Compare Both Constitutions Tweets


Our old Constitution permits Wall Street CEOs to give high paying jobs to government department heads and politicians who pass favorable regulations while in office.

#TheValentineConstitution prohibits the revolving door.


Our old Constitution permits our Wall Street owned media to spin one agenda or party over another.

#TheValentineConstitution requires objective journalism, equal time for different points of view, and consideration of all important topics.



Our old Constitution permits special interests and lobbies to finance political campaigns in return for favorable legislation.

#TheValentineConstitution prohibits all lobbies and PACS from contributing to or participating in campaigns.


Our old Constitution permits big money to finance political campaigns in return for favorable legislation.

#TheValentineConstitution has a neutral body provide all election forums so politicians are beholden to the Citizens not big money.


Our old Constitution permits a few party elites and a few primary states to dictate which candidates we get to vote for.

#TheValentineConstitution prohibits primaries, caucuses and party control over elections.


Our old Constitution permits party elites to deny exposure to all but a few candidates and ideas.

#TheValentineConstitution provides equal time and exposure for all candidates.


Our old Constitution permits super-delegates and electoral college elites to override the democratic vote.

#TheValentineConstitution eliminates super delegates and the electoral college to give equal power to each Citizen’s vote.


Our old Constitution permits polling, handicapping and winner projections which dissuade and penalize late voters.

#TheValentineConstitution prohibits polling, handicapping and winner projections so each vote counts the same.


Our old Constitution permits the gerrymandering of election districts to ensure that 90% of incumbents get re-elected.

#TheValentineConstitution prohibits gerrymandering, and establishes 12-year term limits to diminish cronyism.


Our old Constitution permits elected officials to use government resources for campaigning.

#TheValentineConstitution prohibits elected officials from using government resources for campaigning.


Our old Constitution permits a 2-year election cycle, making campaigning the full time job and governing the part time job.

#TheValentineConstitution establishes a 5-month election cycle run by a neutral body in the Judiciary branch.


Our old Constitution permits 2-year lower house terms that put our elected officials in constant campaign and pay back mode.

#TheValentineConstitution establishes 4-year term limits for representatives and assemblymen to avoid constant campaigning.


Our old Constitution permits unlimited terms of office producing complacency, cronyism, stalemates and career politicians.

#TheValentineConstitution limits time per office to 12 years total eliminating complacency, cronyism and stalemates.



Our old Constitution permits long vacancies in Our Supreme Court and other departments.

#TheValentineConstitution limits the time allowed for Senate confirmation of department heads, and empowers Citizens to vote for Supreme Court Justices within 30 days.



Our old Constitution’s parliamentary rules allow stalemates and corruption.

#TheValentineConstitution prohibits seniority, committees, caucuses, filibusters and other politicized rules.


Our old Constitution permits unrelated amendments to be added to bills producing pay-back corruption and excesses.

#TheValentineConstitution prohibits “riders” unrelated to a bill and requires a separate vote on amendments to a bill.


Our old Constitution permits politicians to miss and not record votes leaving constituencies unsure how or if their representatives voted.

#TheValentineConstitution requires that all politicians vote on every measure and record how they voted.



Our old Constitution wastes resources on departments at the federal, state, county and city level doing similar work.

#TheValentineConstitution eliminates city and county governments and divides all powers between the Federal and State governments with no overlap.


Our old Constitution permits our government to burden Citizens with confusing, time consuming compliance requirements.

#TheValentineConstitution establishes a government that streamlines compliance and assists Citizens to make them more productive.


Our old Constitution permits unaccountability, contradiction, inconvenience and disorganization in government.

#TheValentineConstitution creates an efficient, helpful, accountable government.


Our old Constitution permits government departments to hide from Citizens.

#TheValentineConstitution allows Citizens to locate and communicate with the responsible department and employee.



Our old Constitution permits our government to hire and rehire inept or crooked contractors.

#TheValentineConstitution provides a rating system for government services and contractors so we end up with the best.


Our old Constitution permits tolls which inhibit job search and travel, and create a rich-poor division.

#TheValentineConstitution abolishes all tolls and creates electric solar roadways with high speed inter-city lanes and driverless electric cars.



Our old Constitution requires expensive attorneys, time consuming procedures, and perplexing legalities.

#TheValentineConstitution provides free, fast initial review of any case by 3 expert judges who may suggest settlements.


Our old Constitution permits Citizens to be disenfranchised, bewildered and oppressed by their own court system.

#TheValentineConstitution gives Citizens an explanation and understanding of their legal position and their laws.


Our old Constitution permits too many complicated courts, rules, jurisdictions and standings.

#TheValentineConstitution permits all jurisdictions and standings, and merit based adjudication by expert judges.


Our old Constitution permits our justice departments and big companies to bring cases against Citizens too poor to defend themselves.

#TheValentineConstitution provides free defense and 3 expert judges who consider all arguments presented or not by the opposing sides.



Our old Constitution permits law enforcement to be corrupt, and allows too many overlapping agencies.

#TheValentineConstitution establishes one law enforcement agency with one chain of command and Citizen oversight.


Our old Constitution fails to provide any checks and balances in law enforcement.

#TheValentineConstitution provides hard crime and soft crime units with checks and balances, Citizen oversight and body cams.


Our old Constitution fails to protect peaceable assemblers and property owners from bad actors who infiltrate marches and protests.

#TheValentineConstitution puts State Guard members with protestors and in front of properties to foil bad apples.


Our old Constitution requires the jailing of one of the parties in any domestic dispute.

#TheValentineConstitution assigns misdemeanors to soft crimes, conflict resolution experts who dispense programs instead of jail time and fines.


Our old Constitution allows misdemeanor jailing to cause missed work, missed paychecks, firings, evictions, repossessions, homelessness, divorce and orphaning.

#TheValentineConstitution helps petty criminals get their lives in order.


Our old Constitution permits jailing Citizens who were never properly informed of warrants issued for tickets, tolls or appearances.

#TheValentineConstitution notifies each Citizen in their single-records account and assists them with compliance.


Our old Constitution fails to make criminals pay for the costs of their crimes and incarceration.

#TheValentineConstitution requires that criminals repay the costs of their arrest and incarceration, and the costs incurred by their victims.



Our old Constitution permits massive national debt ($35 trillion) and future obligations ($200 trillion).

#TheValentineConstitution requires balanced budgets and pay-as-we-go accounting with no future obligations or liabilities.


Our old Constitution permits our money supply to exceed the true value of our economy.

#TheValentineConstitution prohibits the printing of money beyond its true value and prohibits quantitative easing.


Our old Constitution permits our nation’s credit rating to drop below AAA costing us dearly.

#TheValentineConstitution requires AAA credit ratings for all State and Federal governments and departments.



Our old Constitution permits over 30 different kinds of taxes.

#TheValentineConstitution replaces income, payroll, property, estate and all other taxes with a single tax of 5% on buyer(s) and seller(s) in every transaction.


Our old Constitution permits taxes to cause undue stress and aggravation at home and at work.

#TheValentineConstitution has only one tax. There’s nothing to file and no other taxes to pay.


Our old Constitution requires confusing, stressful, time consuming, annual tax preparation.

#TheValentineConstitution’s single tax ends the confusing annual expense of money, time and stress.


Our old Constitution straddles taxpayers with a big annual tax payment.

#TheValentineConstitution’s takes an unnoticeable amount of tax out of each transaction, saving us time and hassle.


Our old Constitution permits property taxes to make buying a home expensive.

#TheValentineConstitution eliminates property tax creating more home owners since 25% of the cost of home ownership is property tax.


Our old Constitution leaves Citizens with no way to determine what happens to their tax dollars.

#TheValentineConstitution has apps that allow Citizens to easily track tax revenues, budgets and expenditures.


Our old Constitution permits tax dollars to go unaccounted for.

#TheValentineConstitution provides that every tax dollar is credited directly to a specific budget line item and accounted for to our Citizens who vote on the budget every 12 years.


Our old Constitution permits our government to purchase $1,000 hammers and lose $2.1 trillion from our defense budget.

#TheValentineConstitution requires the daily posting of each dollar’s expenditure and budget viewable by all Citizens at all times.


Our old Constitution permits tax compliance to stifle commerce and productivity, and cost small business its profits.

#TheValentineConstitution requires no tax compliance, freeing up businesses to make money and create jobs.


Our old Constitution permits payroll, income and other taxes that cost small businesses 10% of their revenue and/or time to comply with.

#TheValentineConstitution’s single tax saves small businesses 10% of revenues now spent on onerous tax compliance.


Our old Constitution allows corrupting tax subsidies.

#TheValentineConstitution’s single tax prohibits all tax subsidies.


Our old Constitution gives us no way to identify good or bad contractors.

#TheValentineConstitution has apps that allow Citizens to rate the performance of government contractors so we’ll end up with the best value for our tax dollars.


Our old Constitution allows 4 banks to run 90% of our banking.

#TheValentineConstitution establishes a single public utility bank saving us time and money.


Our old Constitution permits banks to loan out $33,000 (at 5%) for every $1,000 deposited by savers who get only 2% – 3%, a 60:1 spread!

#TheValentineConstitution prohibits “spread leveraging“, and gives savers and borrowers a fair interest rate.


Our old Constitution allows banks to charge Citizens fees on multiple accounts.

#TheValentineConstitution provides one account for each Citizen’s savings, checking, credit card, loans, mortgages and insurance.


Our old Constitution permits Wall Street and banks to use “the full faith and credit of the USA”, valuable credit created by OUR taxes and savings.

#TheValentineConstitution establishes equal access to public credit and capital resource pools.


Our old Constitution permits Wall Street to be a gambling casino with banking and investment company monopolies as the house.

#TheValentineConstitution prohibits all derivatives, high speed trading and monopolies worldwide.


Our old Constitution allowed the Big has Failed Collapse of 2007 and the Great Depression of 1929.

#TheValentineConstitution returns Wall Street to fundamentals, dividends, and long-term investing in stability and innovation.


Our old Constitution allows politicians to make the Citizens bail out billionaires who cause financial crises.

#TheValentineConstitution allows Citizens to vote on bail outs, and prohibits activities which cause financial collapses.


Our old Constitution permits cash which facilitates and hides criminal activities.

#TheValentineConstitution abolishes cash making it impossible for criminals to transact business.



Our old Constitution permits minimum wage workers who are CHEAPER THAN SLAVES would be to keep.

#TheValentineConstitution raises the minimum wage to $20 per hour to end VOLUNTARY SERVITUDE.


Our old Constitution allows companies to spend less on minimum wage workers than it would cost them to transport, feed, house and care for slaves.

#TheValentineConstitution ends big company enslavement of Citizens.


Our old Constitution allowed outsourcing of jobs: apparel:72%, furniture:46%, electronics:42%, auto:41%.

#TheValentineConstitution requires that 75% of all products sold in America must be made in America by Americans.


Our old Constitution permits corporations to pay their employees so little that we have to give them welfare, while CEOs make millions.

#TheValentineConstitution increases the minimum wage to $20 per hour to avoid the need for welfare.


Our old Constitution permits one sided trade deals to outsource our jobs and pad offshore bank accounts.

#TheValentineConstitution requires a trade surplus with all nations and outlaws 90% of outsourcing.


Our old Constitution permits Wall Street corporations to control internet market access, market share and market exposure.

#TheValentineConstitution eliminates monopoly control and provides a single, free sales portal for sellers and buyers.


Our old Constitution permits theft of copyright content by companies, consumers and foreign countries.

#TheValentineConstitution provides free content to all and royalties to copyright content producers paid out of current fees.


Our old Constitution allows search engines to display their advertising customers in front of who and what a Citizen is searching for.

#TheValentineConstitution requires filters that get Citizens directly to what they searched for.


Our old Constitution permits internet search engines to base rankings and filters on advertising profits frustrating search.

#TheValentineConstitution removes profit motivated search rankings, and gives search filter control to users.


Our old Constitution permits companies to collect and share our private information.

#TheValentineConstitution makes info collection and sharing and advertising opt IN, protecting consumer privacy.


Our old Constitution permits middlemen and gatekeepers to control our capitalist internet marketplace.

#TheValentineConstitution eliminates gatekeepers and middlemen, allowing Citizens free market access paid for out of the transaction tax.


Our old Constitution allows internet companies to charge 4 times: product fees, access fees, distribution fees and advertising interruptions.

#TheValentineConstitution reduces access fees, eliminates distribution fees, and makes advertising and info sharing opt IN.


Our old Constitution permits 4 costly, redundant delivery systems: fiber optic, cable, broadcast, satellite.

#TheValentineConstitution separates delivery systems by type for a faster, safer, cheaper system.



Our old Constitution allowed oil, coal, gas and nuclear fuels to pollute us to the brink of extinction.

#TheValentineConstitution prohibits oil, gas, coal and nuclear fuels in favor of sustainable energy.


Our old Constitution allows an energy grid vulnerable to attack, storms and outages.

#TheValentineConstitution creates a sustainable grid with locally sourced energy NOT vulnerable to energy and communications outages.


Our old Constitution permits notorious madmen to build nuclear weapons which threaten our survival.

#TheValentineConstitution eliminates all nuclear weaponry and the nuclear energy, eliminating bomb making material.


Our old Constitution fails to protect us from nuclear meltdowns like Fukushima, Japan and Turkey Point, FL.

#TheValentineConstitution prohibits nuclear fuels.



Our old Constitution permits our population to outgrow our dwindling water and food supply.

#TheValentineConstitution limits our population to a sustainable size.


Our old Constitution permits foreign companies to steal fresh water from our Great Lakes, rivers and springs.

#TheValentineConstitution prohibits the exportation of our fresh water.


Our old Constitution permits Wall Street agribusiness to use our water to reap huge profits from exported food.

#TheValentineConstitution prohibits the exportation of unsustainably irrigated food, and reserves food and water for our Citizens.


Our old Constitution establishes a 3 mile international water limit.

#TheValentineConstitution extends our international water limit to 1,000 miles and prohibits foreign fishing and exploitation of our waters.


Our old Constitution permits river damming which destroys ecosystems, disrupts the food chain, and degrades water quantity and quality.

#TheValentineConstitution prohibits damming, and returns blocked rivers to their natural flows.


Our old Constitution permits our fisheries to be decimated by algae created by nitrogen used to enhance crop yields.

#TheValentineConstitution prohibits fish-killing nitrogen and toxins.


Our old Constitution permits pollutants and synthetic fertilizers which kill the bees and insects necessary to grow crops.

#TheValentineConstitution prohibits pollinator-killing fertilizers, and requires sustainable organic farming.


Our old Constitution permits monoculture farming which kills the bees we need to pollinate/grow 70% of our crops.

#TheValentineConstitution prohibits monoculture farming.


Our old Constitution permits pesticides, antibiotics, growth hormones and the resulting human health problems.

#TheValentineConstitution prohibits unhealthy toxins and avoids the illness, cost, pain and inconvenience they cause.


Our old Constitution permits cancer causing synthetic farming.

#TheValentineConstitution requires organic sustainable farming.


Our old Constitution permits subsidies to Wall Street agribusinesses that produce a poisoned food supply.

#TheValentineConstitution prohibits subsidies, and levies only one 5% tax on all transactions made by all companies and Citizens.


Our old Constitution permits slaughterhouse terror, feedlot poisoning, and cage-raised poultry.

#TheValentineConstitution requires the humane treatment of animals. prohibits terror, toxins and cage raising.


Our old Constitution permits mono crop agriculture risking large scale crop failures.

#TheValentineConstitution mandates crop and breed diversity to avoid food crises and species extinction.


Our old Constitution allows single-use packaging and the dumping of useful materials into the waste stream.

#TheValentineConstitution requires all packaging and packing material be reusable and non-toxic.



Our old Constitution fails to protect the privacy of our Citizens.

#TheValentineConstitution prohibits photographing or taping of a private Citizen without their consent.


Our old Constitution permits the paparazzi to endanger public safety.

#TheValentineConstitution prohibits the paparazzi from endangering public safety for any reason.


Our old Constitution allows freedom of the press and speech as excuses for tabloids to invade privacy.

#TheValentineConstitution prohibits invading the privacy of public figures unless reporting facts relevant to the pubic interest.


Our old Constitution holds freedom of the press and speech in higher esteem than privacy.

#TheValentineConstitution makes privacy superior to freedom of the press when not reporting facts relevant to public welfare or safety.


Our old Constitution permits the publishing of falsehoods to invade the privacy of our Citizens.



Our old Constitution allows the paparazzi to discourage qualified people from pursuing careers that sacrifice their privacy.

#TheValentineConstitution protects the privacy of entertainers and politicians fostering entertainment exports and good government.



Our old Constitution permits free speech to protect strip clubs, prostitution, pornography and bloody violence.

#TheValentineConstitution prohibits excessive violence, genitalia exposure, prostitution and other forms of sex for pay.


Our old Constitution fails to protect women from harassment and bullying.

#TheValentineConstitution prohibits such invasions of privacy.


Our old Constitution fails to provide equal rights and equal pay for women.

#TheValentineConstitution provides women with equal rights and equal pay once and for all.


Our old Constitution fails to grant equal rights and equal pay to LGBTs.

#TheValentineConstitution includes an equal rights and equal pay provision for LGBTs.


Our old Constitution allows denial of health services to confused young women.

#TheValentineConstitution protects women from having to seek dangerous, back street abortions.


Our old Constitution allows the state to control the bodies of female Citizens.

#TheValentineConstitution grants each Citizen control over their own body including abortion.



Our old Constitution allows children to be separated from their biological parents.

#TheValentineConstitution gives children the right to be with their biological parents.


Our old Constitution allows parents to financially neglect their children.

#TheValentineConstitution requires both biological parents to financially support their children until 18.


Our old Constitution fails to protect children from abandonment by their biological parents.

#TheValentineConstitution requires biological parents to live with their children whenever stable, and helps parents do so.


Our old Constitution permits children to be sold to the highest bidder.

#TheValentineConstitution prohibits surrogate child bearing, sperm and egg donation, and human trafficking.


Our old Constitution fails to provide maternity or paternity leave.

#TheValentineConstitution provides paid leave and unemployment-like maternity and paternity leave to ensure that children are adequately cared for and develop properly.



Our old Constitution fails to develop children’s gifts and aptitudes into real world skills for commerce.

#TheValentineConstitution develops students’ gifts and natural abilities for job and business success.


Our old Constitution fails to turn out enough engineers and programmers.

#TheValentineConstitution will turn out plenty of qualified graduates to fill all jobs.


Our old Constitution fails to provide children with job skills or job related skills.

#TheValentineConstitution provides children with apprenticeships, mentorships, skills, chores,and discipline.


Our old Constitution fails to provide children with communication skills, camaraderie, or safe neighborhoods.

#TheValentineConstitution requires daily relationship class, student presentations, and community projects.


Our old Constitution permits bullying, cliques, alienation and a negative learning environment.

#TheValentineConstitution requires daily relationship class to confront bullying, debunk cliques, and establish a loving, supportive school environment.


Our old Constitution fails to teach parenting or parent-child communication.

#TheValentineConstitution provides a parenting class requiring the participation of one parent one time per semester.


Our old Constitution fails to protect children traveling to and from school, and allows school police to criminalize students.

#TheValentineConstitution prohibits police in schools and protects children in their community at all times.


Our old Constitution allows public schools to fail and private prisons to succeed.

#TheValentineConstitution requires that prisons become self sufficient, and invests the $45,000 per year per inmate savings in K-12 schools.


Our old Constitution permits ineffective bureaucrats to be more important than K-12 students.

#TheValentineConstitution focuses the education system on the students and teachers, and reduces the education bureaucracy.



Our old Constitution fails to pay teachers enough to be competitive in the labor market.

#TheValentineConstitution pays double the minimum wage (of $20/hr) and health and dental to the people who educate and help raise our children.


Our old Constitution fails to provide enough teaching materials to teachers who typically spend two paychecks each year on unreimbursed supplies and classroom setup.

#TheValentineConstitution reduces the budget for bureaucrats and increases the budget for supplies.


Our old Constitution permits bad teachers to keep their jobs at the expense of America’s children.

#TheValentineConstitution enables teachers, parents and students to vote out any teacher, school employee or bureaucrat.



Our old Constitution fails to provide students with nutritious meals or exercise, paying later in health costs.

#TheValentineConstitution provides nutritious organic meals, exercise class and healthy habits saving later on Medicare and Medicaid.


Our old Constitution permits children to be poisoned with sugar, syrups, fertilizers, growth hormones and antibiotics.

#TheValentineConstitution provides children with 3 organic, sugar-free, toxin-free meals per day.


Our old Constitution turns K-12 students into health welfare recipients and pharmaceutical customers.

#TheValentineConstitution provides nutritious meals, exercise and healthy habits preventing the need for most health care and pharmaceuticals.


Our old Constitution allows doctors and companies to pad their wallets and coffers by prolonging the last agonizing days of life.

#TheValentineConstitution grants every Citizen the right to die with dignity when they wish to go.


Our old Constitution allows 90% of Medicare and Medicaid (25% of our budget) to be spent on the last months of a recipient’s life.

#TheValentineConstitution sharply reduces that number by allowing Citizens to end a pain filled or tedious existence.


Our old Constitution permits expensive and broken Medicare, Medicaid and VA health care systems.

#TheValentineConstitution streamlines all government departments, eliminates overlap and provides ratings apps.


Our old Constitution permits an excess of costly prescription drugs, many incorrectly prescribed and with side effects worse than the symptoms.

#TheValentineConstitution reduces the cost of and need for pharmaceutical drugs. symptom-masking.


Our old Constitution allows broken health care systems to focus on doctor’s wallets and corporate profits rather than patient health.

#TheValentineConstitution emphasizes health and prevention of illness to save Citizens money, time and pain.



Our old Constitution permits unemployment to be doled out when businesses are hiring.

#TheValentineConstitution prohibits unemployment to be doled out when and where jobs are available.


Our old Constitution permits welfare and unemployment to be spent on alcohol, cigarettes, junk food etc.

#TheValentineConstitution requires that welfare monies and unemployment be spent only on the basics and not on frivolities.


Our old Constitution fails to require recipients to repay welfare and unemployment in good times.

#TheValentineConstitution requires that unemployment and welfare payments be repaid to help others in their time of need.


Our old Constitution permits fraud and the abuse of well intentioned government programs.

#TheValentineConstitution eliminates fraud and abuse with ratings apps, whistle blower protection, and smart guidelines.


Our old Constitution makes government workers struggle under irrationality, inefficiency and fraud.

#TheValentineConstitution establishes organization, efficiency and common sense in a government that helps its Citizens and small businesses.



Our old Constitution allows businesses to deny employment to English speaking Americans.

#TheValentineConstitution prohibits denial of employment to Americans who only speak English and can’t communicate with non-English speaking employees.


Our old Constitution permits language errors to stifle innovation and productivity.

#TheValentineConstitution requires English to enhance innovation and the exchange of ideas.


Our old Constitution permits language errors to stifle communication and efficiency.

#TheValentineConstitution requires English in government and businesses to avoid communication errors between business and people.


Our old Constitution allows lax language standards preventing assimilation by immigrants.

#TheValentineConstitution requires fluent English in government and businesses to facilitate assimilation.


Our old Constitution fails to preserve our American culture.

#TheValentineConstitution protects the American culture: our common English language, historical, school and Christian holidays, common values, fairness, freedom, equality and charity.



Our old Constitution allows the uncontrolled development of artificial intelligence.

#TheValentineConstitution prohibits the creation of artificial entities superior to human beings since humans will be enslaved then exterminated.