Assistive Government

Assistive Government


Generally, The Valentine Constitution requires that our government assist our Citizens in commerce and compliance to increase productivity. Each Citizen is considered a small business whose efficiency increases productivity and whose inefficiency decreases productivity. The Citizen-voter, producer-consumer, saver-lender, investor-dividend recipient, exerciser-healthy eater and health care recipient, relationship emotion giver-taker etc., all in various capacities both affect and are affected by each other’s problems. Every mistake, error and tardiness is felt all the way down the line by each human domino in the branching chains of human dominoes affected in their various capacities. Everything each of us does affects everything each of us does. Our problems are integrated and so our solutions must be integrated. Government must strive for efficient and smooth, glitch free functionality where we all know that we all know that we’re all in this together. That’s called a society, made up of lots of communities in lots of states which make up a nation. The immediate goal is to fix everything since striving for anything less will be chasing our tail. So it’s all hands on deck, a place for everything and everything in its place. “Ship shape in Bristol fashion.”

Applications, licensing and compliance and the like will be uniform, simple, streamlined, integrated, and available to each citizen in that Citizen’s single online account where each citizen will have access to all of their financial, medical, legal, licensing, educational, tax, passport and other information all under the sole control of the Citizen. When each Citizen has all of their records and bank, credit and insurance accounts in one secure place under their control, we save our Citizens time and stress and allow them more time to be more productive and more successful, to provide more jobs and to better prepare their children to be solid members of our society. We also save our government money and make it more efficient since everything will be simpler and properly organized. All licensing and paperwork will be made uniform in every state and assigned to the Federal government. Rather than frustrating the Citizen and then penalizing the Citizen’s failure, the government will be tasked with helping the Citizen-licensee to better comply with the law. Simple, direct and user friendly, this new assistive government will save time and money and improve productivity. The Valentine Constitution ensures that our government organize the chaos, eliminate the confusion and frustration, and streamline services to help more and more of our puzzle piece Citizens find their right place in our nation’s big picture. The Valentine Constitution is the box top that’s been missing all these decades.

This structured assistive government will provide direct accountability encouraging government workers to educate Citizens, and Citizens to rate government worker performance. Workers with whom the buck stops will have an incentive to improve the system’s performance and the disincentive of being rated poorly by the Citizenry. Poor or good ratings will lead to firings and rehirings of employees until each lands in their gift area where people do what they do best, what comes most easily to them, and what they are happiest doing. In cold economic terms even crass, hateful, slave driving henchmen managers must admit to the proven fact that the happy worker is more willing to work longer harder hours for less pay than the unhappy worker, and is more likely to innovate, be efficient, and bring happiness to the workplace and stability to his family unit and community. This economically viable pursuit of happiness adds tremendously to our GDP and our quality of life which feed each other in a positive loop wisely included by Jefferson in our Declaration of Independence. Our successful society will produce educated Citizens and helpful public servants working together to create better solutions in a transparent, accountable government and marketplace.

Harmony is achieved when Citizens are gainfully employed in the practice of their gifts, and socially engaged with the right friends and suitors. If the right “he” is with the right “she,” and both are in the right jobs, it’s so much easier for all the other other puzzle pieces to find their place in the world. Those still searching will be able to use successfully positioned folks as clues to their proper place the big picture on the cover of the puzzle box, and as advisors on how to do it both informally and formally in P-12 schools and in night and weekend classes for adults. Government will help each and every Citizen to find their place in the harmonious society we’ve all agreed to build in the deal we make with each other under The Valentine Constitution.

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