Marijuana and Drugs

Marijuana and Drugs



Under The Valentine Constitution drinkable and edible marijuana will treated like alcohol; smoked marijuana, like cigarettes, and high THC products, like drugs. All marijuana products will have large labels and child proofing, and be kept from children. No smoking, vaping, shooting, or snorting will be allowed around children or nonconsenting adults.


The government health department will distribute safe, cheap drugs thereby neutralizing drug dealers, cartels and organized crime which will lose one of its primary means of funding. Addicts won’t have to commit crimes to get money for drugs, but instead will be treated like patients, and be required to attend AA type meetings which address the root cause of the disease. The health department will provide programs to addicts when they wish to kick. And ex-addict AA type sponsors will help addicts get clean, stay clean and find steady work.

Saves 75% on drug costs since our government will be distributing all drugs and be able to get wholesale, bulk rate drug deals; saves an additional 25% on drug costs by using healthier natural remedies without side effects.

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