Dear  [NAME],

If we combine our resources with other nonprofits of all kinds both left and right, we will magnify our power and finally fulfill our mission. The Valentine Constitution gives 90% of Americans what they want most while compromising on secondary issues. This inclusive deal is basically national legislation, already written, ready to be voted on, easily ratified using our Constitution’s amendment method, and not easily changed back, like legislation.


Our foundations, rights and freedoms are left intact, and all our modern problems, allowed by our current Constitution, are solved. It took Valentine, a 4.0 GPA who skipped 11th grade and didn’t have to work, 12,000 hours over 45 years. It’s an historic document that warrants a serious look.


If candidates, campaigns and marches were going to work, they would have by now. Focusing the overwhelming firepower of a multitude of nonprofits on a single common goal, RATIFICATION, gives nonprofits the power they’ve always needed to fulfill their mission and get on with the important work of implementation. All we have to do is tell our members to support ratification. Nothing else needs to happen. No one needs to be in charge, and each nonprofit can do as it pleases. Polling will do the rest as candidates realize that they must be FOR ratification or not be (re)elected.


All the information is on The Valentine Constitution App and site, the world’s largest political website. IF you have any questions, we’re here to help.