Section.  1.   … all entertainment, art, publications, content, broadcast and cable programing will be delivered via the internet; copyright owners will be compensated by royalties per minute of usage paid by consumers with unlimited access to content at current usage fees …

The Valentine Constitution makes the internet an old school public utility and removes the monopolies, middlemen and gatekeepers who now charge access to airwaves we own, over an internet our government created, on “plants” we paid for, in fees on our bills for years. Cantidates got campaign funding and we got cheated. We now have neither a free market, nor capitalism.

Costs gets reduced by maintaining only one system kept fresh and secure by handsomely compensating innovators. Gone would be the costs and interruptions of middleman obstacles, required ads, the ad portion of product prices and all those fees. Citizens will buy and sell their goods and services at no charge other than the 5% transaction tax (our only tax) deducted by our single bank. Content creators would be paid ASCAP-BMI type royalties out of uniform monthly usage fees equal to our current ones or lower. Intellectual piracy would not be viable with free and cheap content and aware users. And release timing will keep movie theaters as viable as today.

Section.  2.   … our government will register copyrights, trademarks and patents on behalf of the submitter and provide guidance and advice

The current registration system discourages innovators, inventors, and artists from producing our largest and most successful exports by making them deal with frustrating registration systems, bewildering interfaces and snooty, unhelpful staffers. The Valentine Constitution instead frees this time up for creative people to produce more of our top exports by providing sites, interfaces and staffers to help them comply and be more productive.

Today in our monopoly run internet marketplace, song creators, for example, must first pay an “aggregator” who takes a fee plus 10% to 30% of what the artist makes after paying Amazon and iTunes 75% of the sale after PayPal takes it’s cut! Anyone doing business in America today is forced to pay middlemen and suffer advertisers to access to their own economy whether selling or searching, since all business is conducted over the internet, if only transactions. And it’s stacked against small businesses, who provide 80% of our jobs! The middlemen not only take our money, but also our time by complicating all transactions. The Valentine Constitution streamlines transactions, taxes, sales, ratings, reviews, and government compliance allowing the cream to rise to the top in a piracy-free, direct-to-market economy. Read More