The Valentine Constitution


VALENTINE is an American political philosopher who has devoted his life to finding effective solutions to America’s social, political, and governmental problems, culminating in a new Constitution.

Valentine was born in Virginia on Valentine’s Day in 1957 and raised in the suburbs of Washington until 9 when his family moved 50 miles west to a farm near the Blue Ridge Mountains and the Shenandoah River. In 1972, he skipped eleventh grade then went on to graduate in 3 years from the University of Virginia where he studied constitutional and international law, foreign affairs, economics, criminology and political philosophy. He ran for president of the student body placing 3rd. In 1978 he simultaneously ran the precinct operations of both the Frank Wolf for US Congress and the John Warner for US Senate campaigns in VA’s 10th district (adjacent to DC) and was dismayed by the dishonorable self-interest, apathy, cynicism, and inability of all the candidates and elected officials to produce any real world solutions. Candidacy, he realized, was not going to get it done.

He roughnecked in the Texas oil fields before moving to New York in 1980 and 1981 where he modeled for Elite with the world’s first supermodels and was part of the creative Studio 54 social scene at what Warhol called “the center of the center”. When AIDS hit hard and suddenly, Valentine left New York and traveled the world studying foreign governments in Mexico City, Sydney, Singapore where he studied Lee Kuan Yew’s successful experiment in benign dictatorship, Malaysia, Thailand, Macau, Hong Kong and Tokyo, even heavily communist Red China where every single person dressed in the same black pajamas and rode the same black bicycle.

London and Paris proved boring by comparison, so in 1985 the workaholic moved to Las Vegas where he studied music and law at UNLV and wrote the music to the 50 songs he had created abroad before moving to Los Angeles in 1987 where he studied screenwriting, directing, producing and taxation at UCLA, owned a dress company, and designed shoes. He made two motion pictures, partnered with Ascent Media to run the first definitive tests of the world’s first digital cameras, renegotiated Fininvest’s deals with Playboy and Warner Brothers, and wrote 50 screenplays.

In the early 1990s Valentine litigated and won 5 court cases representing himself in Superior court in Beverly Hills. The experience gave him a good taste of America’s justice system before moving to Redondo Beach for seven years to do the research and analysis necessary to formulate 12 amendments to our constitution, including the many popular changes most Citizens had advocated for decades.

Miami Beach Victory GardenIn 2000 Valentine moved to South Beach where he financed and single handedly restored the neighboring WWII Victory Gardens from a trash lot to a vibrant community gardening scene. He wrote, produced, directed, financed and starred in two PG 13 motion pictures: ‘Romantic Schemer’ and ‘4/11’, in a failed attempt to acquire the fame required to attract national attention to his amendments.

The Valentine Constitution Prompted by the economic meltdown in 2007, Valentine returned to his recodification work. He consolidated all of our current constitutional amendments into our current Constitution, then folded in his amendments, giving him his first rough draft of a new constitution. Over most of the next eight years he would add his solutions to problems exposed by the meltdown, as well as many solutions to specific issues he had been formulating over the years, none covered by our original constitution, until he had an integrated new American constitution, finally achieving a life long goal. During that time he moved to Nashville for most of 2010 and 2011 to produce and record his own 45 song library and to make numerous political videos and political music videos explaining the provisions of his amendments then later of his constitution. From 2012 to 2016 Valentine returned to South Beach to edit and mix and record vocals on his music project, and to do post-production on his videos and movies. From 2015 and 2016 he created the branding, marketing, websites and social media for his songs, movies, fashion and politics.

In October of 2015 Valentine became a late entry candidate for President of The United States on the less crowded Democratic side only to be rejected by the press and thwarted by the Democratic party elites from getting on state ballots or participating in any debates. Wasserman-Shultz would later lose her chairmanship of the DNC for this behavior. His experience reminded him of the dishonorable self-interest, apathy and cynicism he had experienced as a Republican 40 years earlier. Nothing had changed. Both parties were controlled by affluent elites, and candidates were not going to get anything done. The very systemic failures that prompted him to start down the road to a new constitution 40 years earlier had gotten even worse.  In December 2015, he changed his party affiliation back to “no affiliation” and continued as an independent candidate for President. In early 2016, Valentine put his campaigning and marketing in the hands of so called pros and took the time to write a book describing in layman’s terms the real world effect that The Valentine Constitution would have on our country, and the reasons we need to implement it as quickly as possible. No press outlet was willing to review his book.

With the late spring deadlines for getting on the ballot approaching, he lacked the $20 million necessary to get on the ballot for the general election in all 50 states, and even the $2 million to obtain the several hundred thousand signatures required for the first few states. He tried to resort to being a write-in candidate, allowed by all but 8 states. But even those filings were rejected by many of the politicized Secretaries of States in an appalling abuse of power, similar to that which got Wasserman-Shultz tossed from her chair at the DNC.

In June 2016 Valentine cut his staff to 3 and his PR companies to 1 as his personal finances, his sole source of funding, dwindled. He continued to contact celebrities who could easily have exposed his constitution, but none came forward, nor did any millionaires who could easily have funded his getting on the ballot. Publications like The Hollywood Reporter refused to run his full page ads ($5,000.00 for one issue) claiming that it did not fit their style! A recording of that conversation is at the end of his “moffuffy” music video on YouTube. He offered to give the copyright for his song and music video “trippin’ honky” to Snoop’s foundation in return for awareness, and likewise offered Taylor Swift and Lady Gaga to sing the female part of his already recorded and mixed duet “hide n’ seek”. But handlers can be deceitful, so who knows if any of the celebrities or millionaires ever even got the message. One thing’s for sure; none ever “responded to the material”, even though the provisions of Valentine’s constitution are in total concert with their mission statements and those of their pet causes and foundations. Go figure.

In July of 2016 Valentine went to the DNC convention where he supported the anti-Hillary effort headquartered in FDR park. In an effort to interest those Sanders’ supporters and delegates who refused to back Hillary into instead backing The Valentine Constitution, Valentine met and sidekicked for two days with the man who mortgaged his house to pay for the stage and jumbotrons where the protestors gathered to take in music, videos and speeches, and where the Bernie delegates came after walking out of the convention. Valentine bought the core group of workers lunches and dinners and afterwards the farewell dinner for the inner circle who had sacrificed so much for several months to protest and stage all the events. Most of them needed to put their lives and businesses back together, and were still too loyal to Bernie and his new candidacy efforts to consider The Valentine Constitution. Valentine knew it was his farewell dinner too, at least for a while, but at least he’d finally met some fellow patriots. Like the man who mortgaged his home, Valentine had exerted a lot of effort in vain at great physical, emotional and financial expense. In November 2016, Valentine let go of his remaining staff and took the holidays off for the first time in his life to rest. He spent the first few months of 2017 organizing all the information and poor work done for him the previous two years, and spent the spring and summer of 2017 prepping for an autumn push to bring awareness to The Valentine Constitution. As Stephen Hawking said, “We are now passing the point of no return and soon will be unable to prevent Earth becoming like Venus.”

Valentine is an independent candidate for President in 2020 in order to implement the provisions of his constitution once ratified. He knows now that most Americans are too politically lazy and too skeptical to read a political book, even about solutions to their problems. Instead voters prefer the far easier and more comfortable judging of candidates based on the opinions of our factless press corps. That way citizens can pass off the responsibilities of their citizenship onto candidates and government officials, and take none themselves. Americans are so committed to their polarized sides, and so conformist, that 90% of politicians in office get re-elected even though they have less than a 25% approval rating, and haven’t solved any problems in decades. Even if one’s wish list of candidates were elected, what legislation would they pass? Candidates are too polarized and stalemated, both between and within parties, to pass all the legislation needed to solve our many problems, and how long would it take them? In our Declaration of Independence Jefferson confirmed that Americans would rather wallow in the misery of their problems than spend time solving them decisively for themselves by demanding a new constitution: “Mankind are more disposed to suffer than to right themselves by abolishing the forms to which they are accustomed.” Unless we dictate play, our problems will never be solved.