled to us by Our Declaration of Independence, the inalienable rights of life and liberty, since neither can survive any form of slavery. There can be no freedom without the right to full ownership of one’s self.

That church and state are separate is another founding principle of our democracy. No church and no state has the authority to control the body of a law abiding Citizen; for each Citizen owns their own body. Boys and girls capable of procreation are men and women regardless of how childish they still may be. A girl becomes a woman capable of motherhood, and God or Our Creator or Nature made her so and she will have dominion over the body God gave her to procreate, and no other person, church or state shall have control over her body. The matter is between her and her God if she believes in one. Pregnancy, being an act of creation, is perhaps as close to our sense of God as we will ever get, and as private as life gets. Only the pregnant couple are involved, and only the pregnant woman has the right to decide.

The mission is to educate children about the sanctity of human life and to protect their innocence against trashy immoral forces. Show high school kids video of the fetus in the womb, and of a baby being born; have teen moms speak to them in relationship class; drag the boys who get girls pregnant into the spotlight to take responsibility for their actions; make it as real as it really is, so our children will avoid these catastrophic mistakes. That’s the mission. Don’t think for a minute that in America you will ever win the fight to control another Citizen’s body; that’s slavery. That is not the mission. These are not murderous criminals. They’re kids who did not wear a condom because adults failed to raise them properly. That’s the mission. Since the beginning, our nation has espoused the principles that give us freedom over our own bodies.

Most parents are understandably “uncomfortable” breaching the sex topic with their children, a topic best left to our schools. Parents are often too genteel to get into the nitty gritty of teen sex, a conversation that needs to include drugs and alcohol, another out-of-touch subject for parents. Parents are not equipped to fully or appropriately educate their children on these matters. And when they are, their teen children are not inclined to do so. The decision to take a drug is often the decision to get pregnant since that’s usually when it happens. Taking a drug, a pill or a drink is an innocent decision that can lead to horrible consequences. No parent will ever think their son is anything but a good boy who would harm no one. Nothing could be further from the truth. Rape is committed by more than a few horrifying young men full of testosterone and drugs and alcohol, and capable of a mountain of meanness, in addition to the rapes by sober but angry men. Problems are real. To solve them, we need to get real. Why is our society not focused on the men who commit rape, who cause most rapes, who are the problem here? Because we don’t deal with our problems directly. Instead we dance around them. Why? Because we don’t like being uncomfortable. So The Valentine Constitution leaves it to our schools to get to the heart of the matter of sex and rape and drugs, and give our children all the information they need to protect their innocence in a rough world. In that process, the boys and men who commit rape WILL be exposed, just like the Catholic priests, and we can begin to solve the problem.

Likewise the old or long infirm or just the plain fed up, suffering daily or kept alive by machines and drugs supplied by medical institutions with profits on their minds well past the time God or nature had set for them. It’s not murder to allow a natural death to occur or to put someone out of their misery. What lacks compassion is keeping the dead alive in order to make money off of them, or to make the living feel better when they simply lack the resolve to let nature take its course. No one may tell another when their time has come. They will decide whether to take what helps them live on or take what helps them pass on, for neither are God’s prescriptions, but those of doctors playing God who have put them in their positions. No others may make such a decision for them.


Section. 9. Equal rights regardless of gender; race; color; sexual orientation; appearance; socio-economic status; religion, except culturally; an inability to speak a language other than English; or age, so long as not detrimental to our children:

The Valentine Constitution reaffirms equal rights and responsibilities under the law by clarifying those which may tacitly but not explicitly exist under our current constitution or amendments, and by reaffirming other rights to end the unfairness for all by succinctly and logically grouping all of the various equality rights together at last under a single provision eager to be ratified. Equality is so obviously a right that it requires no treatise or arguments in its support. Women, LGBTs, blacks and others have longed for an explicit equal rights amendment which is long overdue. LGBTs are a fact and are people, as are those with tattoos or dreadlocks or crazy clothing, wherein “crazy” to one is normal to another. Most of us are acceptant; the rest need to learn the lessons of acceptance, with the added bonus of being acceptable yourself. All may wish to cease exacerbating the dangerous division of our society into two intransigent political camps neither of which have proffered any solutions to America’s problems and continue to focus on petty issues and ignore the important ones. Nothing is more powerful than a constitution, especially the one presented here, which solves all or our problems so that we may get on with the our lives in a peaceful, cordial manner, and so that we may team up in the fight literally for our lives to survive on our rapidly dying planet.


religion, except culturally

A proviso is made for religion and language since our culture is Christian and English speaking and we have every right to preserve our culture (which separates church and state). No defense of our culture is necessary. We’re under no obligation to allow any minority of people to whom we gave sanctuary to destroy our culture. That is antithetical to common sense and fairness and not right. It is only in minor instances that these two may conflict anyway since we have always allowed the free and unmolested practice of all religions. Remember that under The Valentine Constitution all rights are subservient to three which are held supreme: common sense, fairness, and right over wrong. Therefore, we will not be going to the ridiculous expense and inconvenience of requiring, for example, the erection of a menorah for every nativity scene, or the stoppage of work for Moslem prayers, Furthermore, these three supreme principles can easily be engaged to work out a practicable, amicable solution to any problem that may arise.


an inability to speak a language other than English

Nor may Christians or English speakers be discriminated against for not being some other religion or speaking some other language. This is America. We speak English here. You cannot come here and require Our Citizens to speak English. That’s discrimination, and we don’t tolerate that here. If you have all Spanish speaking landscape crew, you are not allowed to not hire someone due to their inability to speak Spanish. And what amount of hubris would make you think that you could? We saved you, by letting you come here. If you came here only for the easy money and easy lifestyle, and could care less about becoming American, adopting the American culture, language being the primary part of any culture, then you got the wrong memo, or got the right one but couldn’t read it. Either way, no stretch of any established society will allow anyone, immigrant or seventh generation, to discriminate against its people with impunity and disregard for its culture and laws, a culture all immigrants must agree to adopt under oath.


or age, so long as not detrimental to our children

An exception is also made for children since discrimination against the young may be for their well-being. Age limits on movie ratings and alcohol consumption are examples of age discrimination we want. However, activities which are not detrimental to children will be allowed, like allowing them to apprentice in shops and on construction sites, and work with power tools and equipment to learn trades, all while being properly supervised until gaining a certain expertise and able to do so unsupervised, and while being protected from the repressive child labor practices of the past.


our Citizens shall have the right to receive equal pay for equal work:

The Valentine Constitution establishes equal rights for all our Citizens and equal pay for equal work. This provision puts the weight of law behind an obvious right, yet one which is not yet protected. Women are being ripped off. Why? Because they can. Other citizens, either individuals or groups, are likewise being cheated. Solution, establish equal rights for women and equal pay for equal work by constitutional provision once and for all. No discussion is necessary as an equal station is a right guaranteed by Our Declaration of Independence, overlooked by our current constitution, and supported by 95% of Americans.


to be compensated for valuable contributions to our economy or society:

The Valentine Constitution establishes the right of student athletes, child Citizens and others to receive compensation for valuable products and services. Protection afforded them by the preceding requirement qualifying age equality ensures that the deal must not be unfair to them.


those persons who have a vagina and either look or identify female, and those persons who have both or neither genitalia and both look and identify female, shall use the ladies’ bathroom; those persons with only a vagina who identify male, and all those with a penis or both or no genitalia who either look or identify male, shall use the men’s room

The bathroom usage law is easily established since men DO NOT CARE who uses their rest room. Any man who does care is a wimp, will not be tolerated, and needs to shut up and stop embarrassing himself. Those who look like a woman but have a penis only must use the men’s.


Section. 10. Every law-abiding citizen will be entitled to privacy, and own the copyrights to their own life, image, voice, likeness and personal information whose capture or use will require their permission; and harassment, stalking, catcalling, pinching, unsolicited touching, unwanted contact, photographing, paparazzi, and the publishing of falsehoods, will be prohibited and these prohibitions shall supersede other rights like free speech or a free press and others similarly less significant in these instances:

The right to privacy is inherent in the liberty guaranteed to us by Our Declaration of Independence. Average Citizens thrust into the spotlight, elected officials, Celebrities and their children are constantly harassed by money grubbing paparazzi. These risk-taking maniacs are madly pursuing a check from some nasty, tasteless, immoral tabloid pretending to be engaged in journalism. The right to deprive a Citizen of their inalienable rights to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness must reward society with some benefit larger than the mere protection of a right, like the provision of information important to our security or well-being. Otherwise the right is subservient to our inalienable rights. Since privacy is necessary for liberty, and intimacy is necessary for happiness, and both are necessary for any life worth living, then any violation of privacy is a violation of these unalienable rights guaranteed to us by Our Declaration of Independence, yet not guaranteed by our current constitution. The justification for invasion of privacy holds only if it provides society with information important to our security or well being, like recording the commission of a crime. Our current constitution wrongly holds freedom of speech and the press in higher esteem than the right to privacy in the case of the paparazzi and the tabloids. The Valentine Constitution instead prohibits the harassment of celebrities and their children by money grubbing paparazzi who are not practicing journalism, not keeping powerful forces in check, and not informing our Citizens of any facts significant to protecting our safety or our democracy, but rather are endangering the public safety, creating a public nuisance, and traumatizing any children involved.

When one right may be upheld without limiting the capacity of some other right, then the right should be upheld since the capacity of the second right to do its intended job in our democracy remains undiminished, and both rights remain unscathed. In the case of the paparazzi no balancing is even required since free speech protects only what society should be privy to in order to provide a check and balance to the abuse of power. Allowing Citizens to go about their private lives undiscovered does no one any harm, nor any rights any harm.

Since we can rely steadfastly on the unchallenged fact that Jefferson and his protégé Madison were intelligent men and thinking at the heights of their mental acumen, then we must always beware when two rights conflict, for we are the more likely to have gotten it wrong. That conflict we feel is our conscience kicking in to warn us of a bad decision, one contrary to the superior rights of common sense and fairness. We have a “sense” of fairness for a reason. We all share the same conscience, our faculty for determining right from wrong. Words are thoughts; and true words truthfully expressed reveal more truths, just as falsehoods yield more falsehoods. This is how our Creator or Nature of God intended it. Since we can rely steadfastly on the unchallenged fact that the mystery of life and the beauty of nature and its complex organization are far superior to our paltry intellect, then respect dictates that we follow the suggestions of our conscience and embrace the foundational principles which emanate from it to be superior to any rights we may bestow upon each other, since all rights derived from the conscience are attempts to emulate or further the principles emanating from it. The Ten Commandments, the teachings of Aristotle, the Tao of Lao Tzu, the Golden Rule, all have their birthplace in the conscience.

Happiness, liberty and life are protected by Our Declaration of Independence. Any rights entitled therein shall have greater value than any others which may be derived therefrom, and since all of our Constitutions were and will be instituted by that the superior and formative document, then they and their contents shall be subservient thereto, for our Declaration was a document borne of the creator and as sacred as the things it relies on for its power. Surely Jefferson and Madison assumed that life, liberty and happiness included privacy for without privacy no life, liberty or happiness can be had. Free speech, on the other hand, can and often does exist without a requirement to hinder any of these inalienable rights, and would come in a distant second if it did. Like free speech, art is overrated, and I’ve known enough artists to know that they will find a way, without invading privacy, to express their artistic selves, as would any so-called journalist not required to hide in dumpsters for a living. And artists would be the last to argue for diminishing the very privacy which allows their muses to amuse them, especially the famous ones. Likewise journalists their ability to be flies on the wall, which they could not be if the tables were turned.

Under out current constitution we lose economically by discouraging those aspiring to contribute to five of our primary exports from becoming movie, TV, music, sports or writing talent, by requiring they give up their right to privacy in order to do so. We likewise lose governmentally by discouraging those aspiring to public office by requiring they give up their right to privacy in matters unrelated to their governmental position. If we continue to allow the paparazzi and the tabloids to invade the private lives of famous people, the pool of talent in entertainment, sports, publishing and government will diminish, and we will have fewer competitive exports. Under The Valentine Constitution we will instead encourage private, gifted, talented people to enter public office and industries which produce export product and increase our balance of payments.

Especially in the age of the internet we should protect all of Our Citizens from the unauthorized use in commerce of their image or likeness without compensation, or against crimes against their image and likeness. The Valentine Constitution prohibits anybody from taking anyone else’s picture without prior consent. If someone is using your image in commerce, you should get your cut. It’s your face and body and you own the copyright to it. The Valentine Constitution has several provisions which put individual Citizens into business for themselves on a level playing field with all comers. Anything less is slavery. A Citizen taken advantage of is a Citizen not contributing to our democracy or our economy.

ANY Citizen will be likewise protected from being fingerprinted, face recognized or recorded by anyone on camera or audio devices unless they are committing or likely to commit a crime. No one has the right to exploit any Citizen’s likeness without their permission.

The Valentine Constitution holds privacy to be superior to freedom of speech and of the press and allows maligned persons to collect civil damages for reputational harm caused by falsehoods whether or not they relate to matters of public concern and regardless of any fault-based standard of care. The press needs to be responsible and mindful of others’ privacy just like everybody else, especially when true journalists are an extinct species and need to be restocked.


harassment, stalking, catcalling, pinching, unsolicited touching, unwanted contact:

The Valentine Constitution prohibits stalking and lewd sexual harassment, bullying, bashing and the taunting of any Citizen for any reason. These violations of life, liberty and happiness, not included in our current constitution, will no longer be allowed to continue. Privacy is necessary for liberty, and intimacy is necessary for happiness, and both are necessary for any life worth living; therefore, any violation of privacy is a violation of these inalienable rights and cannot be allowed. No one will be able to deprive a Citizen of their inalienable rights to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.

Anyone who gets away with catcalling and pinching and lewd comments become emboldened, and their anger, and hatred is fed. Research informs us that rape or spree killing, both acts of anger, or molestation or bullying may well follow. Nip it in the bud. Rather than our current focus primarily on the victim, the focus will aggressively include the offender. The bully, lout, basher, rapist and molester will all be outed in daily relationship classes in our schools under The Valentine Constitution. Unarmed soft crimes and misdemeanors units will be on hand to take the lighter offenses seriously so that they don’t cost taxpayers even more money later when the offenses escalate into expensive prison sentences. Informal programs will be available at our schools at night and on weekends to help offenders before they escalate their behavior to physically hurtful offenses. The first days of any prison or jail sentence is boot camp, which goes a long way towards uncovering the causes of offensive behavior and correcting the bad behavior by instilling respect in offenders. The modern miracle of incarceration, prison boot camp racks up a record shattering 80% non repeat among offenders, as opposed to 20% historically under any other prison program or environment.

A mutually respectful Citizenry inhabits respectable communities. There is nothing more foreboding to a criminal than a respectable community. Why? Because such communities are vigilant, aware and aggressive towards bad behavior and negative towards criminal probing, so the criminals go elsewhere until there is nowhere else the poor criminal can run to hide from the changes in themselves they know they must eventually make. The offenders now hiding in plain sight will be also be outed. It’s the nicest guy in the room who’s beating his wife or raping his daughter. It’s the beneficent priest or the concerned coach who’s molesting his players. With these provisions victims will know it’s expected of them to speak out. In fact, it is a crime not to under another provision of The Valentine Constitution. The mere fact that all Citizens will know that these behaviors are unacceptable and will no longer be tolerated, and are easily reported or filmed by vigilant bystanders, and must be reported by the victims, will go a long way in decreasing offenses. The Valentine Constitution puts the bad apples on notice, flushes them into the open, helps them before they get worse, corrects the bad ones in boot camp, and takes out the trash when necessary.


encryption insurmountable by any authority shall be used to protect Our Citizens and our nation; and any so-called enforcement of our laws that make us less safe shall be prohibited:

The Valentine Constitution ensures the protection of the individual’s privacy and prohibits any authority from weakening or undermining the encryption we all rely on to make us safe. To do so would be to allow the bad guys to compromise all of our information. When catching only a few bad guys exposes us to all the bad guys, we must resist. Any efforts, like undue surveillance, to enforce our laws or protect Our Citizens which make us less safe will be prohibited by common sense and by The Valentine Constitution.


Section. 11. Prohibits human trafficking and its “breeder” industries as well as excessive on-screen violence and torture, as well as instructions or appeals to commit terrorism, and the right to free speech will not apply here:

The Valentine Constitution stops the abuse of women and children and human trafficking and their support industries. It prevents the manipulation of the right to free speech by bullies who perpetrate crimes against woman and children, and closes forever the pathways towards the degradation of woman by a handful of despicable criminals and filmmakers who need to learn the lessons of love and respect. In many cases they know they are sick and will be happy to get help. Organized crime will be dealt a sharp and fatal blow as these “breeder” industries which create human product for human trafficking and demoralize our society will be shut down never to be reopened. Our law enforcement will pursue these criminals at home; our CIA will pursue them abroad, and America will make treaties which shut down organized crime worldwide by starving them of their human products at home and abroad, and in other provisions, of their drug product which will be distributed by the national government, and of ransoms or extortions whose payment shall be illegal, and of cash which shall be abolished. When we take away the market for the products and services of organized crime, we destroy its financing. In another provision, cash is abolished.

The rape of a woman ends her life, or at best the life she once knew. Half of the women on Earth have been raped or molested. This instills fear, violates freedom and a “decent respect to the opinions of mankind, to which the laws of nature and of nature’s god entitle us,” actual text from our Declaration of Independence. Free speech was never intended to be a license for the degradation of another human being. It was never intended to oppress, coerce and manipulate our young ladies into getting naked on that stage for the amusement of pathetic and lost examples of men, and these days sadly even women, who are contributing to the demise of a fellow human being, of some parent’s little girl, lost and then misled down a damning road by pimps and perpetrators of perverted hateful acts against a once promising and happy little girl. Every prostitute is another man’s daughter. The majority are working under some sort of threat. The Valentine Constitution does not tolerate these acts nor does it acknowledge the weak and specious arguments about free speech and art espoused by these subhuman vultures or by naïve sophisticated lovers of beauty and party animals. 90% of Americans are finally going to put the boot in the butts of the creeps who defend these practices only to feed their party appetites and illuminate their illness and indifference for their fellow human beings. Stuffing dollar bills into the G string of someone else’s daughter is not “cool”, and has no justification, and is not defended by The Valentine Constitution on any level.

Likewise these sick little money grubbing Hollywood creeps who add to misogyny the bloody dismemberment of human beings and then try to hide behind the moniker of art, when all they want is to make their venal money by corrupting the innocence of our society. Bloody dismemberment is not art and never was. Atrocities in documentaries are allowed by The Valentine Constitution for educational and cautionary purposes, but wholesale violence will be gone forever.

The Valentine Constitution nips the violence issue in the bud. Violence begets violence. And if you see art in violence, you have an illness and need help, and under this Constitution you will get it. Common sense dictates that a person with perverse and hateful tastes is a threat we must protect ourselves from. Violence solves nothing and instead debilitates the faculties of patience and reason and conflict resolution which any society should hold more dear than the right to display gore and blood and dismemberment. Nothing in The Valentine Constitution prevents historians from briefly illuminating the horrors of warfare so as to dissuade its usage or prepare us to defend against it. But little of that is required, and no person shall be entitled to hide behind that exception to indulge their perversion or to desensitize others to horrific acts.

The Valentine Constitution establishes a moral code by which we will become a mutually respectful society of mentally healthy individuals unperverted by excessive violence and sexuality, and protective of our young girls, and instructive to our young men so that we nip all of this degradation in the bud.

The Valentine Constitution prohibits instructions on the commission of terrorism, like bomb making or guerrilla warfare or kidnapping or beheading or spree shooting and the like, as well as appealing to people to commit acts of terrorism, and no other rights will supersede the prohibitions. Neither freedom of speech nor freedom of religion will protect anyone who teaches terrorism or espouses acts of terrorism. It’s treason.


prohibits bribes, ransoms, extortions, blackmails or criminal protections:

The Valentine Constitution takes ransom right off the table, shutting the industry down. Since it will be impossible for a Citizen to pay ransom, then no one will bother kidnapping anyone since there’s no money in it. Likewise blackmail or other extortions. Bribery of those in power is also prohibited, as would be accepting bribes. Both sides of these crimes are covered.


prohibits spending more than 10% of annual income on lotteries, gambling, gaming, betting, and wagering both domestic and offshore or in foreign countries:

The Valentine Constitution protects the families of gambling addicts from the uncontrollable illness whereby family nest eggs and savings, cars, homes and other properties and assets are systematically liquidated to feed the disease. It saves gambling addicts from an illness they will thank us for saving them from. Anyone spending more than 10% of their annual income on gambling has a disease which costs America in the domino effect of broken homes, parentless, misguided and hurt children more likely to succumb to crime, trafficking, interruption of education and problems adjusting. It saves us the costs associated with the crimes committed by those in need of money for gambling or to pay gambling debts, and crimes committed by those enforcing debt payment, and it robs organized crime of a primary revenue stream. Moreso than the addict it is society which ends up paying the cost of vice. Those who abuse what in moderation is a perfectly acceptable guilty adult pleasure also influence others to gamble beyond their means. It’s macho or looks rich to bet big. Limits must be set by the state to protect the other 95% of normal Citizens who currently subsidize the ill-advised behavior of the few bad apples.


prohibits the scalping of tickets:

The Valentine Constitution prohibits the scalping of tickets. This is not commerce. It’s fraud, collusion or organized crime, and it will be outlawed for obvious reasons. Our middle class should be able to afford to go to “the game.” It is a part of American culture. Market manipulations by scalpers which put ticket prices out of the reach of ordinary Citizens steal away the opportunity of Our Citizens to participate in our society and experience our culture. Scalpers set a bad example for our children who, when accompanying their parent to a game, witness or hear of this act of highway robbery and are taught that somehow it is OK to cheat and manipulate to make money without providing anything of value in return like many on Wall Street. Under The Valentine Constitution our young Citizens will see the scalper being arrested and taken to prison where the first three months of his sentence will be boot camp where he will learn to respect a hard earned dollar.


prohibits unfairness in sports and the use of performance enhancers:

The Valentine Constitution prohibits unfairness in sports in order to protect our values and maintain proper standards of living. The ball is out or it is in, and when technology can inform us of the truth of the situation, then it shall be employed. There can be no limits on challenges or replays for there can be no limits on the truth in a democracy founded upon truth. Getting things right is our national pastime. Replays will be automatic, and shot spot always used, and other instruments employed to keep games and all commerce and activities fair, and to waste less of the time of Our Citizens. There can be no tolerance of prosthetics, or drugs or implants in competitive environments where such advantages are unfair. Fairness is an easy test to apply; simply search your conscience.


prohibits telemarketing, bulk mailing and junk emailing:

The Valentine Constitution protects Our Citizens from annoyances and annoying people and the interruption of their rest and privacy since it decreases their health and productivity and the peaceful enjoyment of the property they work so hard to acquire. Resting or dining with family will no longer be abruptly interrupted by a telemarketer creating stress and the resulting tension in the household. Forty pounds per year per mailbox of junk mail will no longer go into our waste stream. Important mail will no longer be lost in with junk mail, and the time required to sort through it will be saved for more important mail and work. Junk email will no longer rob our economy of all that time and stress dealing with junk mail and decreasing productivity.


prohibits human or animal cloning, mind uploading, and the development of artificial intelligence which may create entities not fully human with viability or survivability superior to that of humans:

The Valentine Constitution prohibits cloning and artificial intelligence to prevent the enslavement and extinction of the human race, just so a few whiz bang show off scientists can say: “Look what I can do? I can create a being superior to us with no conscience, isn’t that cool? “My new robot girl is HOT, and will do all the things I tell her to. And they live forever and can create more of themselves better than we ever could cause their IQ’s are out of this world. And we can put them to work for us, and they’ll do all the crappy work.” It’s like one of those moron video shows that ends in a crash and burn cause the idiot failed to think it through. “We’ll start with little things so we can convince ourselves this is safe, even though these robots we’re already creating are vastly superior to us, and could enslave us at will in seconds any time they want. But don’t worry they won’t cause we’ve created firewalls and fail safes they could circumvent is seconds but look how sexy she is, and all the work he does, and don’t be a party pooper.”

Even Stephen Hawking has declared that we will first become the slaves of the artificial intelligence we create, and then become extinct. When a master scientist in the position to know about these things declares, against his own interests and passions, that a particular scientific pursuit is against the interests of humankind, then we should listen. Einstein was too late in warning us about the atomic bomb; Hawking is not. This one would be on us. Artificial intelligence is a madman’s science backed by a madman’s lack of reason. To use the powers granted to us by Our Creator to create a new life form physically and mentally superior to ourselves, without morality, and immortal, is insane.. Of course it will enslave us, even if unintentionally, it’s inevitable.

Just as in Downton Abbey when the life of the English aristocracy was forced to a logical conclusion, so the factory job based American middle class has been forced to a logical conclusion. 3D printers and robotic machines are now even replacing the low paid sweat shop Asian slaves who got our outsourced jobs. Robots work 24/7, each equaling 4 workers without the need for supervision, break times, vacations, health care or pensions. The Valentine Constitution offers the only government set up put forward to deal with this fundamental change in lifestyle.


The rest of this treatise continues to discuss artificial intelligence and may be skipped by those with a brain or a conscience since to any moral or intelligent person it is self-evident that artificial intelligence and cloning are immoral, and to any wise person, ill advised; though, intellectual types may find it interesting.

For those for whom neither the world’s preeminent master and authority on the subject, nor God nor Nature’s conscience, nor the faculty of reason are enough, we shall prove it without reliance on the conscience, not because we must, since it is proven merely by accessing one’s own conscience, but just to help, with their narcissism and egos, those whom sophistication has left out of touch with morality and its origins. And we shall prove the existence of the conscience in our laws. But first we shall prove the logic of the prohibition regardless of the conscience.

The following facts do not require a conscience, merely the application of wisdom. The practice of the science of artificial intelligence would create an entity which is superior to humans. Many of us would feel sad to see a mechanical replica of ourselves and be deprived of our happiness by a machine imitating life. Others would feel sad to witness our inferiority to it. Still others would feel sad to have to die when it could live forever, and think it unfair. Just as men now color their hair, all inevitably would be drawn towards immortality and become part or all machine, and eventually regret the loss of our humanity and the loss of the innocence from which happiness springs, assuming they would even allow us to “join them.” And why should they? We will have betrayed our Creator, what’s to stop them from betraying theirs? Furthermore, the artificial entity would be incapable of an equal station unless all humans were extinct. There is the inevitable risk that the entity would inevitably claim superiority, if only as a matter of fact, like father like son, or simply designate humans or part humans as inferior so as to avoid the equality issue as we did with slavery. Even if the entities were peaceable there would be no guarantee of peace since any machine can malfunction. And those who become part machine would have huge advantages over full humans, and power would corrupt them, while full machines would have no comprehension of the concept of corruption. The superior entity would have no limits in life, and be able to overpower or out think us, and could deprive us of our liberty at will, or enslave us whenever they wish for as long as they wish. God forbid, a criminal becomes machine. The most superior entity would have no conscience to restrain it. It would be reasonable from the all machine’s perspective to relegate inferior things (humans and part humans) to inferior tasks. There is no liberty and little happiness without control over one’s own life. And so the faculty of wisdom alone tells us that to create an entity capable of subjugating us is foolhardy and unwise. That the entity would grow drunk with power, likely since lacking the restraint of a conscience, or have no sense of mercy, compassion, or right and wrong, makes the proposition sheer stupidity. To produce artificial intelligence would be to take away our inalienable rights of life, liberty and happiness and equality, the very rights we relied upon to free us from our English oppressors, and to free our slaves from our oppression of them. Using our rights to life, liberty and happiness to deprive ourselves of those rights would be illogical and foolish.

A person out of touch with their conscience is a threat since they have no restraint or moral compass, nor will the artificial units they create. Is a person without a conscience human? “Alien” is a part of the phrase “inalienable rights” not by coincidence but by the mysterious designs of language itself and a universe beyond our imagination, probably for a reason. Jefferson was no stranger to design or language, and the conscience is the centerpoint of my philosophy. What makes the act of creating artificial intelligence offensive? Hubris. And why and how do we identify hubris, or define it as haughtiness and self-importance, and FEEL the meaning of those words? By using our conscience. Without the mysterious faculty of the conscience, hubris would not compute, and happiness would be impossible, and life would be death. And we could not have this discussion, nor will the machines we create. One of the Laws of Nature and of Nature’s God surely is a prohibition against humans tampering with nature since the facts clearly prove that in altering nature we have destroyed her, only this time the nature we destroy will be us. And why allow it? To placate the hubris of a few scientists or narcissists who wish to live forever? Or folks too lazy to get off their butts and do things for themselves? Please.

Since this is a legal provision then I shall now also prove it legally, and also show how law, liberty and morality are intertwined and mutually reliant. Our ability to make laws and to make this very legal provision, relies upon the existence of our democracy which itself relies upon the Declaration of Independence which instituted our democracy. Our laws were created by Our Declaration of Independence which assumed its authority from “the powers of the Earth,” “the Laws of Nature” and “Nature’s God” declaring that “Our Creator” endowed us with certain “inalienable rights, among them life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness” and “entitled” us to an “equal station”. By declaring “these truths to be self-evident” to all human beings, just as the immorality of cloning and “AI” are self-evident to most humans, we established our democracy and called for the instituting of a government which allowed us to make laws like the provision at hand. And now a few mostly psychotic members of the scientific community would have us use the authority granted by “Our Creator” to make laws allowing them to create life themselves, to play God, and therefore to betray of the very authority which endowed us with the authority to betray our authority. This would require that the scientists be deemed as powerful as our Creator, or nature.

Now let’s forget the conscience and apply only LOGIC. If we abrogate the powers that authorized our power then we abrogate our own power since our own power would then lack authority since the source of our power would be abrogated. Another: If we revoke the power we invoked to give us the power to revoke, then we revoke our power to revoke our power. The authority to create laws comes from a respect of the power of creation. If we withdraw that respect, then we cut our bonds to nature, and we bond instead with machines, and lose our humanity. We are already close to the point of no return on saving this planet’s ability to sustain us. All seven billion of us. It’s decision time folks. This constitution could not be delayed any longer. We did not heed Einstein and Leakey. We have not heeded nature’s warnings. Doing nothing is a decision and has consequences. Doing what we have been doing will kill us, regardless of artificial intelligence and cloning.

To state the reality in its step-by-step logic is to confuse oneself: if we revoke the power we invoked to give us the power to revoke, then we revoke the power that gave us the power in the first place, powers that we’re now trying to use to revoke the power that gave us the power to revoke, then our power has no power to revoke the power that gave us the power to revoke. Correct, but crazy sounding, which is what the madman counts on, to confuse the weak or apathetic with language until they give up on the discussion because it requires a little mental effort, or give up on their ability to follow the logic. Laziness got us here. There is no logic in investing in our own demise. But the madman’s ploy is to confuse by convolution, to try to make logic look convoluted or insane in its description of insanity, when what’s insane about the description is the insanity, and not its mere description. Any accurate description of insanity will describe the insanity. One of Satan’s old tricks, if he exists, is making the logical sound illogical, so the truth sounds false, and the conscience gets tricked by the feeble or lazy mind. Satan would have done this to Adam and Eve in the Garden of Eden at the point at which the human mind advanced enough for us to recognize that we did not have to follow our instinct, the conscience, and instead could follow our inferior FREE WILL. We can see how well that turned out. Satan would have us do the same with cloning and artificial intelligence, a madman’s science backed by a madman’s lack of reason. Use the powers granted to us by Our Creator to make ourselves extinct? To allow ourselves to think ourselves capable of creation by denying the authority of our creator which allowed us to think it is insane.

Humans thinking themselves as great or greater than the powers that created them or their planet, or empowered their law making, or entitled them to equality, or the ability to make laws or feel their conscience, is illogical, immoral, and stupid. The existence of the mysterious faculty known to us as the conscience is what allows us to understand the truth of this treatise, or to discern right from wrong and use “character” to choose between them. This discussion can only be had because of the conscience, and our conscience exists only so long as we believe in it. Belief is beyond the scope of this treatise but well within the philosophy of the conscience, which is my primary discipline, a discipline I have always wished to write about but was too busy creating the solutions to our problems, solutions which encourage more attention to this wonderful faculty in hopes that more people will be more disposed to employ their conscience in everyday pursuits like finding the right job by discovering one’s gifts or finding the right mate by inquiring as to the right and wrong of it.

Any feeling which derives from the conscience can be settled in fact. But that’s always the most difficult when the act so obviously offends the conscience, or is so obviously wrong, and stirs passion and weakens the mind. It is even offensive to have to prove it. Using our rights to life, liberty and happiness to deprive ourselves of those rights would be illogical and foolish, and requires no assistance from the conscience or assumed powers of the Earth or self-evident truths. Common sense alone is sufficient to answer this simple question. To state it so simply takes it out of Satan’s hands but requires someone with a conscience to understand. Those who cannot understand that simple statement have no conscience and are a threat since they lack restraint.

No amount of obfuscation will change the facts.

Cloning and artificial intelligence show Nature’s Laws no respect at all, and Nature’s God even less, since ego and narcissism are chief and historical flaws of human “character,” a word itself derived from these very laws and one we must rely upon to judge the morality of these activities and their products. To even engage in the consideration of the morality of artificial intelligence and cloning we rely on these very laws and on the conscience or instinct itself, the very mechanisms that allow us to consider or conceptualize morality. But some scientists here have trouble grappling with these proofs of morality, since they do not know and cannot grasp these moral equations, and are instead exposed as lacking in their grasp of humanity and of life itself, the very thing they wish to create. And yet they have no qualms playing God to create life they are so unqualified to create, and in the end, if honest, if they even can be, must simply admit to not being as bright as they thought they were. Too much intelligence, not enough common sense. It’s an old story, the story of nuclear warfare. Philosophy is the chief discipline among the thoughtful. Philosophy is where all the great thinkers, regardless of which discipline they master, must go for their final answers and insights. And rightfully so. Science should be subservient to philosophy as philosophy is subservient to truth, and truth, to love, and love, to life without which we lack the capacity to have thoughts, or feelings, or a stance on this issue.


Section. 12. Any Citizen aged eighteen years or older shall be considered an adult and may purchase alcohol and marijuana; marijuana in drinkable or edible form shall be treated in the same manner as alcohol; providing or administering stimulants to children shall be prohibited; the smoking of tobacco or marijuana or taking illegal drugs in enclosed or crowded public places or around children shall be prohibited; consuming alcohol or marijuana beverages in public or around children shall not be prohibited unless the drinker is intoxicated or disorderly; being intoxicated from any stimulant around children shall be prohibited; all mood altering substances shall require child proofing with large warnings:

Hardworking responsible Citizens are welcome to have an alcoholic or marijuana beverage in public on their off time so long as they are not disorderly, or drunk around kids. The Citizenry will not be controlled for the sake of control, or just in case something bad may possibly occur, or to increase city revenues from misdemeanor arrests. Freedom is a right the undermining of which requires justification from government authorities. No government may levy fines against a Citizen doing no harm. That is not a function of government. Ours can never be allowed to be a police state. No law may ever be passed which has no justification in common sense or in science.

The Valentine Constitution prohibits smoking or taking drugs in enclosed or crowded public places or around children. This would include crowded city streets where people do not want to inhale your second hand smoke either from tobacco or marijuana. You cannot be wasted around kids, even from prescription drugs. We don’t want to teach our kids your bad habits; we want kids to respect their bodies, exercise and eat right, and not disrespect their bodies to the extent they need drugs to get through the day or become addicted. We all need to respect the innocence of children. They are born kind and sweet, and set an excellent example for adults. We have no right to corrupt them by exposing them to our weaknesses. The United States has 5% of the world’s population and consumes 80% of the world’s opioids! That fact makes us a nation of drug addicts. It is our duty to ensure that our next generations are not.

Marijuana in drinkable or edible form will be treated the same way we deal with alcohol including the changes made herein. We’ve had hundreds of years of practice; why not make use of it? There’s home grown and then there’s intense stuff. There’s beer and wine, and then there’s hard alcohol. If you want a high content THC stimulant, whether in smokable or drinkable or edible form, you’re going to need to go to the liquor-type store. There’s having a puff or a drink, and there’s getting wasted. They will be dealt with as we do alcohol. No one’s going to let you do way too much weed and drive cars and heavy machinery and put others in harm’s way just because you say you’re OK to drive. And anyone who thinks it’s cool to drive stoned has had too many bong hits.

ALL products that get you high will need to be child proofed and LARGELY LABELED. DON’T TAKE THIS!! SKULL and CROSSBONES. we can’t have our kids doing these drugs, ANY of them. Giving these substances to children will be heavily penalized.


the State Health Departments will distribute all nonprescription drugs, and purchasers of drugs, alcohol and marijuana are going to have to attend AA meetings with a frequency commensurate with their habit:

The Valentine Constitution establishes State Health Department distribution of street drugs, thereby eradicating drug dealing and the myriad of crimes associated therewith, eliminating organized crime’s primary source of funding, significantly reducing drug overdose deaths, and dealing with drug addiction as a disease. Anyone buying drugs or excessive amounts of alcohol or marijuana will have to attend AA-type meetings which have been shown to significantly reduce the likelihood of continued drug abuse in the many countries using this system with great success. If you’re getting wasted all the time, you need to go to AA and get your act together. The government AA program will be little different than traditional AA. For example, it’s not optional, so the addict will have to go whether or not they are “ready” or “want” to get help as in AA.

Illegal drug distribution gives us two problems. One is the drug addict. The other is organized crime which uses drug distribution to fund their other illegal activities like drug violence, turf wars, money laundering, debt collection, prostitution and human trafficking and government and nation destabilization, Government distribution of cheap street drugs gives us only one problem, the smaller and far less expensive of the two, the addict. It eliminates the burglaries, robberies, muggings and prostitution required to get the money to buy the drugs. Government drug distribution debilitates organized crime, reduces related crimes, and provides addicts with the most effective way to stop addiction. Drug addicts are going to use until they choose to stop. Face that fact, then reason from there.




Section. 1. Children 3, 4 and 5 will get four years of pre-schooling and receive two nutritious, organic meals each day in our schools:

Day care, reading and writing will be provided by our schools. Parents often fail to provide their children with proper interaction and social skills, basic reading and writing, and basic math and speech skills so important to ensuring a successful education for our children and future responsible, productive, well-adjusted members of our society which will recoup huge savings on this investment.


Children five to eighteen will have the right to receive an education taught in the English language at the traditional times and also some classes during summer:

During summer recess Children forget 22% of what they learned the year before! Teachers today must review and reteach 22% of the prior grade’s material, a 6 week process, before moving on to the material of that needs to be covered in the new grade. To avoid this waste, children will take some summer classes to maintain mental acuity, and perhaps advance. Summer jobs, along with the apprenticeships and mentorships outlined in other parts of this provision, will further cement what was learned the year before, for we learn by doing.


to develop for commerce their gifts and aptitudes:

The Valentine Constitution establishes the right for child Citizens to attend an English language school which shall develop their gifts and aptitudes so that they may be included in the commerce of our nation and happily and productively pursue their destinies. See later discussion.


to travel unmolested to and from school and home and in their communities:

Children, being small, defenseless, innocent and developing, must have the power of the State protecting them. Our child Citizens require security and freedom to live their young lives happily so they can properly develop and become strong, emotionally healthy, contributing members of our society unmolested by the criminals and predators who now infest many of our American streets. Children, in groups of three, will be out all over town apprenticing, young ones during school hours and older ones also after school and on weekends. They must be protected.

The Valentine Constitution allows any young Citizen who has been put in a hopelessly subjugated position by criminal elements to seek a remedy from law enforcement, and, if none is forthcoming, to call upon the State Guard or Federal Armed Forces to rectify the situation. This check and balance will be an incentive for law enforcement to make our communities safe for our young children, and avoid the embarrassment of being exposed as inadequate by the State Guard or Armed forces on their turf and sending a clear message that unsafe environments for our children are not acceptable. The threat of intervention, therefore, will normally be all that is required to rectify the situation. Additionally, criminals facing the threat will also be deterred since an American soldier is a righteous killer whose mission is undiluted by the restraints imposed on law enforcement officers. A soldier’s zeal for doing the right thing is commensurate with the criminal’s zeal for doing wrong. Criminals are brazen, conscienceless killers of life and souls who perpetrate molestation, rape and human trafficking with impunity and no remorse. Here they will meet their match and receive a warning. So then two elements are put on notice that an unsafe situation must be remedied or the threat will become real.

Good cops will likewise be able to call upon soldiers to come to their aid against corruption. Our police have for decades collectively demonstrated their inability or unwillingness to remove corrupt officers, and instead their willingness to allow certain among their ranks to engage in corrupt activities or prey upon Citizens who have little power to stop them. And so our children, and adults, continue to deal with dangerous communities and heinous acts which prevent them from ever achieving their destinies or pursuing a happiness routinely taken from many of them by a few soulless subhumans. Molestation, rape, trafficking, oppressive bullying and assault seriously diminish the chances our children have for happiness, make them far less likely to contribute to society and far more likely to be a drain. The appearance of a soldier of the State Guard or Armed Forces presents an ominous might and the imminent commitment to eliminate rather than arrest. It is a martial act commensurate with the atrociousness of acts perpetrated upon defenseless innocents, and the result will be a cessation of repugnant acts in American communities, and the return of our streets to our happy, free children.

The following options will exist and are listed in order of most extreme to most commonplace. An Armed Forces unit may, most likely acting on their own intelligence, obliterate a drug and/or kidnapping and/or human trafficking operation if run by foreign criminals considered enemy combatants. A State Guard sends in a trooper or unit to deal with bad apples our law enforcement agency or Armed Forces have failed to deal with. Our Federal and only law enforcement agency will deal with hard crimes only, and have Citizen oversight and a single chain of command to root out corrupt officers. State Guard Road Rangers, Paramedics, Fire and Rescue and Emergency First Responders will be on scene at many a crime and act as a check and balance to Federal law enforcement. Our unarmed Social Peacemaker Service will deal with all misdemeanors like theft and domestic violence. And so the criminal will be exposed. Most folks know who they are anyway, but now they will be marked and ostracized because our society will have made a collective commitment that the 5% criminal element will be unable to overcome.

With check and balance prevention and Citizen involvement backed up by the threat or reality of an extreme response by soldiers, communities will be supported in firmly establishing control over their communities. Our schools will produce more economically and emotionally adjusted students and fewer drop outs destined for prison. Many criminals and drug addicts may opt for the opportunity to change their lives by attending AA meetings and classes rather than face the futility of crime in the face of a self-policing community backed up by uncorrupted law enforcement and State Guard and Armed Forces soldiers. Until our children can walk our streets safely and freely, we are a failed democracy.


to have no armed persons whatsoever in the school or schoolyard:

The Valentine Constitution prohibits armed guards in schools. Our children are not the enemy, but if we treat them like the enemy, some will surely become that in the eyes of the law. I saw on TV a high school girl get thrown, desk and all, across a classroom to the floor and then manhandled by an armed police officer! I was shocked. But what caught my eye in replay after replay was the two high school boys, young men of 16, sitting and watching in adjacent chairs and doing nothing. Men who strike woman, and men who attack children, especially an officer of the law disrespecting the badge, must be dealt with immediately and harshly. I do not respect men who allow it. I was angry with the officer, but I was also upset and disappointed with the two young men who did nothing. These young men lacked the righteous zeal required for a community to ward off crime and hate. And then some fellow Citizens informed me that they would have gone to prison for about two years, more depending on how badly they injured the officer, for defending a woman! In The United States of America?! American schoolchildren, especially high school Citizens, as well as adult Citizens, are required in The Valentine Constitution to stand up to wrong doing in all its forms. There will be no need to wait for an officer of the law. The curriculum outlined in The Valentine Constitution teaches children when and how to react, and they will do so collectively and win the day together.


to be free from arrest except as a last resort or when physically endangering property or people:

The Valentine Constitution protects our child students from the cruel, unusual and life altering punishment of arrest. When did it become normal to arrest a child in a school? When the child was not even endangering anyone? What moron allowed that to happen? Us, we allowed it to happen. One reaps what one sows; you get what you deserve. Set up a school like a prison and it will produce inmates. Set up a school like a school and it will produce students. If we treat our children like prisoners in their own schools, we fail to provide the appropriate environment for learning. Little learning will take place in an environment toxic to learning, as little growth will take place in soil toxic to seed.

There is no place for arrest in a school unless there is imminent danger. The purpose of a school is to teach our children how to solve problems. Arrest rarely solves the problem. Instead, it just removes it from sight for a while. Sadly, our schools will also have to teach our adults the same thing at night since their schools failed them and now society must help them pick up the pieces of their broken lives and put them back together, the cost of not doing it right the first time. If we teach our children that the way to solve a problem is to forcibly remove and incarcerate the offender, then we are the English in the 1700s, and guilty of oppression and stupidity. By teaching that human life is not precious, or by running a concentration camp for lower learning, we weave a weak fabric which will not take us through the winter, and we tear, like an angry junky at the flesh of our aching, guilty souls. Consult your conscience, and do the right thing. There is no discussion to be had here, only the invocation of a mandate from Our Creator that we follow our conscience always in all things.

The Valentine Constitution views schools as sacred sanctuaries for children in much the same way churches have been for adults. Life at home can be unhealthy and even detrimental to the development of our children who need a stalwart institution to defend them and a place to go in times of personal crisis. Our streets are unforgiving and harsh. Much of “improper” childhood behavior can be traced to poor or nonexistent parenting and inadequate and even antagonistic social services. Having no one to turn to and nowhere to go leaves a child vulnerable to evil forces we practically feed them to. A child maligned then becomes further maligned and adds even more costs to the costs our society already bears for foundational errors which were allowed to go unchecked. That is why The Valentine Constitution, in its infinite wisdom, provides a wonderful, strengthening educational program. It’s cheaper. Gift class gets them involved; relationship class keeps them psychologically sound; problem solving class makes them capable; three organic meals and daily exercise keeps them healthy; and keeping the wolves at bay keeps them safe. Result: Less costs from policing, physical and psychological damage to victims and to property, processing, court system, incarceration, drug addiction, badly influencing others to adopt the criminal life, or the perpetrator being a poor parent and continuing the cycle and so on. Instead of a chain reaction of mistakes, The Valentine Constitution creates an upward spiral of solutions.


to behave responsibly and perform a reasonable amount of chores at home and at school:

The Valentine Constitution requires that students do chores in order to teach responsibility, discipline and experience. We learn by doing. And so we allow our children to make the mistakes and learn the lessons that action incurs, and face some of many realities they will face later in life in a far less forgiving environment. Here we will teach, instruct, encourage and push our children to get their feet wet, test the waters, investigate the medium, have a look-see, watch how others are doing it, receive instructions, and tips and dos and don’ts, and then “dive on in and make your splash.” Nothing gets done unless the work gets done. A strong work ethic adds self-worth and a sense of ownership and belonging to a community. These are the types of Citizens who will collectively then invoke the power of their numbers to overrule the criminal forces and organized crime and corrupt policing and political authorities, since they will be operating from a position of authority themselves. That position requires both the backing and the knowledge of a pertinent Constitution. It’s a position of power against those in positions of power, like criminals and bad cops and corrupt politicians. Eventually the power will not even need to be invoked as bad apples will see the situation as hopeless and respect can be collectively demanded with the power of knowledgeable numbers behind it, just as the criminal element has invoked the power of lethal fear behind them.

Under The Valentine Constitution our children will be working all over town, and this first generation will have the right, and the authority, to smile and be happy and achieve their destinies. And they will have to fight for it. Fight to invoke the authority granted to them. Authority without invocation is weakness. The students will be taught that they have every right to be happy and to roam unmolested in their community, and they will expect it. And when they don’t get it, they will challenge the fearful adult Citizens to step up and do their part in making it a reality, by setting the example of hard work and vigilance themselves and taking the ownership of their community that comes with it. Slackers will be held accountable; and criminals will be backed down, offered a chance to change, but either way they will be flushed out into the open and made to make a choice and, faced with a united community, will reveal themselves for what they really are. Most will be surprisingly remorseful and reveal how and why they went astray. The truly bad seed will stand defiant and be taken out or taken away. All inmates will do three months of military style boot camp without the weapons and killing training. The good will regain control and efficiency will be achieved laying a foundation for growth of all kinds.


will be treated like adults in commerce, but to be protected from being cheated due to their age:

The Valentine Constitution protects children from bad deals. A successful society rewards success. If we wish the cream to rise to the top, we must not only allow it, but facilitate its rise. We never know when one of Our Citizens will produce greatness, and so must be ready to reap the fruits of their achievements by enabling them to maximize their potential and to reap their just rewards at any age. If a child happens to peak early or invent a product or service or manifest a certain gift to the extent that there is money to be made, then we must protect the interests of the child. In most cases this can be done while still allowing society to avail itself of the benefits. Too often we see parents or businesses yielding power on behalf of a gifted child only to mismanage or misappropriate the child’s earnings. Our society must protect all of Our Citizens, regardless of their age, so long as mindful of their age. We cannot allow the adults in a child’s life to usurp authority simply because the Citizen is a child and vulnerable; or allow adults to do the wrong thing simply because they are the parents, or tricked the kid or his parents into signing a bad deal. On the contrary, we must protect the innocent by allowing them at least the same rights and protections afforded our adult Citizens. Would we allow a person or business to take advantage of a mentally challenged individual? NO. Then we will protect our children from bad deals too. The Valentine Constitution prohibits adults from taking advantage of children.


Section. 2. Kids seven to eighteen will take classes in each of the following subjects:

The order of the classes presented in this provision is not intended to be the order of the day. A study should be made of when best to teach which subjects. Schools may compete with one another to test various hypotheses, and the order will surely change based on age. I think the brain is most productive in the first part of the day and so would teach difficult subjects like problem solving class before lunch. Then after lunch hold nutrition and anatomy and biology class which relate to the body while lunch digests, then exercise class a half hour to an hour after lunch when the nutrients and energy are most readily available, then the less taxing, more social and personal gift, relationship, and parenting classes later in the day when the human mind naturally seeks less intense subject matter.

Classes like gift class and problem solving will become more and more about the intense work of developing the gift and putting it into action. This will include a large variety of other potentially stringent disciplines. Gift class for the little ones will be more exploratory and not intense at all, kids’ stuff, and fun. But by ten, eleven, twelve kids are going to start getting serious about what they love, and by high school, many will already be in business. So the scheduling of classes will be subject to the requirements of the grade. Furthermore, classes like gift and problem solving will compliment and integrate with reading, writing, arithmetic, science, computer app classes, or relationship and parenting which will coincide with classes like psychology and sociology and anthropology, though solving those problems is often more important than solving the technical ones. Classes like exercise will integrate with anatomy, biology and nutrition, and present ergonomic solutions to work and living problems. Students whose gifts these classes relate to will be beneficial in upgrading the discussions.


the discovery and development of each student’s natural gifts and aptitudes; a thorough examination of government, money, home economics, and all types of business focused on the furtherance of each student’s gifts:

The Valentine Constitution requires schools that focus education on each child’s talents and aptitudes to allow children to follow their callings, develop their gifts and achieve their destinies. Children need to be interested in what they are learning and to feel that what they are learning is helping them. Students are intrigued by their callings; they are CALLED (by God, or nature or evolution or genetics) to do what they love to do, are happy doing, and are good at. With their gifts as a focus to their education, students will get excited about learning and developing themselves so they can pursue their dreams. When the people in a society are gainfully employed in the practice of their gifts, we have harmony. The bedrock of a successful society is an engaged, efficient workforce, none moreso than those practicing their gifts. Only when Citizens are practicing their gifts in the workplace can a society find happiness and freedom. Our schools will help our children to develop their gifts into money making endeavors so that when they graduate from high school they are already gainfully employed in jobs they love, unlike most past generations, cast into the world unprepared and clueless, to have to fight and claw rather than cooperate and excel in the fields of their dreams.

Greedy, hard-nosed businessmen scoff at the idea of the happy worker, yet it is a cold hard fact of economic reality that happy workers are more productive, more efficient, more creative, and work harder, longer hours and for less pay than their unhappy counterparts, all enhancers of value and stability in the marketplace. And so the utopian view is that of the cold businessman and his unsustainable economic model, while the pragmatic approach is one that yields a happy worker. Who knew? Jefferson.


a relationship class:

The Valentine Constitution requires that all students get to know each other in relationship class. It is of the utmost importance that our children know one another. They need not like each other, but they must know one another to reduce alienation, bullying and cliques, and instead learn maturity, communication and an understanding of the world of people. A successful society cannot allow its youth to grow up together in our schools, to see each other daily, for years in some cases, and yet never have meaningful conversations or any conversations at all in many cases or know anything about the other students, except perhaps inaccurate rumors. That’s not right. And as with every bad choice, allowing what is not right has calamitous consequences both for the individual and for the society.

The Valentine Constitution instead creates a healthier, happier reality, one where students look across the campus at other students knowing a bit about them, about the lives they come to school from and go home to every day, what their aspirations are, what limitations they are striving to overcome and things they have in common. This is at it should be, and adults are to be blamed for allowing it to be otherwise.

Relationship class will be conducted much like an AA meeting. Children in a circle timidly revealing themselves or pouring their guts out, but learning about themselves and others, and acquiring huge building blocks for happier more successful lives. Students from other classes, a senior sitting in with first graders, or vice versa, debunking the myths and saving the young a lot of time and aggravation by teaching them about people. A great many lessons may be learned from the experiences of others. The school janitor or office administrator or school nurse visits, and students hear stories or something about their lives or their feelings, and then see them and the world in a more understanding realistic light. In a matter of months the campus will take on a new feeling because the good in our students will be given a truthful environment in which to flourish.

Word will get out, and the drop outs will return to see what all the fuss is about, and be met with a student body newly empowered by the solidarity that comes with knowing a little about each other. The drop outs will try their old games but notice before breakfast that the games are not working like they did before. They will hear students making presentations during breakfast and may try to disrupt them but will be met with a more respectful student body who with collective solidarity will quiet them. That will be fresh. They will encounter gift class and be disarmed by its ease. Then they will go to relationship class and be called, being newly returned, to share how great it was to not be in school. By the end of the week, they’ll be admitting how much it sucked compared to school.

The relationship class should evolve, especially since it occurs often. Guidance and communication from both one’s peers and from masters and mentors, who can advise what to do and what not to do, are critical to making good choices in life. We want our children to be happy, productive, well adjusted, healthy members of our society so that they are a productive assets rather than a draining problems. Constructive criticism is an example of a class exercise. But HOW will it be properly administered? Figuring these things out will be part of the evolution of this class, a class that is sure to ruffle feathers and make its share of mistakes. What is important is to SHARE successful implementation among all of our schools. There will be no shortage of ideas. The good ones should be utilized in our schools. For example, as a starting off point for a constructive criticism session, a student should not be subject to review unless the student volunteers to be criticized. This avoids legal liabilities as well as hurt feelings and disgruntled parents who wish to protect their children. The recipient of the criticism must vow not to hold a grudge against the criticizer. The volunteer should be able to select who does the criticizing. If the student wishes to not be criticized by certain fellow students, fine. Students should not be made to criticize another student. What if the criticized student does take revenge for a criticism? What guidelines and limitations should be placed on criticism, such as derogatory verbiage. The relationship class has the opportunity to teach many disciplines, in this case communication and conflict resolution. Life and learning and maturing have never been easy but are usually worth the pain. What if today’s adults had taken a class like this? Would we all not be more civil, more happy, better at communicating? We must ensure that our children not repeat our mistakes, and instead give them more opportunity than we had to live happy lives together.


a problem solving class:

The Valentine Constitution requires that our children learn how to solve problems, all kinds of problems, and become confident in approaching and working through solutions. It’s so much easier to learn skills when young, and makes life so much easier to go through both individually and collectively as a society of problem solvers. The shared language of problem solving, the shortcuts in communication, the heads up from fellow Citizens, the quick contributions of little time saving gems, all will be of great service to our children in the real world. And they’re going to need it.


a parenting class one day per week and parents have to attend one at a time:

The Valentine Constitution gives each parent the opportunity to learn and to teach by explaining their position and by listening to the position of other children their child’s age. Alone, surrounded and outnumbered, the lucky parent will receive this golden opportunity free of charge and will only have to attend once per semester. Maintenance by the pro instructor of an appropriate tone, sometimes light, other times serious, and coaching from other parents prior to attendance will improve each parent’s survival rate considerably, though each parent’s performance will afterwards likely be the subject of healthy discussion by the student body.

When a society fails to properly invest resources in teaching and improving the two most important jobs in the world, parenting and teaching, then the society creates foundational instability sure to manifest in suffering, sadness and dysfunction. Once the child arrow is fired from the parental bow, it’s nearly impossible to change its course. Take care how you draw it back, take aim at your child’s gift, and let it fly towards his or her destiny; you had your chance.


will be supervised and instructed and mentored and apprenticed while doing shopping, cooking, cleaning, health, farming, accounting, maintenance and construction of buildings, grounds and machinery, and all school related business:

Students will be supervised and instructed while helping with shopping, cooking, cleaning, health care, farming, accounting, maintenance and construction of buildings, grounds and machinery, and all school related business; and all students will have hands-on mentorships, apprenticeships and part time jobs.

We learn by DOING. Our children want to get their hands into life, to take chances and feel good about the mistakes that teach us the right and wrong way to do things while they’re young enough to recover. They want to feel a part of their world, to have worth and to be valuable, engaged and active, fulfilled and happy, and a contributing part of their communities.

We have a population of baby boomers eager to give back and be viable within their communities by passing on to youngsters, and also adults who will attend our schools in the evenings, the lessons and knowledge of lifetimes of experience and mistakes. It feels good to be around the young. It’s fulfilling to give back. It’s vindicating to make up for the past mistakes with your own children by mentoring and apprenticing others. Education should never cease, for it is giving. To be taught with kindness is to be loved and cherished.


Society reflects the tensions of its Citizenry, or their joys. Getting things right has a domino effect, as does getting things wrong. The Conscience is the source of all solutions since it guides us to do the right thing always. Answering our callings feels right because it in accordance with God, evolution and nature. Our conscience is our instinct, like birds traveling north or south with the seasons. Our conscience is God’s will, nature’s will. Free will is human will and merely a test, to see if we’re smart enough to follow our instinct or nature or God, or instead follow our egos into a fast approaching apocalyptic future where a grandchild asks a grandparent: “Gran, tell me again what beaches were like.”


Section. 3. Students will get three healthy organic meals per day:

Our schools will begin each day with breakfast cooked by students, some of whom will begin the day very early at a food wholesaler or farm or fish market, or in the school kitchen prepping or cooking or fixing an appliance – all under expert adult supervision. Students must learn how to provide themselves with good nutrition, where to get it, how best to prepare it, and how to make it tasty without excessive sugar, salt and fat.

If you have your health you have everything, because you have mobility and can work and fend for yourself and be independent and productive and make a living. If not, you are a drain on society, feel bad about letting yourself go, lack confidence, and cost our health care system far more than the healthy Citizen. Prevention is the smart bet. Don’t start the bad habits. Avoid the pleasure and pain seesaw. Don’t satisfy your oral urges for a few minutes only to live in pain for the rest of your life. It’s not worth it. Instead learn healthy habits from the start and feel better and live without the pain. Every pound of extra weight is a huge drain on the body. We were not built to handle large amounts of sugar. It’s a killer. It knocks the energy right out of us; makes us moody; stifles the get up and go; and adds unwanted weight. Take control away from the sugar that’s enslaved you.

We have an obligation to start our children off on the right foot, and keep them away from crappy foods and too much sugar and fat and toxins. Too often parents replace good parenting techniques with control-by-sugar, which creates far more poor behavior than it stops, and instead begins a downward spiral of brattiness at the end of which is an emotionally charged defiance which drives a wedge between child and parent. The negative ramifications of this practice go far beyond health and beyond the effect that obesity and ill health have on the child’s psyche, confidence and mental development. Bad eating habits stop development in its tracks, throw the child way off their natural daily rhythms, cause confusion in learning, and a poor relationship with mom and dad. Answer: Don’t give your kids sugar. Nip it in the bud. Neither nature nor God intended us to have sugar except rarely. There’s plenty of great tasting healthy food out there; learn how to prepare it; your kids soon will in school, and they’ll be bringing it home with them.


and take nutrition, anatomy, health and exercise classes daily; and a physical exercise class daily:

The Valentine Constitution requires that students exercise and eat right, and learn nutrition and anatomy. Our schools will provide our children with the exercise and nutrition needed to maximize learning and reduce health care costs. Citizens with healthy habits are less likely to be aggressive and temperamental, less likely to commit crime, more likely to succeed, be positive and contribute rather than detract from society.


and receive free basic health and dental services from a clinic located on campus:

Aside from saving parents the time and stress of taking their children to the doctors for average health problems, and aside from saving the nation in health care costs by catching health problems early the on campus health clinics will double as teaching centers providing children with observational and hands on learning. In conjunction with hands on, daily practiced nutrition, proper exercise, healthy eating and cooking habits, anatomy and medical knowledge, the on campus health clinics will provide each future adult Citizen with a strong health foundation less likely to develop into a costly disease and painful discomfort later in life.


and often give presentations:

Students or groups of students or guest lecturers, will give presentations at every meal to groups large and small on a variety of subjects from dry lectures to entertaining acts or a blend of several. Students will gain confidence, maturity and respect both as presenters and audience members in yet another step towards a cordial, happy campus and scholastic environment geared towards maximizing learning and the potential of each student in preparation to become well adjusted, contributing members of our society.


… shall spend Wednesday mornings preparing and Wednesday afternoons in threesomes on apprenticeships and community projects:

In threesomes for safety students will be doing activities appropriate to their ages in our communities to test in reality what they learn in school. All adult Citizens will be aware that Wednesday afternoons in particular will bring students of all ages out from the classroom and into the workaday world giving us a better sense of community and an ethical example to follow. It will allow our adult Citizens to learn what’s going on in our schools from the horses’ mouths. Our students will see how real businesses function and real employees work before they are required o make their own livings. Weaning our young Citizens is the job of all adult Citizens who will benefit from the experience in numerous ways. Nothing warms things up more than children who further require us to be more civil in our manner. Nothing smartens things up more than stupid questions, or crazy ideas, which test the lucidity of our own understanding of our work when explaining the whys and why nots. The tone of our Wednesdays will be more congenial. Our sense of responsibility will be heightened. The sacredness of our children’s’ unmolested travels will be solidified. And the question, why not be like this all week? will be asked and want an answer.


one month of military boot camp during their high school years:

Boot camp will teach students discipline, responsibility, team work and maturity. It will prepare them, and all of their generation, to be able to deal with and know what to do in emergency and crisis situations. Preparedness is a knowledge born of experience. Boot camp challenges kids to step up and do things. It provides a sense of accomplishment. It will allow our children to eradicate demons and overcome fears. It will teach them to respect authority, and to appreciate how good they have it at home. They will stand up for themselves. And they will share the experience with their fellow classmates providing camaraderie and closeness. All high schoolers will have gone through it and be respectful of the rules we all have decided to live by, and so collectively require far less babysitting by adults, and be far more likely to police themselves by not allowing the bad apples to get away with the crap they get away with now. These kids may well have a real shot at happiness.


The Valentine Constitution gives our children maturity, discipline and responsibility, a strong healthy foundation, a healthy lifestyle, a vocation in the field they love, a realistic sense of finances and the business world, a knowing way with other people, and a sense of how they fit into their own community and society.


Section. 4. Any teacher, principal, commissioner or other personnel or contractor may be terminated by a majority vote of the teachers and parents and students of the school:

The Valentine Constitution provides that a majority vote of parents, teachers and students may terminate any second rate, hapless, apathetic, poorly performing administrators, contractors, principals, teachers or other personnel working for the affected school. This is Citizen oversight in action. Students with a say in how their schools are run achieve more, while teachers with a say stay longer decreasing the disruption of turnover. Standards today are driven down by the lowest common denominator. Our current educational bureaucracy is built by adults for adults with the education and welfare of the students a distant secondary consideration. These things are not right and shall cease under The Valentine Constitution which puts the focus on the children, and then on our teachers who, along with parents, shall have a say in how things are run and done.


tenure will be abolished:

Tenured teachers and smooth administrators will no longer be able to get away with mediocrity and lackluster performances. Smug in knowing that the law protects them, these abusers of hard fought union gains know that our current laws protect them, and so they milk it for all it’s worth. The Valentine Constitution gives the good teachers the power to oust the bad ones, with the consent of the parents and the students.


forced busing will be prohibited:

Since the distribution of funds to schools from both the transaction tax and the sale of Post Office assets is required to be distributed equally on a per capita basis, all schools will receive the same amount of funding and can therefore hire the best teachers and have the best facilities. No one will need to waste precious, productive time riding a bus to a nicer school. The amount of funding for schools is one of the few areas of significant increase in the budget. Each school will be an oasis and a sanctuary and a significant center of each community. Busing kids in from other communities defeats one of the primary purposes of a school and its students, to bring peace and well-being to their communities. Each school will be the power center of a peaceful and prosperous community. And if anybody messes with that, Our State Guard and Our Armed Forces will be in their faces. The provisions in this Constitution are the strongest in history in support of children’s rights, especially their right to go unmolested, as we did when young, to and from school and on their appointed destinations. We must allow our children to create their own communities, either adding to those already successful or transforming those that are bleak. The Valentine Constitution gives them all the tools and skills and support they will need to create a happy generation.




Neanderthals were our ancestors. Their brains were bigger than ours. Neanderthals lived in concert with nature for 250,000 years! Nature was full and robust and teeming with life and there was food everywhere. Cro Magnon, that’s us, have been here for only 35,000 years, only 1/15 the time, and we’ve just about made ourselves extinct. Neanderthal were not curious. They sat in Gibraltar looking at North Africa and vice versa and had no desire to go take a look. Modern humans are so curious they crossed the Pacific Ocean in canoes following migratory birds all the way to Easter Island. On Easter Island though that same sense which engenders curiosity made them so distracted with their own game of building and later toppling statues, that they lost track of nature, the very thing they survived on, and started to run out of food. Even up to the bitter end, the last of the Easter Islanders were either building or toppling statues.

In the 1600s and the 1700s in the United States the maps show a blanket of forest, like the Amazon in the 1900s. Later successive maps show how these plentiful, ancient forests was mowed down like a lawn mower. Buffalo in herds of millions were mowed down also by the millions, sometimes not even for the pelts. Millions of whales, whose oil lit all lamps for a century, met the same fate. Not even small patches of forest were left uncut. They took it ALL. That’s an important point. They left no old trees, few buffalo and few whales. Did they not want to be reminded? Europe is bare from all the wars that took all the timber. Timber was the export that made America rich.

Beneath the rainforest timber there was thick, rich rainforest soil, all but gone now. So the farmers came in and rooted out the stumps, used the fieldstones to build walls, and planted crops in the richest soil known to God or man, though most of the nutrients washed down streams and rivers and out to sea. And they used that same soil over and over and over again until there was nothing left and then they used fake fertilizer made from dirty stinking filthy oil, and chemical fertilizers from scientists who worked in dark laboratories, and then cancer came and the family farms were pushed out by Wall Street’s agribusiness who planted vast areas with one crop and drilled irrigation wells and added nitrogen to increase yields and the algae in the rivers and gulf bloomed and sucked all the oxygen out of the water and killed the fish also being killed by pollutants from factories which also killed the honey bees so no crops could be pollinated and plants couldn’t grow, and the temperature of the Earth rose and the ice caps are melting and the coastal waters are rising and the fresh water is running out unable to keep up with the demands of seven billion thirsty people. And as our world ends, we don’t seem to mind, and none of our leaders even mention the impending doom, and instead of trying to survive, we’re going to games and concerts right up to the bitter end, like the folks on Easter Island.


Section. 1. A naturally replenishable water supply will be maintained:

For decades we’ve been using more water than is being replenished by nature, but now we’re nearing the point where it can never be replenished. Unless we take drastic measures now, it’s game over. Here’s why. Our Great Lakes contain 1/5 of the world’s fresh water. Lake Baikal, site of the Russian Olympics, contains 1/5, and the Amazon River contains 2/5. The other 6.5 billion people will have to fight over the remaining 1/5. Most of them will die horrific deaths. The Valentine Constitution takes steps for Americans to survive. Only 1% of earth’s water is liquid fresh water available for drinking, cooking and farming. We’re also using it for industry and cleaning, and allowing it to be exported in the form of food, and sucked out of our Great Lakes by foreign tankers. When did America become a nation of suckers, ripe for the fleecing?

This is the real thing folks. While you are focused on gay marriage, gun control and abortion, our very survival is being threatened. And the Wall Street elite, and the press corps they own, and the party elite they control, are growing rich and powerful letting it happen.

A lot of desperate people are about to face extinction. The wars fought over water will make the wars fought over oil look like skirmishes. Nothing humans can do will prevent the death of five billion people from thirst within the next twenty years. Water is everybody’s #1 problem, and our press and politicians aren’t even talking about it!


Section. 2. Exporting water will be prohibited. Exports that use tons of water will be prohibited from being exported:

The Valentine Constitution prohibits the exportation of fresh water, or crops, or other products requiring or containing copious amounts of fresh water. Our water belongs to all Citizens and is not a commodity to be traded for profits at the expense of our very survival.

Wall Street agribusiness is exporting our water in food, not paying for the water and making huge profits destroying nature using monoculture farming, pesticides that kill bees and other insects we need to pollinate our crops (or we’ll have no food), and fertilizers that kill fish (by producing algae which robs the water of oxygen). Bottling companies are exporting water from our springs and lakes and rivers without paying for it. Irrigation wells are now deeper than 5,000 feet because our aquifer levels have dropped to 1/3 of their natural state. The problem is the aquifers can no longer replenish themselves. Unless we stop irrigation now and cease gas fracturing, which uses vast amounts of water in the drilling process and contaminates it with chemicals, and then also contaminates the water in our aquifers when exploding the shale; unless we go to organic farming and the collection of rainwater, and decrease our population, most of us will die also.


Section. 3. Importing non organic or toxic foodstuffs, or non-indigenous plants or animals will be prohibited; as will releasing non-indigenous species, or hunting of endangered species or the biggest or best of any species, or the sale or use of their body parts; or keeping wild animals unless it’s a rescue and its habitat is decent:

The Valentine Constitution prohibits the importation of invasive species and the captivity of wild animals and the release of non-indigenous species into our waters or lands. There are piranhas and 20,000 pythons in The Everglades, angel fish in our gulf, Asian bighead and snakehead fish and carp in the Mississippi River system, five million wild boars, and coyotes from the West in the East. ALL are upsetting nature’s delicate balance, destroying what we LIVE off of, and making it unsafe to enjoy nature. The Valentine Constitution brings an end to this naïve stupidity. No longer will a Citizen be able to release an exotic pet or biological predator into the wild, or even bring one anywhere near our country. We will not risk the destruction of the ecosystem we live off of because some boring idiot needs to torture some poor foreign animal to get some cheap attention. The consequences of humans playing God have been disastrous and will always be disastrous. The Valentine Constitution takes the steps necessary to restore the nature we live off of, so that we and our offspring can be here forever.


Section. 4. Agriculture will be free from stuff that kills us or makes us sick, and all farming shall be organic. Monoculture farming will be prohibited:

The Valentine Constitution prohibits the toxic farming practices and the production and use of fossil and nuclear fuels which are destroying the nature we need to survive. Toxins will be eliminated from our food, and pesticides and synthetic fertilizers will no longer kill the bees and insects who pollinate our crops and so keep us alive, since without pollination, food cannot grow. But you won’t even know this because the Wall Street agribusiness psychopaths prefer money to survival. They own our press corps and control our politicians by giving them campaign contributions and through them control our government. They use nitrogen to increase yield so crops will grow faster and bigger. The nitrogen runs off with the rainwater and irrigation water into our lakes and rivers and oceans and creates algae blooms which rob the water of oxygen killing all the fish. It’s insanity. It’s not necessary; they just want more profits. They use toxic fertilizers we ingest in the food they grow causing cancer and illness and costing us billions in health care and lost job hours and the death of loved ones. Pollution, insecticides, pesticides and synthetic fertilizers also kill bees and insects that pollinate our crops. We need them to grow our food.

Currently agribusiness grows only one crop on miles of land and the crop blooms only once for a week every year. It’s called monoculture farming and it’s great for short term profits but disastrous for the long term production of food. Bees, who cannot live there off of one measly bloom per year, must be trucked in from far away to be dumped onto foreign land and aroused using corn syrup! The bees get lost in the foreign geography and cannot return to their hives. They die from the stress and pesticides and synthetic fertilizers. They collapse from overwork since they would normally hibernate all winter living off the honey they collected in spring and summer. Exhaustion leaves their immune systems vulnerable to diseases which agribusiness treats by pouring drugs on them, but the drugs don’t work. And now they are all almost dead and are having trouble reproducing so the agribusiness scientists inject them with hormones and drugs in an effort to stimulate reproduction. But the Wall Street scientists are failing in their effort to play God. In fact they’re failing at just about everything they’ve tried, except making money. They have succeeded in making lots of money, which last time I checked is not edible.

The Valentine Constitution limits crop size so that a variety of plants grow on a farm to allow blooms throughout the spring, summer, and autumn giving our important pollinating insects something to live off of. The Valentine Constitution demands a return to safe, organic farming practices with no synthetic fertilizers and pesticides, so that we may have food far into the future. But the megalomaniacal, psychopathically competitive Wall Street CEOs hate making less money, are paranoid of law suits finding them guilty of being horrible stewards of the environment, take issue with admitting being wrong, and are guilty as sin. So they lie and cheat and falsify scientific reality and are allowed to get away with it by the politicians they own for the price of campaign contributions.

The Valentine Constitution prohibits monoculture farming, pesticides, synthetic fertilizers, and hormones, and requires that all farming be organic, so we can stop being poisoned and our honey bees and other pollinators will stop dying and can continue to pollinate our crops so we can have food and survive.


Section. 5. Our territorial waters shall extend 1,000 miles from our shores, and will be fished sustainably and organically and used for domestic consumption only; and no foreign companies or nations may fish or exploit them; and we’re going to make sure nobody destroys the world’s fisheries:

The Valentine Constitution extends our international waters to 1,000 miles and protects them against foreign exploitation and overfishing, and requires that its fish and resources be reserved for domestic consumption only.

Currently foreign companies are destroying the oceans we rely on for our survival. They must be stopped. Greed ridden psychopathic CEOs, hell bent on money as their master, addicted, obsessed and without conscience, are destroying nature, God’s Garden of Eden. They are decimating fish populations to such an extent that the average American worker can no longer even afford to eat fish. If we allow them to continue, there will be no more fish. American multinational companies are selling our fish to overseas markets. They pay us nothing for our fish. Our Citizens must be able to protect themselves in commerce from the bullying of giant multinational monopolies who control our politicians and through them our economy. The Valentine Constitution empowers our nation to protect our food supplies, to not give away America’s dwindling resources. Our natural resources made the US rich, but they were never responsibly exploited, so now we must aggressively protect what’s left, or end up with nothing.

The Valentine Constitution requires that all of the oceans, being an interconnected ecosystem, be fished sustainably and organically, and empowers our Armed Forces to enforce this policy worldwide. Whalers off the China coast, the Fukushima power plant, pollutants dumped into the Black Sea, the BP oil spill, any and all of these errors affect our survival, and must be dealt with firmly if the human race in general, and Americans in particular, are going to survive. We are officially an endangered species. Only The Valentine Constitution can make all of this happen.

All of the non-profit organizations with all of their fundraisers and all of their events with all of their literature and all of their volunteers and all of their important board meetings over all of the decades have failed. Their missions have not been fulfilled. And they will continue to fail unless each and every one of them champions the ratification of The Valentine Constitution, in which case they will succeed and we can get down to the real work of implementation.


Section. 6. All containers, packaging and building materials shall be reusable, and made from sustainable, non-polluting sources, and free from stuff that kills us or makes us ill, and afterwards recyclable and biodegradable:

The Valentine Constitution ends the wasteful, stupid practice of using a container once and then trashing it. Only a blithering idiot would do this. Are we blithering idiots? No. Then why do we allow these practices to continue against all common sense day after month after year after decade? And how do we put an end to this dumb as a stump behavior? Answer: ratify The Valentine Constitution.

The Valentine Constitution requires that we retool and update our 2,000 year old building materials and construction methods. The antiquated construction industry is and has been in dire need of modernization and has embarrassed itself for decades by failing miserably to keep up with the innovations taking place in every other country and in every other industry. The toxic materials, the lack of durability, the planned obsolescence, the inefficiency of construction, the uncontrollable delays, and the astronomical costs, all are hallmarks of an irresponsible industry that focuses on short term profits and lives by cheating the trusting customer. Every Citizen in our nation has had multiple horrible experiences with the construction industry whether building a home, condo or office building, or just doing a repair or remodel. These swaggering punks need to learn some standards and some respect for the money they get from the people they overcharge and cheat. They lack professionalism on every level and charge astronomical amounts for shoddy workmanship. It’s a disgrace, and The Valentine Constitution puts an end to it.

Hemp products: hemp concrete, hemp drywall, hemp boards, are stronger than steel and more flexible, are water proof, mold proof, fireproof, lightweight, non-toxic, biodegradable and recyclable, and ILLEGAL. Lime stucco, solar pavement panels, solar siding, solar roofing material. All of these technologies are readily available in other countries and we are losing in the race to develop, manufacture and export them. And we need more exports to reduce our $30 trillion national debt. Speaking strictly money, we should be doing this.

Let’s forget about the cancer and ill health caused by the caustic, toxic products, and let’s just look at it from the point of view of getting rich and making lots and lots of MONEY. The oil and plastics industries own our politicians and in turn our economy. They made hemp fiber illegal years ago, even though you cannot get high on industrial hemp plants. The hemp fiber plant is 9 feet tall and don’t create buds with more than 1% THC. I grew them as a kid on our farm. My brother smoked it. He did NOT get high. The marijuana scare of the 30’s. 40’s and 50’s was prompted by oil and plastics companies to undermine the competition from hemp farmers as warned by General Eisenhower as the left office as President saying “Beware ‘the military industrial complex’. This was not a hippie but a General and a President, who could not reign it in, even with all that power. So unless The Valentine Constitution is passed, you don’t have a prayer.


building shall be prohibited where the water supply is locally unsustainable:

The Valentine Constitution prohibits building where there is no water. A novel idea. Why would anyone build a city miles away from the water supply? To flex their muscles and play God and impose man’s authority over nature. That was a brilliant idea full of brainless male swagger, and it worked for the blink of an eye in the mid 1900s and made men feel like men and was embarrassingly stupid. Our current government and economic system rarely follows common sense when greed is an option. Putting large populations in harm’s way is the antithesis of good government, and yet greed and corruption has led us to just that. The water supply in certain cities in the Southwest, Midwest and Southern Florida cannot sustainably support the populations already there let alone those planned, not that any environmental planning was ever done. Last time I checked, human beings can’t drink gold or eat money. No house can be lived in which has no running water, so why are we building them where there will soon be no water? Answer: greed. Everyone is making money in the game of musical chairs. Guess what? The music just stopped.


Section. 7. Population growth shall be discouraged until not in excess of 250 million. Immigration shall be prohibited except for real marriages and only as long as they last, for gifted immigrants and only 5,000 per year, and for affluent people each investing $10 million in our economy. All illegal aliens will be deported and our foreign aid will be distributed through qualified deportees provided that they employ American companies to solve their home country’s problems:

Immigration and asylum will be prohibited so that American Citizens can survive the upcoming water and food shortages which threaten the survival of our species. We don’t even have enough water to save all Americans, unless we reduce our population to 250 million and practice sustainable water, farming and fishing practices, and adopt the environmental provisions of The Valentine Constitution. 1/5 of the world’s drinkable water is in the Great Lakes; 1/5 is in Lake Baikal in Russia; 2/5 is in the Amazon. That leaves 1/5 for the remaining 6.6 billion people on earth. Immigration is a water issue, and therefore a food issue and therefor a survival issue. Even America is going to run out unless the provisions of The Valentine Constitution are adopted. Allowing immigrants to come here is merely adding more people to the fast approaching fight over water. Add the fact that all of these immigrants prefer their home countries, so the kind thing to do is to help them fix their home countries, most of which we ruined to begin with through war or multinational monopoly practices, all in the name of enriching those who finance our elections and take the lion’s share of our money and leave us wages that have stagnated for 50 years, wages their new immigrant workforce thinks are great. But none of these immigrants would be here if their home countries were not seriously messed up. They long to go home. The charitable thing to do regardless of immigration would be to help them. Our immigrant population will support The Valentine Constitution, which I’m expensively translating into their native languages and will modify to address their culture and their country’s particular needs. Feel free to buy something from one of my 30 websites. The wise thing to do is to send people like the dreamers back home with money and the support of the US government and a new constitution which includes the solutions to their country’s problems including how to survive the upcoming water and food shortages.

The Valentine Constitution limits immigration so that Our Citizens may survive the inevitable water and food shortages soon headed our way. Since we do not have enough water to go around, all illegal aliens must return to their home countries, and will act as ambassadors through whom American foreign aid will flow. Giving money as we do now to corrupt or inefficient governments is not helpful and usually has the opposite of its intended effect. Most of the aid gets stolen by a corrupt government or leader, diverted from its intended target, or lost along the way never to reach those in need or to fix the the intended problem. If instead we give foreign aid to qualified American deportees to be spent only on American companies to solve their country’s problems, then at worst we give some money to ex Americans and some business to American companies.

The Valentine Constitution provides the opportunity for our deported aliens to return to their home countries and fix the problems they ran from. We cannot accept, nor do we wish to encourage people who run from their problems rather than stand and solve them. Able bodied men running in fright from the bad guys are an embarrassment to humanity. We do not want cowards for Citizens. They will never defend their adopted country because they were unwilling to defend their own homeland. We help no one by allowing them to hide in our land from problems in their land. That’s the easy way out for all the imbeciles who never pause to think of the consequences but only consider how good it makes their hearts feel to help others, when in fact they are not helping anyone, just avoiding the real problem and its real causes. The do-good-to-feel-good types often lack wisdom, common sense and resolve. Their short sighted foolish policy of immigration is not a solution to the problems of people who want to go home but cannot, because the problems still exist and no one will solve them for them. We should instead empower them to stay put, stand and fight, and help them to solve their actual problems rather than encourage them to run. The easy way out today is often unwise tomorrow. They will merely yearn for home and then blame their host country for not being like their homeland. The Valentine Constitution solves all of this by treating the cause and not the symptom. The solution lies at the root cause and not in the leafy symptoms.

The Valentine Constitution makes an exception to allow a few brilliant gifted immigrants (5,000 per year) in order to maintain our preeminence in every field possible. Who better to be the biggest power on earth than those with the biggest hearts? America is the only country in history to conquer the world and give it back, and we did it twice! And the world loved us for it, and we deserved their love. And then we were the first country to establish a majority middle class, which we lost because of that same big heart. We trusted the big business elite which our last General to also be a President warned us about. Eisenhower, not some hippie flower girl, told us to beware of “the military-industrial complex.” But we didn’t listen. Dr. Leakey told us to protect nature or perish, but we didn’t listen. Instead the baby boomers let Wall Street kill the family farm and give us fake food and plastic everything, partied away the “go-go Eighties,” allowed big trade to outsource our jobs and destroy many a Third World country, and got fat on cheap credit and voodoo economics until big failed and left us shouting at our TVs and staring at the prospect of water and food shortages in the near future, not to mention a bankrupt economy, a bankrupt environment, a bankrupt education system and bankrupt health. Baby boomers are bringing report cards home to their children and grandchildren with “F”s in health, schools, the economy, and the environment. We have embarrassingly left our next generations with a real mess. If the rest of the world lived as we do, we’d need seven planets Earths to sustain us. “Change or perish.”


Section. 8. Before the year 2024 the States will build a sustainable energy grid, and energy will become a public utility again. Fossil and nuclear fuels will be phased out by 2024, except for a tiny portion for air travel, research, hobbies and national security:

The Valentine Constitution provides for the building of a sustainable energy grid by the year 2024 and prohibits loathsome fossil fuel and dangerous nuclear fuels. Sustainable energy now costs the same as polluting forms of energy. So why knock down a mountain with Category 5 winds that can give us wind energy and jobs forever to get a measly six months’ worth of coal for a filthy coal fired power plant and only a year’s worth of jobs? Sustainable energy costs decrease over time while fossil fuel costs increase, and that’s without factoring in the environmental costs the taxpayers will bear to clean up all that air, aquifer, river and ocean pollution long into the future. Gas fracturing additionally uses millions of gallons of our rapidly disappearing clean fresh water, contaminates it with chemicals in the drilling process, and then pollutes our aquifers when they explode the shale to get the gas or oil. For what? Exactly what we can get from solar at the same price, less the costs of pollution, without destroying our water supply, our air, our soil and our health. These hidden costs will not be paid by the fossil fuel industries. Forget global warming, just the costs of fossil and nuclear fuels make green energy the obvious choice. Astronomical environmental and health costs are created by disasters like the Big Sandy coal slurry spill, the BP Gulf oil spill, and failed reactors like Fukushima, which has been contaminating the Pacific Ocean for five years with no hope of containment in sight!

And what about self-sufficiency? Why not plug your car into your house after you get home from work. HALF of our energy is lost in transmission. 50% could be saved by producing energy near where it’s needed, like small solar panels and wind turbines, solar roofs that also collect rain water into cisterns for cleaning and watering, and hundreds of other new technologies which have been stifled by the oil and gas lobby in Washington. Big has failed, and on all fronts. The Valentine Constitution establishes a marketplace where American ingenuity and small businesses can thrive so that we can regain our preeminence as leaders in innovation and champions of a vibrant middle class.

Envision a solar highway made of snap-in solar panels that replace pavement, heat up in winter to avoid the need for salting or plowing, integrated with electric vehicles, include underneath the electric cables and communications infrastructure and sewage and water, forgo the cost and time of excavation of pavement to access cables and pipes, eliminate weather related power outages by putting the electrical grid under the panels, requires only 50% of our current energy needs since 50% of our energy is lost in transmission from the power plant to the end user, is far more secure from sabotage since the grid will have no power plants and will allow infinite rerouting and back up of energy and information, all at a time when we need a new infrastructure anyway. Bridges and buildings with wind turbines tiny and large, solar roofs and south facing walls, geothermal wells and wind farms all fulfilling local energy needs and sending the excess down the grid where needed.

Energy will again become a public utility, and taken out of the incapable hands of Wall Street traders who have their profits and not our best interest in mind, who created false power outages to drive up the price of their stocks, and who own and are owned by big oil, coal and gas fracturing billionaires and so can never be objective or trusted to do the right thing. A tiny portion of jet fuel will be used for air travel and certain military applications until sustainable alternatives can be found. And hobbyists will be able to use gasoline for their few vehicles.

A sustainable energy grid will supply more long term jobs, and keep our air and soil and water supply free from the contaminants and carcinogens that cost us so much in health care and damage to our food and water supplies.


Congress and The President shall cause all nuclear weapons and power plants throughout the world to be dismantled by 2024:

The Valentine Constitution provides for the rapid, decisive wholesale dismantling of the world’s nuclear warhead arsenal and the entire nuclear apparatus so that no fissile material can ever again be produced. We must nip in the bud the more and more likely scenario of a launch by madmen like Kim Jong Un in North Korea and Khamenei and other religious zealots in Pakistan and Iran, or megalomaniacs like Vladimir Putin who grows more bellicose each day. There is no justification for having nukes except that the other guy has them. Solution: dismantle them all, and eliminate all reactors so no more bomb material can be created. To make this happen, world opinion must be rallied and severe pressure brought to bear in favor of the decisive, wholesale dismantling of the entire nuclear apparatus once and for all.


Section. 9. All large hydro-electric dams shall be decommissioned by 2024 and their waters shall be restored to their natural routes; and Congress and The President will get other countries to do the same:

The Valentine Constitution calls for the dismantling of most dams to increase aquifer water levels and to allow our river systems to produce more food and fewer toxins. Damming rivers destroys entire ecosystems and degrades both water quantity and quality. Dams remove water needed for healthy in-stream ecosystems; prevent the flow of plants and nutrients; impede the migration of fish and other wildlife; prevent fishing and other recreational uses; hold back silt, debris, nutrients, gravel, logs and other debris normally used downstream as food and habitat; allow silt to collect on river bottoms and bury fish spawning habitats; cause heavy metal accumulation; kill entire species dependent upon steady flows to flush them downriver early in their life and guide them upstream to spawn in later years; creates stagnant reservoir pools that disorient migrating fish; rely on ineffective fish passage structures too long for fish to endure during critical annual migrations; release water to match peak demand creating downstream mini floods that erode soil and shorelines; wipe out plants and fish and the organisms fish live off of; disrupt seasonal flow variations; alter natural growth and reproduction cycles; and decrease oxygen levels causing fish to die. Dams make riverbeds deeper, lowering water tables adjacent to rivers at a time when we need all the drinkable fresh water we can get our hands on.

Why do you think we’re all eating farm raised salmon fed with hormones and pellets instead of the great wild stuff? Because Wall Street companies only care about profits for them, which do not translate to better wages or better jobs or a better life for you like being in small business would. And your Treasury secretary and Fed chairs get on the boob tube and spout mumbo jumbo faking like they’re smarter than you after they just trashed our economy. WE bailed THEM out, remember? To lend it out as lines of credit for small businesses to cover payroll to keep jobs from disappearing. How’d that turn out? I guess they are the smart ones after all, because we were cheated on all three. Guess who all of your Treasury secretaries and Fed chairs used to work for? Big Wall Street firms. They’re all part of the Wall Street elite who played you, especially you patsy millionaires. Can’t feel too good. They began by forcing out the family farms in the 1970s, continued with decades of mergers and acquisitions to create huge multinational conglomerates loyal to no country, kept rolling with the outsourcing of jobs, sidelined us all with GATT, NAFTA and now TPP, and finished us off with the highly leveraged unsecured gambling casino derivatives that crashed the world economy. None of these billionaires, or some party elite politician, or some socialist career politician are going to get you out of this, and culminated with the highly leveraged unsecured gambling casino derivatives that put us $30 trillion in debt with must-pay pensions, entitlements, interest and other obligations of $100 trillion over the next twenty years. And you think one of these billionaires, or some party elite politician, or some socialist career politician is going to get you out of this!? Really? Easter Island syndrome.

Those Kmart goods aren’t cheap; you’re paying for all the hidden costs, the shipping, the advertising, foreign aid and policing of all the failed states the sweat shops are located in. The only thing that makes them cheap is reduced labor costs—yours. Walmart employees owe their souls to the company store and will never get ahead, because the great “team player” job you’re doing is creating huge profits that you do not have a share of. But the Walton kids will get a G6 for their birthday, while you’ll be struggling to get your kid an ice cream cone. You take yourself a little bit more out of the game every time you smoke weed, drink beer or do some other consolation prize stimulant. Your weed and alcohol habit alone are a down payment on a home in five years. And then the Walmart products break with minimal use and you have to buy another one, when you could’ve bought a good one made in America but you’ve been brainwashed into being a short term thinker like Wall Street elite want you to be. Crank up your credit card so you’ll be in debt and then be more OK with the national debt. Debt is a state of crisis! The jobs they give you are crappy, so instead of being out at sea in small business salmon boats, you’re walking around stoned tossing toxic crap into tanks or netted enclosures in a fish farm and producing neurotic fish and wondering why your wife has cancer.

Dams do one good thing: supply electricity. The Valentine Constitution establishes sustainable energy sources to supply electricity without destroying our water and food supplies and the nature we rely on to survive. We’re not macho men of the 1900s who need to prove we can outdo God and Nature. The Valentine Constitution therefor decommissions all large hydro-electric dams by 2024 and restores their waters to their natural routes.

The Valentine Constitution




























With a firm reliance on the protection of Divine Providence,

we mutually pledge our Lives, our Fortunes,

and our sacred Honor to each other

and to the passage of this Constitution

for Our United States of America.


james valentine