The Valentine Constitution organizes all forms of medical welfare into one program to put the health back in health care and eliminate wasteful paperwork, overlap and confusion. It will slowly integrate Medicare, Medicaid, Obamacare, VA hospitals and all other health programs into a free basic health clinic that runs each citizen through a testing and evaluation and treatment assembly line with no waiting, no paperwork and a focus on prevention and immediate treatment whenever possible. Funded by the combined current ample budgets, services will grow as better and better results are achieved through operational efficiency, innovation, economies of scale, and a focus on prevention and improvements in the health of the Citizens who will receive incentives for exercising and healthy eating. The bureaucratic paperwork that now tracks who can and has received services and who pays for them will no longer be necessary. Those savings will instead be spent on actual health services. All medical records will be organized and immediately available in each Citizen’s single account.

Interim insurance premiums will be cheaper for all but the reckless, slothful or addicted who will have to pay for the procedures and drugs they need to make their states of illness and discomfort bearable. Disciplined, responsible Citizens will neither pay for nor enable them. They are not happy campers. Our clinic system will show them the love and concern they need to make healthy lifestyle choices and feel good about themselves physically and emotionally. Citizens will be rewarded for keeping their vitals within certain ranges through diet and exercise. This alone has saved many municipalities 200% in their health care costs. It works, and we have only scratched the surface of a prevention based system of natural remedies and nutritional awareness promoting tasty, healthy, healing foods free of poisons and sugars and bad fats. Body alignment and alignment exercises, ergonomic work and living spaces and furniture, exercise friendly cityscapes and active social lifestyles,, all will provide pain free vitality to each Citizen and drastically reduce our current astronomical heath care costs to produce a healthy happy citizenry.

Our single Health Department will distribute all prescription drugs. Big pharma will no longer be allowed to lobby or contribute to campaigns, or run up prices for American patients that are far higher than prices around the world. The volume purchasing leverage of our health department will be enough to quarter the cost of our drugs. Incorrectly prescribed drugs will be far less frequent. Addiction will be watched carefully and drugs will be dispensed with a view towards their long term effects. We will no longer distribute drugs whose side effects are as bad as or worse than the illnesses they are intended to fix. The health that follows from and eliminating the poisons from our food supply and replacing them with nontoxic, nutritious food, and the healthy habits instilled in our school children and al government workers will significantly reduce the need for drugs.

The new streamlined Health Department will treat drug addiction as a disease, and require addicts to attend AA meetings with a frequency commensurate with their habit. Government drug distribution sabotages organized crime, reduces drug-related crimes and drug overdose deaths, deals with drug addiction as a disease, and provides addicts with the most effective way to stop addiction. Anyone buying drugs or excessive amounts or alcohol, marijuana, pills etc will have to attend AA-type meetings which have been shown to significantly reduce the likelihood of continued drug abuse in the many countries using this system with great success. Ex-addict sponsors and programs to help addicts get clean and find steady work will be available to them through required AA classes, which they will gladly attend when hungry for their next fix, the perfect time to address their disease and its causes. Addicts will no longer have to commit burglaries, robberies, muggings and prostitution to get the money to buy their drugs since government drugs will be so good, so safe and so cheap they’ll make street drugs obsolete along with money laundering, debt collection and turf wars. Organized crime will be robbed of one of its major sources of revenue.

Allowing Citizens to to die with dignity when they wish will save us the 30-50% of Medicare/Medicaid (10% of our national budget) now spent in last 6 hopeless, distressing months of a recipient’s tedious, pain filled existence. Doctors and health care companies will no longer be allowed to pad their wallets and coffers as they illogically and sadistically prolong a Citizen’s agonizing last days. Citizens who wish to go when their time has come will be able to do so with dignity.

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Valentine put all our issues into one piece of national legislation.

90% of Americans can get what we want most by compromising on issues we care less about.

We can now combine our power behind a single common goal and finally get what we’ve wanted for decades.

The amendments clause of our current constitution allows us to dictate solutions to our politicians and force them to vote on it.

Valentine spent 50,000 hours over 45 years adding solutions to all the modern problems our old Constitution fails to cover while keeping 90%, our foundations and rights intact.

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