Single Tax

Single Tax


The Valentine Constitution replaces all taxes with only one tax: 5% on both the buyer and the seller in every transaction. Everybody pays: religious institutions, non-profits, for profits, businesses, consumers, children, wholesalers, retailers, middlemen, brokers, stock traders, barterers. No other taxes or fees of any kind will be levied by any government or department.

The nickel and dime tax removes corruption from our government by prohibiting tax subsidies and favorable tax treatment to any person or company. The 5% tax will be immediately deducted from the bank account of all buyers and all sellers, and be immediately distributed to the government departments in the percentages dictated by our transparent budget. Apps will allow us to easily track our tax revenues, government budgets and expenditures, and to rate the spending and performance of government departments and contractors.

No more income, payroll, property, estate or other taxes, no tax returns. No tax evasion or fraud will even be possible. We’ll have more financial privacy and save all the costs, interruptions and stress of tax planning, preparation, filing, enforcement, and auditing, and spend it making money. The transaction tax frees up job-creating business folks to do more business and create more jobs. It creates more home owners since 25% of the cost of home ownership is property tax. And it eliminates the large year end balloon payments that stifle so many plans.

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Valentine put all our issues into one piece of national legislation.

90% of Americans can get what we want most by compromising on issues we care less about.

We can now combine our power behind a single common goal and finally get what we’ve wanted for decades.

The amendments clause of our current constitution allows us to dictate solutions to our politicians and force them to vote on it.

Valentine spent 50,000 hours over 45 years adding solutions to all the modern problems our old Constitution fails to cover while keeping 90%, our foundations and rights intact.

All the information is bite-size, spoon-fed and shareable in 3 clicks on The Valentine Constitution app and site, the world’s largest political website.

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