Armed or violent felons, drug addicts, the mentally unstable, and those on “no-fly” lists will not be allowed buy or own guns. Most spree killers were mentally unstable and bullied or shunned. A modicum of empathy by others would have prevented most spree killings. Relationship class in K-12 schools, and for adults at night and on weekends, will stop bullying and identify the mentally unstable before they turn to guns as well as knives or cars or bombs, etc.

Fully automatic rifles and “Bump Stocks” will be prohibited. New safety, handling and accuracy classes, and both written and live shooting tests will ensure all gun purchasers can safely handle their guns, and hit what they aim at. “Carry permits” will require doing so under pressure. People who fold or get reckless or forget their training under pressure will not be allowed to carry guns in public.

Anti-gun folks should take this deal because they can’t get any better which is why candidates, nonprofits and protests have all failed to pass restrictions. Most Americans support this check on government and criminal power, and won’t give up their guns without a civil war.

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