Minimum Wage

Minimum Wage





Section. 3. A minimum wage of $20 by 2024:

Today taxpayers subsidize companies who pay the minimum wage, by paying welfare to their employees who cannot subsist on the minimum wage. “Working poor” minimum wage workers are cheaper than slaves who would cost CEOs twice the minimum wage to feed, clothe, house, transport and keep healthy. But why pay more if middle class and small business millionaire taxpayers are willing to pick up the difference to make CEOs richer?

Small businesses will not pay $20 per hour for the second rate workers that America’s schools and immigration policies now put into our market place. Workers will be forced to up their game to merit the higher pay grade. The Valentine Constitution’s K-12 school curriculum does just that by developing the gifts and aptitudes of its students for commerce, teaching them real world skills, and providing mentorships and apprenticeships in their communities. Adults will learn real world skills in free classes taught by retirees nights and weekends, and in mentoring and apprenticing programs. A living wage prompts learning new skills and getting and keeping a job, reduces welfare and crime, creates stable families, and fosters competition, entrepreneurship and innovation nationwide.

… total annual Wall Street CEO compensation is capped at 100 times the company’s lowest paid worker’s;

Section. 2. 75% of the products sold in America must be made in America by American Citizens; and 95% of all of the jobs performed in America must be performed by American Citizens:

The Valentine Constitution brings jobs back to America and requires they be filled by Americans, not by migrants and illegals who are routinely cheated and mistreated in violation of our human rights policies, just so some (m)billionaire can add a few more feet to his yacht. A built in customer base of Americans who can afford to purchase the products we make here at home creates a more competitive marketplace, encourages Citizen and small business entrepreneurship, and stimulates economic growth.


Section. 7. Welfare must be spent on essentials:

Welfare cannot be spent on frivolities, entertainment, candy, junk food or alcohol. It must be spent on basics with value, nutritious food and sturdy clothing. Welfare must go to the intended recipient for the intended purpose, for a child’s winter coat, not the mother’s new pumps.

Section. 6. Unemployment will not be paid if jobs are locally available, and must be worked off or repaid:

No unemployment will be doled out where jobs are available. It doesn’t matter if the recipient thinks the job is beneath them or not in their career path! They need to realize they’re on hard times. Both unemployment and welfare must be worked off, or repaid in good times so others on hard times can use the funds in their time of need.


Keeping 90% of our current Constitution, foundations and rights intact, The Valentine Constitution modernizes our unaccountable government to assist rather than restrict citizens.

Women, LGBTs, blacks, anti-tax and anti-deficit groups, environmentalists, 80% of America will get what they want most.

Candidates, nonprofits, foundations, protests and fundraisers have failed for decades to fulfill their missions. If they were going to solve our problems, they would have by now. How much longer will you hope that government or Wall Street or scientists solve your problems when they haven’t yet?

Even if your wish list of candidates were elected, what legislation would they pass? They’re too polarized and stalemated, between and within parties, to pass all the legislation needed to solve our many problems, and how long would it take them? It took Valentine 12,000 hours over 45 years! Unless we dictate play, our problems will never be solved.

Left, right and center voters, nonprofits, causes and celebrities can combine their considerable power to get the word out to dictate to candidates to vote FOR RATIFICATION or not be (re)elected.

The hard work’s been done. All you have to do is say you want it to trigger positive polling and they’ll ratify it to get your vote, then we can finally fix everything.

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