End The Divide

End The Divide


Nothing is more weakening than the ineffective bickering that has divided us into political camps. Polarized candidates, gridlocked legislatures, and stalemates between and within parties stifle compromise and solutions. Party leaders and candidates benefit from the division and leave their voters to struggle with unsolved problems, for decades now. Candidates are doing great. Wall Street CEOs are doing fine. “The” economy is strong, but “our” economy is not, not for workers paid wages we paid them in the 1970s. The press and candidates divide us with petty party conflicts when they should unite us with solutions to our important problems. Candidates, nonprofits, fundraisers, events, marches and protests have ALL failed. Why wait for candidates to solve our problems for us when we can dictate solutions through ratification?

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The Valentine Constitution keeps 90% of our Constitution, foundations, and rights intact while solving our modern problems.

Candidacy, nonprofits and marches have failed us all. If we combine our resources behind ONE common goal, RATIFICATION, all our missions will be fulfilled. Just by getting the word out, polling will force candidates to ratify it or not be (re)elected.

The Valentine Constitution App and website makes it easy get the word out. Just 3 clicks lets you choose from a list of tweets and posts and share them with your friends, followers, and members.