Section. 10. Every law abiding citizen will be entitled to privacy; unsolicited photographing, paparazzi, and the publishing of falsehoods will be prohibited unless important to our nation’s security or well being, and these prohibitions will supersede the rights to freedom of speech and freedom of the press in these instances:

Since privacy is necessary for liberty, and intimacy is necessary for happiness, and both are necessary for any life worth living, then any violation of privacy is a violation of these unalienable rights affirmed by Our Declaration of Independence, yet not guaranteed by our current Constitution. The justification for invasion of privacy holds only if it provides society with information important to society’s security or well being, like recording the commission of crime or corruption. Our current Constitution wrongly holds freedom of speech and of the press in higher esteem than the right to privacy in the case of the paparazzi and the tabloids. The Valentine Constitution instead prohibits the harassment of celebrities and public figures and their children by money grubbing paparazzi who are not practicing journalism, not keeping powerful forces in check, and not informing our Citizens of any facts significant to protecting our safety or our democracy; and instead often endangering the public safety, create a public nuisance, and traumatizing any children involved.

What anyone wears to the beach, how they grieve, and private moments with their children are not society’s business since there is no advantage to be gained from a society’s knowing or seeing these things, and great harm to be done to innocent children and bystanders by reckless paparazzi on behalf of greedy or hate mongering tabloids.

Under our current Constitution we lose economically by discouraging those aspiring to contribute to five of our primary exports from becoming movie, TV, music, sports or writing talent, by requiring they give up their right to privacy in order to do so. Likewise those aspiring to public office by invading their privacy in matters unrelated to their governmental position. If we continue to allow the paparazzi and the tabloids to invade the private lives of famous people, the quantity and quality of talent in entertainment, sports, publishing and government will diminish, and we will have fewer competitive exports and fewer quality leaders.

The Valentine Constitution further prohibits the dissemination of falsehood and rumor, and requires the company or private person circulating it to prove its veracity or its import to society regardless of intent. Our current Constitution protects these haters, bullies and liars! Our new Constitution will not.

All Citizens will likewise be protected from being face recognized, fingerprinted or recorded on camera or audio devices by anyone unless they’re endangering society. No one will have the right to exploit any law abiding Citizen’s likeness without their permission.


Keeping 90% of our current Constitution, foundations and rights intact, The Valentine Constitution modernizes our unaccountable government to assist rather than restrict citizens.

Women, LGBTs, blacks, anti-tax and anti-deficit groups, environmentalists, 80% of America will get what they want most.

Candidates, nonprofits, foundations, protests and fundraisers have failed for decades to fulfill their missions. If they were going to solve our problems, they would have by now. How much longer will you hope that government or Wall Street or scientists solve your problems when they haven’t yet?

Even if your wish list of candidates were elected, what legislation would they pass? They’re too polarized and stalemated, between and within parties, to pass all the legislation needed to solve our many problems, and how long would it take them? It took Valentine 12,000 hours over 45 years! Unless we dictate play, our problems will never be solved.

Left, right and center voters, nonprofits, causes and celebrities can combine their considerable power to get the word out to dictate to candidates to vote FOR RATIFICATION or not be (re)elected.

The hard work’s been done. All you have to do is say you want it to trigger positive polling and they’ll ratify it to get your vote, then we can finally fix everything.

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