Single Account

Single Account


The Valentine Constitution provides Citizens with one account to conduct all of their financial, lending, borrowing, credit, insurance, medical, voting and other government affairs. All of a Citizen’s records will be safe in one place. Access to the Citizen’s information will be under the firm control of that Citizen, accessible only with the Citizen’s permission or a warrant.

The single account will contain all the tools bankers use today plus assistance and guidance tools. Loan inquiries will receive an immediate response and carry no penalty. Credit scores will be available for free and credit reporting agencies will be abolished. Apps will allow Citizens to do their own financial and other planning using click-to-analyze and click-to-learn programs to better understand their options; or show the ratings of available financial planners. There will be no liability for passive investors, and all amounts of savings will be “FDIC” insured.

The government will help Citizens with applications, forms and compliance, alert Citizens before things are due, and help Citizens meet their deadlines. All Citizens will be required to have wills, medical directives, medical and financial powers of attorney, clearly titled property, etc. The government will provide check-the-box versions, and default dismissive Citizens to the most popular choices. Numerous apps will allow Citizens to get things done quickly and efficiently, and to rate government services and contractors.

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Valentine put all our issues into one piece of national legislation.

90% of Americans can get what we want most by compromising on issues we care less about.

We can now combine our power behind a single common goal and finally get what we’ve wanted for decades.

The amendments clause of our current constitution allows us to dictate solutions to our politicians and force them to vote on it.

Valentine spent 50,000 hours over 45 years adding solutions to all the modern problems our old Constitution fails to cover while keeping 90%, our foundations and rights intact.

All the information is bite-size, spoon-fed and shareable in 3 clicks on The Valentine Constitution app and site, the world’s largest political website.

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