Our old Constitution gives us no way to identify good or bad contractors.

#TheValentineConstitution has apps that allow Citizens to rate the performance of government contractors so we’ll end up with the best value for our tax dollars.

Our old Constitution allows corrupting tax subsidies.

#TheValentineConstitution’s single tax prohibits all tax subsidies.

Our old Constitution permits payroll, income and other taxes that cost small businesses 10% of their revenue and/or time to comply with.

#TheValentineConstitution’s single tax saves small businesses 10% of revenues now spent on onerous tax compliance.

Our old Constitution permits tax compliance to stifle commerce and productivity, and cost small business its profits.

#TheValentineConstitution requires no tax compliance, freeing up businesses to make money and create jobs.

Our old Constitution permits our government to purchase $1,000 hammers and lose $2.1 trillion from our defense budget.

#TheValentineConstitution requires the daily posting of each dollar’s expenditure and budget viewable by all Citizens at all times.

Our old Constitution permits tax dollars to go unaccounted for.

#TheValentineConstitution provides that every tax dollar is credited directly to a specific budget line item and accounted for to our Citizens who vote on the budget every 12 years.

Our old Constitution leaves Citizens with no way to determine what happens to their tax dollars.

#TheValentineConstitution has apps that allow Citizens to easily track tax revenues, budgets and expenditures.

Our old Constitution permits property taxes to make buying a home expensive.

#TheValentineConstitution eliminates property tax creating more home owners since 25% of the cost of home ownership is property tax.

Our old Constitution straddles taxpayers with a big annual tax payment.

#TheValentineConstitution’s takes an unnoticeable amount of tax out of each transaction, saving us time and hassle.

Our old Constitution requires confusing, stressful, time consuming, annual tax preparation.

#TheValentineConstitution’s single tax ends the confusing annual expense of money, time and stress.

Our old Constitution permits taxes to cause undue stress and aggravation at home and at work.

#TheValentineConstitution has only one tax. There’s nothing to file and no other taxes to pay.

Our old Constitution permits over 30 different kinds of taxes.

#TheValentineConstitution replaces income, payroll, property, estate and all other taxes with a single tax of 5% on buyer(s) and seller(s) in every transaction.