Bullet Points

  • Saves 10% of our national budget
  • by allowing people to die with dignity when they wish.
  • Organic meals, correct exercises and healthy habits taught in schools will reduce adult health care expenses.
  • Requires organic farming.
  • Prohibits the hormones, antibiotics, toxic fertilizers and pesticides that cause most of our health problems.





Section. 8. Every Citizen of sound mind shall have sole power over their own body; the right of a Citizen to end their life or refuse treatment or resuscitation shall be permitted, and if pained or ill, regardless of age:

50% – 90% of Medicare and Medicaid is spent during the last 3-6 months of the recipient’s life!, often against the patient’s will! Our current Constitution fails to allow either the doctor or the patient or their loved ones to end a sufferer’s tedious, pain filled existence. The Valentine Constitution provides every Citizen with dominion over their own bodies, including the right to die. Doctors and health care companies will no longer be allowed to pad their wallets and coffers as they illogically and sadistically prolong a Citizen’s agonizing last days. Medicare and Medicaid use up 30% of our national budget: Medicare 22% and Medicaid 11%. Allowing people to die when God calls them, rather than when the money makers want them to go, will save us 10-15% of our national budget and allow people to leave this world with dignity.

The Valentine Constitution reduces the need for and the cost of expensive, often incorrectly prescribed drugs whose side effects are often worse than the illnesses they are intended to fix. Organic meals, correct exercises and healthy habits taught to our K-12 school children will reduce their adult health care costs and their need for drugs.


America is focused on health CARE while The Valentine Constitution is focused on HEALTH to reduce our astronomical health care expenses.

Section. 1. A replenishable water supply:

1% of earth’s water is liquid fresh water. 1/5 is in our Great Lakes; 1/5 is in Lake Baikal; 2/5 is in the Amazon River, leaving 1/5 for 7 billion people. We cannot save them, but we can save ourselves, if we ratify The Valentine Constitution. Piecemeal legislation takes too long, lacks real solutions, and won’t save us in time. Wall Street CEOs get super rich exporting our water in the form of food.

Section. 3. Prohibits imports of nonorganic foods, nonindigenous animals or body parts:

Plastics, pollutants, poaching and invasive species are destroying the food chains we need to survive.

Section. 4. Organic toxin free sustainable farming:

Requires organic farming; prohibits the growth hormones, antibiotics, toxic pesticides and synthetic fertilizers causing many of our health problems.

Section. 6. Reusable, biodegradable, sustainable, nontoxic containers, packaging and building materials:

Toxic packaging used once creates waste. If the world lived like Americans, we’d need 8 planets to sustain us!

Section. 8. 100% sustainable energy grid:

Dismantles the entire fossil fuel and nuclear apparatus; creates toxin free, sustainable energy and healthy jobs.


Nonprofits, protests, parties, candidates, Presidents with 2 house majorities, none have solved our persistent problems. Instead, polarized sides concern themselves and us in the petty details of their competing investigations. Valentine puts the solutions we need into written legislation we can demand by reserving our votes for candidates who support ratification.

Women and LGBTs want equal rights and pay. Parents want schools that develop children’s gifts into profitable skills. Un(der)employed adults want similar free after school classes. Workers prefer a $20 minimum wage to welfare. Blacks want a fair policing and court system. Fiscal conservatives want accountable, deficit free government and a single 5% tax. Environmentalists, fishermen, etc want sustainable energy, farming, fishing and forestry practices. Celebrities want an end to the paparazzi; and gun owners would agree to background checks. Our current Constitution fails on these issues. This constitution includes them all, and our foundations and rights.

With inclusive legislation to team up behind, this coalition of left and right voters is powerful enough to dictate the outcome of any election. Add sports, music and movie celebrities, and nonprofits dedicated to these provisions, and this constitution will be easily ratified. Polling will force candidates to vote FOR RATIFICATION or not be (re)elected. Recommend ratification, in person, on social media, post a selfie or selfeo saying “Ratify The Valentine Constitution”, join one of our Facebook groups …

Minimum Wage
Single Tax
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Term Limits
Single Bank
Division of Powers
Artificial Intelligence
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