Section. 11. Only Citizens aged 18 years or older will be considered adults and be permitted to purchase stimulants including alcohol and marijuana; marijuana in drinkable or edible form will be treated in the same manner as alcohol, and in smokable form, as cigarettes; no Citizen may expose another Citizen to stimulants without their permission; smoking, shooting or snorting stimulants at work or in enclosed or populated public places or around children will be prohibited; consuming stimulant beverages and edibles in public or around children will be permitted so long as the consumer is not disorderly and no stimulants are consumable by children; providing or administering unprescribed stimulants to children will be prohibited; all stimulants will require child proofing with large warnings:

The U S consumes 80% of the world’s opioids! making us a nation of drug addicts. We must ensure that our next generations are not. Children and other Citizens in public or enclosed places will be protected from exposure to stimulants and wasted behavior. Marijuana in smokable form will be treated as we treat cigarettes, and in drinkable or edible form, like alcohol, with a difference for high and low THC or other stimulating content, like beer and wine versus hard alcohol, and science based DUI limits. Patients will not be given a free pass to drive wasted.

Federal Health Departments will distribute all other drugs prescription or not, and treat addiction as a disease; purchasers of drugs, alcohol and marijuana are going to have to attend AA meetings with a frequency commensurate with their habits:

Government drug distribution sabotages organized crime, reduces related crimes and drug overdose deaths, and provides patient-addicts with effective ways to quit. Drug addiction will be dealt with as a disease. Anyone buying drugs, or excessive amounts of alcohol and marijuana, will have to attend AA-type meetings which have been shown to significantly reduce addiction in the many countries using government drug systems with great success. A small price to pay for a clean, cheap fix, AA addresses the root cause of the disease and will provide programs to addicts when they wish to kick. Ex-addict sponsors will help addicts get clean and find steady work.

Government distribution of street drugs eliminates numerous types of crime. Addicts will no longer have to commit burglaries, robberies, muggings or prostitution to get money to buy drugs since government drugs will be so good, safe and cheap they’ll make street drugs obsolete. Additional drug related crimes include money laundering, debt collection and turf wars. Drug profits fund organized crime’s other illegal activities like prostitution, human trafficking, robbery, murder, racketeering, gambling and extortion. All of these criminals and crimes will be dealt a debilitating blow by The Valentine Constitution.


Nonprofits, protests, parties, candidates, Presidents with 2 house majorities, none have solved our persistent problems. Instead, polarized sides concern themselves and us in the petty details of their competing investigations. Valentine puts the solutions we need into written legislation we can demand by reserving our votes for candidates who support ratification.

Women and LGBTs want equal rights and pay. Parents want schools that develop children’s gifts into profitable skills. Un(der)employed adults want similar free after school classes. Workers prefer a $20 minimum wage to welfare. Blacks want a fair policing and court system. Fiscal conservatives want accountable, deficit free government and a single 5% tax. Environmentalists, fishermen, etc want sustainable energy, farming, fishing and forestry practices. Celebrities want an end to the paparazzi; and gun owners would agree to background checks. Our current Constitution fails on these issues. This constitution includes them all, and our foundations and rights.

With inclusive legislation to team up behind, this coalition of left and right voters is powerful enough to dictate the outcome of any election. Add sports, music and movie celebrities, and nonprofits dedicated to these provisions, and this constitution will be easily ratified. Polling will force candidates to vote FOR RATIFICATION or not be (re)elected. Recommend ratification, in person, on social media, post a selfie or selfeo saying “Ratify The Valentine Constitution”, join one of our Facebook groups …

Minimum Wage
Single Tax
Term Limits
Single Bank
Division of Powers
Artificial Intelligence