Section. 4. Any teacher, principal, commissioner or contractor may be terminated by a majority vote of the teachers and parents and students of the school:

Second rate, hapless, careless, poorly performing personnel at all levels will be discovered and fired. The power in education today lies with bureaucratic overlords who put their self interests above that of the students and teachers, and have somehow managed to keep the parents in a subservient position when it’s the parents who are paying for everything! The Valentine Constitution instead puts the power in the hands of the teachers, students and parents, and shifts the focus from bureaucracy back to education.

teachers will be paid no less than double the minimum wage (of $20/hr):

The Valentine Constitution recognizes teaching as one of the most important jobs in our society, since these caring, dedicated professionals teach our children the values and behavior necessary for a productive, well adjusted Citizenry. We must pay a decent wage to ensure that we have plenty of quality teachers educating our children. Teachers now typically use one of their paychecks to set up their classrooms at the beginning of each year and another for supplies during the year! These are selfless people who love our children, and should be adequately compensated for their engrossing, patient, heartfelt work.

… shall receive free basic health and dental clinic on campus:

We cannot attract quality teachers unless we are competitive in the marketplace and offer the benefits typically provided by other jobs. Providing teachers with access to campus clinics already treating students will be inexpensive and ensure that the people who are around our children are not sick.

tenure will be abolished:

Our schools will not be safe havens for mediocre, uncaring, lazy teachers who undermine the culture of improvement and positivity created by professional teachers trying hard to provide supportive learning environments and set good examples for students.

Section. 2. … a relationship class:

Counters cliques, bullying and rumors with truth, sharing, communication, understanding and maturity. Allows students to get to know their teachers as real people out in the real world with problems and concerns of their own. Results in a more respectful and obedient classroom.

… a problem solving class:

New methods and tried and true time-saving techniques allow teachers to relate their lessons to real world solutions.

… 1 parenting class per week with a parent sitting in:

Parents, teachers and students will discuss their issues with each other to find the most effective, acceptable and courteous ways for teachers and parents and children to interact with each other.


Keeping 90% of our current Constitution, foundations and rights intact, The Valentine Constitution modernizes our unaccountable government to assist rather than restrict citizens.

Women, LGBTs, blacks, anti-tax and anti-deficit groups, environmentalists, 80% of America will get what they want most.

Candidates, nonprofits, foundations, protests and fundraisers have failed for decades to fulfill their missions. If they were going to solve our problems, they would have by now. How much longer will you hope that government or Wall Street or scientists solve your problems when they haven’t yet?

Even if your wish list of candidates were elected, what legislation would they pass? They’re too polarized and stalemated, between and within parties, to pass all the legislation needed to solve our many problems, and how long would it take them? It took Valentine 12,000 hours over 45 years! Unless we dictate play, our problems will never be solved.

Left, right and center voters, nonprofits, causes and celebrities can combine their considerable power to get the word out to dictate to candidates to vote FOR RATIFICATION or not be (re)elected.

The hard work’s been done. All you have to do is say you want it to trigger positive polling and they’ll ratify it to get your vote, then we can finally fix everything.

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Minimum Wage
Single Tax
Term Limits
Single Bank
Division of Powers
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