Nonprofits, causes and Citizens can fulfill their missions by teaming up behind inclusive legislation.

All of you foundations, nonprofits and causes have failed for decades to fulfill your missions, or get any legislation written, or even voted on, let alone passed. Why waste more time and money on fundraisers and campaigns when your “cantidates” will get nothing done in our stalemated legislatures, as proven by our recent Presidents who have each had majorities in both houses of Congress yet have failed to pass the legislation you want.

Your nonprofit or cause has failed and will continue to fail because you’ve been given the losing mission of asking for legislation when you need to be demanding it, but lack the appropriate legislative vehicle and the political power. The Valentine Constitution gives you both, putting you at the legislative negotiating table for the first time in your nonprofit’s life, with your dream provision part of the deal, and the fulfilment of your mission at hand. There also in support of your nonprofit will be other nonprofits, causes and independent Citizens combining their power to get what they want. It’s simple, but no one ever thought of it before, because first someone has to spend 40 years creating all the integrated solutions and making sure all the deal points are acceptable to all the parties involved, and we’ll all be involved. That’s what I did, and I want nothing for it. I’m not asking you for help; I’m giving you mine. I’m a philanthropist who’s never had to have a day job, and loves solving problems. What I hate is trying to convince smart people to take from my silver platter what they’ve been asking the kitchen to make for them. We should be working on implementation. Ratification only ends phase one. We have lots of work to do. Why prolong taking what 90% of us want? Because the 10% are more obnoxious?! Do the deal and let’s move on to solving new ones. My modernized constitution fulfills 80% of nonprofit missions allowing you to pick up the phone and call almost any other nonprofit and team up with them.

Women and LGBTs want equal rights and pay. Parents want schools to develop children’s gifts into profitable skills. Un(der)employed adults want similar free after school classes. Workers prefer a $20 minimum wage to welfare. Blacks want a fair policing and court system. Fiscal conservatives want accountable, deficit free government and a single 5% tax. Environmentalists, fishermen, etc want sustainable energy, farming, fishing and forestry practices. Celebrities want an end to the paparazzi; and gun owners would agree to background checks. Our current Constitution fails on these issues. My constitution includes them all while keeping our foundations and our rights intact.

This coalition of voters alone is powerful enough to dictate the outcome of any election but have never had inclusive legislation to team up behind. Acting together they are powerful enough to dictate play by reserving their endorsement for candidates who support The Valentine Constitution, which includes the provision they’ve been trying to get for decades. A few well known nonprofits or causes or a bunch of small ones holding a press conference to endorse ratification is all the spark needed. As soon as it’s revealed to the national audience, people will learn that it gives them what they want and polling will be overwhelming enough to get it ratified quickly. We don’t need people to DO anything, just poll “for ratification”. The bandwagon will quickly include most celebrities and nonprofits, whose causes and missions ratification will finally fulfill.

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