Compare Both Constitutions Tweets







Our old Constitution allows the paparazzi to discourage qualified people from pursuing careers that sacrifice their privacy.

#TheValentineConstitution protects the privacy of entertainers and politicians fostering entertainment exports and good government.



Our old Constitution permits free speech to protect strip clubs, prostitution, pornography and bloody violence.

#TheValentineConstitution prohibits excessive violence, genitalia exposure, prostitution and other forms of sex for pay.


Our old Constitution fails to protect women from harassment and bullying.

#TheValentineConstitution prohibits such invasions of privacy.


Our old Constitution fails to provide equal rights and equal pay for women.

#TheValentineConstitution provides women with equal rights and equal pay once and for all.


Our old Constitution fails to grant equal rights and equal pay to LGBTs.

#TheValentineConstitution includes an equal rights and equal pay provision for LGBTs.


Our old Constitution allows denial of health services to confused young women.

#TheValentineConstitution protects women from having to seek dangerous, back street abortions.


Our old Constitution allows the state to control the bodies of female Citizens.

#TheValentineConstitution grants each Citizen control over their own body including abortion.



Our old Constitution allows children to be separated from their biological parents.

#TheValentineConstitution gives children the right to be with their biological parents.


Our old Constitution allows parents to financially neglect their children.

#TheValentineConstitution requires both biological parents to financially support their children until 18.


Our old Constitution fails to protect children from abandonment by their biological parents.

#TheValentineConstitution requires biological parents to live with their children whenever stable, and helps parents do so.


Our old Constitution permits children to be sold to the highest bidder.

#TheValentineConstitution prohibits surrogate child bearing, sperm and egg donation, and human trafficking.


Our old Constitution fails to provide maternity or paternity leave.

#TheValentineConstitution provides paid leave and unemployment-like maternity and paternity leave to ensure that children are adequately cared for and develop properly.



Our old Constitution fails to develop children’s gifts and aptitudes into real world skills for commerce.

#TheValentineConstitution develops students’ gifts and natural abilities for job and business success.


Our old Constitution fails to turn out enough engineers and programmers.

#TheValentineConstitution will turn out plenty of qualified graduates to fill all jobs.


Our old Constitution fails to provide children with job skills or job related skills.

#TheValentineConstitution provides children with apprenticeships, mentorships, skills, chores,and discipline.


Our old Constitution fails to provide children with communication skills, camaraderie, or safe neighborhoods.

#TheValentineConstitution requires daily relationship class, student presentations, and community projects.


Our old Constitution permits bullying, cliques, alienation and a negative learning environment.

#TheValentineConstitution requires daily relationship class to confront bullying, debunk cliques, and establish a loving, supportive school environment.


Our old Constitution fails to teach parenting or parent-child communication.

#TheValentineConstitution provides a parenting class requiring the participation of one parent one time per semester.


Our old Constitution fails to protect children traveling to and from school, and allows school police to criminalize students.

#TheValentineConstitution prohibits police in schools and protects children in their community at all times.


Our old Constitution allows public schools to fail and private prisons to succeed.

#TheValentineConstitution requires that prisons become self sufficient, and invests the $45,000 per year per inmate savings in K-12 schools.


Our old Constitution permits ineffective bureaucrats to be more important than K-12 students.

#TheValentineConstitution focuses the education system on the students and teachers, and reduces the education bureaucracy.



Our old Constitution fails to pay teachers enough to be competitive in the labor market.

#TheValentineConstitution pays double the minimum wage (of $20/hr) and health and dental to the people who educate and help raise our children.


Our old Constitution fails to provide enough teaching materials to teachers who typically spend two paychecks each year on unreimbursed supplies and classroom setup.

#TheValentineConstitution reduces the budget for bureaucrats and increases the budget for supplies.


Our old Constitution permits bad teachers to keep their jobs at the expense of America’s children.

#TheValentineConstitution enables teachers, parents and students to vote out any teacher, school employee or bureaucrat.



Our old Constitution fails to provide students with nutritious meals or exercise, paying later in health costs.

#TheValentineConstitution provides nutritious organic meals, exercise class and healthy habits saving later on Medicare and Medicaid.


Our old Constitution permits children to be poisoned with sugar, syrups, fertilizers, growth hormones and antibiotics.

#TheValentineConstitution provides children with 3 organic, sugar-free, toxin-free meals per day.


Our old Constitution turns K-12 students into health welfare recipients and pharmaceutical customers.

#TheValentineConstitution provides nutritious meals, exercise and healthy habits preventing the need for most health care and pharmaceuticals.


Our old Constitution allows doctors and companies to pad their wallets and coffers by prolonging the last agonizing days of life.

#TheValentineConstitution grants every Citizen the right to die with dignity when they wish to go.


Our old Constitution allows 90% of Medicare and Medicaid (25% of our budget) to be spent on the last months of a recipient’s life.

#TheValentineConstitution sharply reduces that number by allowing Citizens to end a pain filled or tedious existence.


Our old Constitution permits expensive and broken Medicare, Medicaid and VA health care systems.

#TheValentineConstitution streamlines all government departments, eliminates overlap and provides ratings apps.


Our old Constitution permits an excess of costly prescription drugs, many incorrectly prescribed and with side effects worse than the symptoms.

#TheValentineConstitution reduces the cost of and need for pharmaceutical drugs. symptom-masking.


Our old Constitution allows broken health care systems to focus on doctor’s wallets and corporate profits rather than patient health.

#TheValentineConstitution emphasizes health and prevention of illness to save Citizens money, time and pain.



Our old Constitution permits unemployment to be doled out when businesses are hiring.

#TheValentineConstitution prohibits unemployment to be doled out when and where jobs are available.


Our old Constitution permits welfare and unemployment to be spent on alcohol, cigarettes, junk food etc.

#TheValentineConstitution requires that welfare monies and unemployment be spent only on the basics and not on frivolities.


Our old Constitution fails to require recipients to repay welfare and unemployment in good times.

#TheValentineConstitution requires that unemployment and welfare payments be repaid to help others in their time of need.


Our old Constitution permits fraud and the abuse of well intentioned government programs.

#TheValentineConstitution eliminates fraud and abuse with ratings apps, whistle blower protection, and smart guidelines.


Our old Constitution makes government workers struggle under irrationality, inefficiency and fraud.

#TheValentineConstitution establishes organization, efficiency and common sense in a government that helps its Citizens and small businesses.



Our old Constitution allows businesses to deny employment to English speaking Americans.

#TheValentineConstitution prohibits denial of employment to Americans who only speak English and can’t communicate with non-English speaking employees.


Our old Constitution permits language errors to stifle innovation and productivity.

#TheValentineConstitution requires English to enhance innovation and the exchange of ideas.


Our old Constitution permits language errors to stifle communication and efficiency.

#TheValentineConstitution requires English in government and businesses to avoid communication errors between business and people.


Our old Constitution allows lax language standards preventing assimilation by immigrants.

#TheValentineConstitution requires fluent English in government and businesses to facilitate assimilation.


Our old Constitution fails to preserve our American culture.

#TheValentineConstitution protects the American culture: our common English language, historical, school and Christian holidays, common values, fairness, freedom, equality and charity.



Our old Constitution allows the uncontrolled development of artificial intelligence.

#TheValentineConstitution prohibits the creation of artificial entities superior to human beings since humans will be enslaved then exterminated.