Gift Class

Gift Class


The Valentine Constitution schools develop each child’s gifts, aptitudes and talents for commerce. Able to apply what they learn to what they love, and afforded the opportunity to make money from it, students will be engaged, motivated and eager to learn. Children need to feel special and loved. Developing their gifts does both. The perfect vehicle for weaning, callings are intriguing, enriching and fun, while achieving our destinies provides happiness and stability.

Under our current Constitution new generations are cast into the world unprepared and clueless, to have to fight and claw rather than cooperate and excel. Few find the fields of their dreams. Greedy hardnosed businessmen scoff at the idea of the happy worker, yet it is a cold hard fact of economic reality that happy workers are more productive and more innovative, and work longer, harder hours and for less pay than their unhappy counterparts, all of which enhance value and stability in the marketplace.

The bedrock of a successful society is an engaged, efficient workforce, none moreso than those practicing their gifts. When the people in a society are gainfully employed in the practice of their gifts, harmony is achieved. Most of our P-12 students will own their own small businesses in their gift areas or be gainfully employed in their gift areas before graduation.

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Valentine put all our issues into one piece of national legislation.

90% of Americans can get what we want most by compromising on issues we care less about.

We can now combine our power behind a single common goal and finally get what we’ve wanted for decades.

The amendments clause of our current constitution allows us to dictate solutions to our politicians and force them to vote on it.

Valentine spent 50,000 hours over 45 years adding solutions to all the modern problems our old Constitution fails to cover while keeping 90%, our foundations and rights intact.

All the information is bite-size, spoon-fed and shareable in 3 clicks on The Valentine Constitution app and site, the world’s largest political website.

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