Formative years are critical for our little ones. Parents cannot be expected to be experts or even have time to teach the skills required to properly wean our children. Doubling as day care, public preschoolers aged 3, 4 and 5 will be introduced to books and simple reading and writing. Likewise children 6 to 18 will be entitled to a solid education focused on developing each student’s natural abilities, aptitudes and gifts into a career or small business. School kids will have chores and be supervised during hands-on involvement in their school’s accounting, administration, shopping, cooking, farming, cleaning, waste, maintenance, construction and health clinic tasks. Applying the knowledge learned in problem solving and gift classes, our children will be out in their communities being tutored, mentored and apprenticed and holding down part time jobs from early ages on as they steadily learn to run small businesses and build careers of their own.

Relationship class counters cliques, rumors and bullying with truth, sharing and maturity. Now negative, nasty scholastic environments will become positive and mutually supportive. Knowledgeable interaction across campus groups and in the community will better prepare our children for all kinds of relationships they will encounter in the adult world, and give our society agreed upon principles, folkways and mores to live by in our dealings with each other.

Students, teachers and staff will receive nutritious meals and be required to exercise daily as will all government workers, and no junk food or sugary drinks will be allowed on campus or in any government buildings nationwide, reducing current and future health care costs and sick days, and ensuring students’ minds are prepared for learning. Students will study nutrition, healing foods, health and anatomy. The Valentine Constitution establishes a culture of health and fitness which our students, staff, faculty, and all government workers will likely instill in their families and friends t build a mentally and physically healthier society.

In a country that shamefully spends only $15,000 per year on K-12 students but $45,000 on inmates, The Valentine Constitution literally flips those numbers to instead invests in our children whose health and skills will reduce our health care, crime and prison costs while increasing our GDP and trade balance. Our schools will no longer be run like prisons. Our children will no longer be molested, peddled drugs, bullied, or preyed upon by grooming pimps and criminals, all of whom will become the hunted rather than the hunters as neighborhoods pull together behind our young students. Schools will become the powerful centers of each community backed by reconfigured policing institutions, one unarmed for soft crimes and situations like those in our schools; the other armed for hard crimes only and not welcomed in our schools. The innocence of our K-12 students will be protected and their commanding power will be backed up by all of government.

High schoolers will be required to take one month of military boot camp to teach students discipline, responsibility, team work and maturity. Our children will appreciate how good they have it at home and require far less babysitting. Our schools and boot camp will allow our children to eradicate demons and overcome fears, to feel a sense of accomplishment and confidence. It will teach them to respect others and the rules we all have decided to live by, find camaraderie and stand up for themselves against criminals, take charge of their own neighborhoods, and be far more likely to police their own communities by collectively confronting the bad actors they all already know. Boot camp will prepare entire generations to deal with and know their role in emergency and crisis situations.

The Valentine Constitution provides that a majority vote of parents, teachers and students may terminate any second rate, hapless, poorly performing administrators, contractors, principals, teachers or other personnel working for the affected school. The Valentine Constitution puts the focus on the children and teachers and parents, who will have the priority say in how things are run and done in schools whose family values will spill out into their communities and take their proper place in American society.

The Valentine Constitution gives our children maturity, discipline and responsibility, a strong healthy foundation, a positive lifestyle, hands on experience, real world skills, a career or business in the field they love, a realistic sense of finances and the business world, a knowing way with other people, and a confident sense of their place their own community and society.

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