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The Valentine Constitutio

The Valentine Constitution: for The United States of America
an exposition by VALENTINE

- politics -
VALENTINE spent most of his money and most of his life modernizing our antiquated Constitution to solve all the problems our politicians have failed to solve. Leaving 90% of our current Constitution and our rights intact, The Valentine Constitution streamlines our disorganized, unaccountable government to assist rather than restrict citizens.Women, LGBTs, blacks, anti-tax and anti-deficit groups, environmentalists, and their numerous nonprofits, 80% of our electorate and counting, will all finally get the provisions they’ve sought for years.

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Poetry book by Valentine

Poems book by VALENTINE

- politics -
VALENTINE is an American poet whose world travels and experiences with all kinds of people in all kinds of work and play situations add a richness to his caring feeling words. With insight as well as sentiment, thirty classical poems espouse heartfelt principles and expose deep emotions.

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Lyrics book by Valentine

Lyrics book by VALENTINE

- politics -
VALENTINE is an American lyricist who loves and understands people, and it shows in his lyrics. Full of powerful statements of feeling and thought, over ninety distinct works cover the gamut of emotions and subject matter.

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COLLAPSE screenplay eBook by Valentine

COLLAPSE screenplay eBook by Valentine

- action adventure thriller -
The collapse of the honey bee population reduces the American harvest to 20% causing a nationwide run on banks, food, survival items, and silver and gold in any form since money has no value in a survival economy! Through the widespread panic, job walk offs, hoarding, looting, crime and chaos of the first 24 hours, diverse individuals find their loved ones then team up to get to a tycoon’s 200-ft. sailboat waiting off the Malibu coast as a system with no workers collapses piece by piece around them.

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ANGEL'S PLAYGROUND screenplay eBook by Valentine

ANGEL'S PLAYGROUND screenplay eBook by Valentine

- comical dramatic adventure -
Blocked by a freeway accident and in a hurry to get to Vegas, a high-powered Female Executive, a has-been rodeo Cowboy and a dilettante Ski Instructor, each take the same desert short cut which becomes a long-cut forcing them to team up and flee a pursuing jewel thief to make Vegas on time. Strong wills clash as tough choices prod incisive personalities into amusing repartee while a mild mannered tow truck Driver runs circles around them all.

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